Episode 1.03 : Safety in Numbers

  • Touch
    • Episode Premiere : March 29, 2012
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television, Chernin Entertainment
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jake writes "3287" over and over, wondering in voiceover how species learn to survive. What if you knew what needed to be done, but had no words? How would you make others understand?

A scruffy-looking guy moves a newspaper closer to the Claremont apartment building. From across the street, he watches a resident pick it up.

Martin rushes to Jake's board and care facility, convinced that Jake tried to call him. Clea urges him to be careful. They know Jake communicates through numbers, but Social Services wouldn't understand. Jake slips something into Martin's pocket, a picture of a dragon with "3287" written underneath. What does it mean?

At the Coachella Music Festival, a security guard nicknames an adorably confused girl "Red Dress." She's supposed to meet Rick, her online romance, in the dance battle tent, where champion Beastmaster takes on challengers around the world via webcam.

In Soweto, South Africa, a woman named Grace takes a computer test. Later, she scoffs at her little brother and his pals, who plan to use the lab to compete in the same dance battle. She visits her friend Sauda, whose face is bruised, and says take the test so we can move to the city. Sauda's boyfriend, Fumbe, threatens Grace.

Martin wants to ignore the numbers, but Dr. Arthur Teller reminds him that they point to a disorder in the universe. Jake suffers the pain until things get right.

Later, Martin helps a homeless woman who's been hit by a cab. He sees the scruffy guy from earlier take a red notebook from her bag, and chases him. But the notebook actually belongs to the guy, who calls himself the Invisible Prince. Amazingly, "3287" is written inside, over and over. The Prince also sees patterns in numbers - and 3287 means the dragon is loose. Martin looks at a drawing of a castle, labeled "Mountain of Clare."

Clea follows Jake to the facility's mysterious room 6. She asks why it's so special? He just rolls a red toy car under the door. Later, she learns that the room is empty.

Martin watches the Prince secretly do little favors for two women. He shows him Jake's dragon picture. The Prince gave the King a magic sword to slay the dragon, but he buried it within the Mountain of Clare. The final battle is tonight. Martin follows him, confused, then spots the same women meeting at a 3287 address: Morton-Starling Financials, with a griffin logo. The dragon! The women are part of a lawsuit: Their deadline to avoid settling is 6 p.m., but they have no hard evidence, and no one's heard from Roger King's representatives in months.

Red Dress briefly meets Japanese music fan Miyoko and her pal, tearfully saying she came hundreds of miles to get stood up. They leave to see the Morticians, leaving behind a familiar cell phone. She watches a video of Simon, the bereaved dad from the first episode, explaining phone-skipping.

Clea's phone rings; the ID shows it's her mother, but it's a hospital. She hasn't heard from her schizophrenic mom in six years. The accident happened near the train tracks, where her mother used to terrify Clea by screaming loudly as a train passed. But the victim - the woman Martin helped - is just a stranger with her mom's cell.

Journalist Rush Middleton, a former colleague of Martin's, gives him an address for Roger King: 3287 Avondale, aka the Claremont, aka the Mountain of Clare. The KING!But the King is dead. Roger's son Charlie tells Martin that the Invisible Prince was a bedtime story he and his brother Walt heard as kids. The Prince did good deeds in secret; otherwise, it wouldn't count. Walt, a genius accountant with Morton-Starling, developed a moneymaking financial product, persuading Roger and many others to invest. But the firm bilked everyone for millions, and Roger lost everything. After he died, Walt disappeared.

The magic sword of truth was also in the story. Among Roger's things is a locked file box. Martin guesses the combination: 3287. Inside are interoffice memos, proving Morton-Starling ignored Walt's warnings and deliberately ruined people.

Dr. Teller informs the facility director where Jake is staying that he's considering the location for a patient of his. The director recalls his trouble with a previous patient. Suddenly, Jake starts making a sound, like an engine coming closer.

Grace hears Ferme beating Sauda. She walks outside, banging rhythmically on a pan. Ferme emerges and says stop - or else.

Suddenly, Jake SCREAAAAMS! It seems to reverberate all the way to Soweto. Other women join Grace, banging on pans. Surrounded, Ferme stomps away.

Grace's brother enters the dance battle - and 4SOWETO defeats the Beastmaster.

Clea throws her mother's phone off the trestle. As the train passes, she screams.

The red car rolls back from under door 6.

Martin gives Rush the evidence, but his role has to stay secret, or it doesn't count.

The Beastmaster meets Red Dress, and they cheer each other up, making a charming video on the phone.

Martin tells Walt the dragon is dead, and the Prince dubs him the Invisible Knight.

In voiceover, Jake says humans are programmed for compassion. For heroism. For love. It's why we've survived - and why we even want to. As he speaks, Clea looks at the red car. Teller labels a file "Bohm, Jake." A news report details the Morton-Starling case. Walt approaches the Claremont. Sauda takes the test. The Beastmaster and Red Dress dance.

At bedtime, Clea gives Jake the car. Martin tells a story: Once upon a time, there was an Invisible Knight, who served the Silent King. Together, they helped people who didn't even know they were there.

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