Episode 1.07 : Noosphere Rising

  • Touch
    • Episode Premiere : April 26, 2012
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television, Chernin Entertainment
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

In voiceover, Jake says computers generate random numbers and attempt to glean meaning out of probability. Endless sequences, lacking any pattern. But during a cataclysmic global event, these random numbers suddenly stop being random. As our collective consciousness synchronizes, so do the numbers. Science can't explain the phenomenon, but religion does: It's prayer. A collective request, sent in unison. Can collective thoughts manifest real change? Or is that just magical thinking by disconnected people hoping to make their world feel less random?

As Jake speaks, Martin attends Dr. Teller's memorial. A man arrives for his father's burial on an Australian ranch. And adorable Atlanta college student Natalie posts video blog No. 182. In Paris, she found a flash drive with a video of cute Italian Paolo. He wants to meet the girl he fell for, Celeste, on her birthday, March 28, at New York City's Cafe Kismet, 7 p.m. But Celeste couldn't know his plan. Natalie asks her viewers to help find Celeste.

Clea shows Martin some surveillance footage. It's missing a few seconds of Teller outside Room 6, but shows him giving Jake something. Martin goes to Jake, who has a deck of cards . . . and Teller's visitor badge attached to a key, imprinted with "1188." Jake lays down two aces and two eights: A dead man's hand in poker, says Martin. The aces represent ones. It's a road map.

At Teller's house, Martin encounters his daughter, Maggie. Martin thinks Teller wanted to give him access to his research. She doesn't know where he kept it - maybe in a basement she followed him to a couple of times.

In Australia, Devon Jones is stunned: His father left the ranch to his horse, Zeus. Devon just wanted to sell the place to at least break even. To get the ranch, he has to ride Zeus. Zeke the ranch manager laughs.

Clea meets with Jake's aunt, Abigail, who mentions that she and Martin don't get along. She just moved back to New York, and brought Jake her company's latest tablet computer. When Jake gets it, he immediately brings up the dead man's hand on the solitaire app.

At the basement, Martin finds himself ponying up $1,000 to buy into an underground poker game.

Natalie gets videos from everywhere, including from Miyoko and her pal, the Happy Pop Twins. She brainstorms that, on March 28, everyone can be there for Paolo by wearing red and uploading a video.

Martin loses the game with aces and eights. As Stacey the dealer cashes out the winner, she reacts to a $20 bill with "Logan Loves Stacey" written on it. Later, she tells Martin that Teller discussed numbers with Logan, a math professor - and con man. He played at her table for six weeks, then won $200,000 and never returned. She's repaying his winnings because her bosses think she was in on it.

At the facility, Abigail tells Martin that she's petitioning to become Jake's legal guardian. She somehow knows about his spotty record with Jake's evaluations. Instead of losing Jake to the state, Martin should give her custody. No. He finds Jake looking at the website page of Professor Logan Coteweiler. The poker guy!

Zeus won't let Devon near him. Zeke accuses Devon of quitting on his father, but Devon didn't quit. He went to America, to university, to make something of himself. Rejected again by Zeus, Devon rants that he just wanted his father to love him, but he never was good enough - he can't even ride a horse! He weeps.

Logan's office nameplate shows Devon is his assistant professor. He's also Logan's poker partner. Logan tells Martin he didn't con Stacey; he's in love with her. He was using Teller's Amelia sequence, which among other things is the perfect formula for winning at Texas Hold 'Em. But he racked up $200,000 in debt working out the kinks. After winning big, he finally broke even. But the pit boss saw him with Stacey, figured he was cheating, and banned him.

Hearing that Stacey's paying for his win, Logan decides to use his remaining $50,000 in a high-stakes game to score $200,000. But Devon's in Australia. Martin shows Logan the 1188 key. Logan says help me win, and I'll tell you where it fits.

Clea won't let Abigail take Jake without a fight. Abigail insists she's back to protect Jake. From what?

Martin gets an ace and an eight. Logan has two jacks and signals Martin to fold. But instead Martin goes all-in - and wins!

Devon sits, utterly defeated. Zeus nuzzles him. Finally, Devon rides the horse.

Stacey meets Martin and Logan at a restaurant. She coldly accepts the $200,000. The server brings their change . . . including the "Logan Loves Stacey" $20 bill. Amazed, Logan gives her half of it, saying he's here every Thursday morning.

Outside, Logan directs Martin to Teller's nearby office as Natalie films herself arriving at the restaurant - which is Cafe Kismet. Inside, admirers from around the world surround her. Paolo's there . . . not for Celeste but for kind, beautiful, hopeful Natalie. Hooray for love!

Jake voiceovers that when human consciousness becomes synchronized, the behavior of random systems may change. Devon gives Zeke the ranch. Stacey meets Logan. Clea watches footage of a girl in a wheelchair exiting Room 6.

Jake continues: In times of tragedy or collective joy, the shared emotional experience makes the world seem less random. Martin finds Teller's research in Room 1188. A blackboard holds the sequence so far: 318 3287 5296 9522 975. Martin adds 1188. Jake says that maybe it's coincidence. Or maybe it's the answer to our prayers.

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