Episode 1.06 : Lost and Found

  • Touch
    • Episode Premiere : April 19, 2012
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television, Chernin Entertainment
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

In voiceover, Jake talks about how Polaris, the North Star, allows anyone lost in the Northern Hemisphere to get oriented. But we get lost in other ways: In choices, in overwhelming events, even within our own minds. What beacon can we turn to then? The lives that touch our own. Because, unlike Polaris, the light they bring will never fade.

Martin dreams that Jake is swinging in the park. His son flies off the swing and into his arms. He awakes in Jake's room, saying he had that dream again. Jake plays with a red toy car.

Martin provides Dr. Teller with every number Jake's given him since March 18: 318529632879522. The anomalies, says Teller delightedly. He recites them without looking, telling Martin that Jake found the Amelia Sequence. He has a piece of paper with the same numbers, but 975 is on the end. The first time it happened, ten years ago, Teller's vision swam, and he couldn't feel his limbs. It was as if he was just . . . one with everything. It's the road map, the sequence that connects everything and everyone. They said it was an aneurysm and he lost brain function, when actually he'd found his purpose.

The last numbers in Teller's vision are 975. He's on the threshold of something and needs to see Jake - today. Martin, wary of losing custody, says not now.

At JFK airport, businesswoman Lanny Cheong meets commercial real estate executive Will Davies. He's on standby for her flight: 975.

Martin delivers a suitcase as police take a family's missing-child report. He empathizes with the father.

Clea's conversation about Jake with facility director Sheri Strepling is interrupted by a call from Victory Memorial's psych ward. They have Clea's schizophrenic mother, who was arrested for shoplifting. But her mom doesn't even recognize Clea, saying HER baby's at home before running away.

Clea's mom stole children's cough syrup, reminding Clea of when the confused woman tried to leave a playground with someone else's child. A nurse checks the Amber Alerts. Martin unexpectedly arrives, delivering a lost package. They watch a report about the missing boy, Andy, who has a red cap - and a cold. Clea says her mother might have him.

Will tells Lanny he just closed a huge deal on a historic Queens building where all his favorite jazz artists went. Now it will be torn down. It's making him wonder what his purpose is. A luggage snafu delays Lanny, so Will gets her seat. He writes "IOU" on his card and gives it to her.

Teller sneaks into the facility using the visitor badge from his previous trip. He finds Jake painting "975" on a tablet and tells him about Amelia, who also liked toy cars. Hearing Sheri searching for him, Teller hides. He emerges to see Jake adding a 6 after the 975.

Martin shows Clea the Amber Alert case number for Andy: 975. He's seen that number today, and met Andy's father earlier.

Will wakes up in his seat from flight 975 - in a field of airplane wreckage. Seemingly unharmed, he walks away dazed.

Lanny's partner, Serena, is trying to get pregnant with donor sperm, but it's not working. Lanny becomes defensive at the suggestion that she doesn't really want a baby. She does . . . just not now.

Will goes to work, still in shock. His boss congratulates him. In a couple hours, that building will go kaboom!

Teller finds Room 6, but it's empty. Seeing an orderly pushing a girl in a wheelchair, he shouts, "Amelia?" Sheri catches him and says that there's no Amelia; he's still chasing ghosts. He rants that she's part of this, sounding downright paranoid, and leaves.

Martin pushes Clea to remember anything that might help. They end up at Queensboro Plaza, where the homeless woman with her mom's cell phone got hit. Clea spots a five-pointed star scratched into the concrete. Her mom drew it when she was a kid, to help her find home if she got lost.

In his car at the facility garage, Teller watches with amazement as the speedometer numbers rearrange themselves.

Will rambles to his puzzled boss that he won't let them tear down that building. He has to do something that matters - today. He leaves, trailing blood drops behind him.

Clea and Martin find her old apartment building, the same one Will wants to save. Will runs up and tells the demolition crew that if they're gonna blow this place, they'll have to kill him too! Martin and Clea slip inside and find Andy's cap . . . and Clea's mom brandishing a knife. Clea gets through to her mother, who lost Andy at a nearby park. Martin takes off. The crew subdues Will as Clea and her mom emerge. Will collapses, now bleeding heavily. Clea spots his boarding pass: flight 975. Will dies.

At the park, Martin hears a swing set squeak and remembers his dream. When he finds Andy, the boy leaps into his arms, like Jake in the dream.

After hearing about flight 975, Lanny decides her career can wait. She'll undergo the procedure herself. Serena picks a donor from the clinic's notebook: Will. Lanny looks thoughtfully at his IOU.

Clea's mom is getting help, for now. Clea tells Martin he was right about the numbers. He tells her about the dream, which he's had for nine years. They put Jake to bed, discovering "6" written after "975" in his notebook. As they puzzle over that, staffers run by. In the parking garage, Martin looks past the police and sees Teller, slumped over his steering wheel.

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