Touch Episode 1.02 1+1=3
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Touch Episode 1.02 1+1=3

Episode Premiere
Mar 22, 2012
Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Production Company
20th Century Fox Television, Chernin Entertainment
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Episode Premiere
Mar 22, 2012
Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
2012 - 2013
Production Co
20th Century Fox Television, Chernin Entertainment
Official Site
Ian Toynton
Tim Kring
Main Cast
Additional Cast

It's a week after Martin Bohm has learned that his 11-year-old son, Jake, sees the world as a giant mosaic of mathematical patterns. Jake has never spoken, but the boy tells us in voiceover that his job is to make connections for those whose lives need to touch. Not speaking is OK, because his father hears him now.

At the board and care facility where Jake stays, the boy gives Martin a phone number: 718-673-5296. Martin traces it to Arnie's Pawn Shop at 318 E. Fordham Rd.

Inside JFK Airport, where Martin works as a baggage handler, a flight attendant bumps into a young Indian man, breaking a statue he's carrying. She apologizes, saying that she has to see a man about a dog but will have someone clean up this dirt. It's not dirt, he says, it's my father.

Martin delivers a dog named Lyov to the same harried attendant, who explains some Russian guy paid extra to have her hand-deliver Lyov in Moscow. Suddenly, the dog escapes! She chases it - and misses her flight.

Social worker Clea Hopkins finds Jake writing the same number over and over: 5296. He slips away from her, and her search leads to a locked outside door with a keypad. She impulsively punches in "5296." The door opens.

Bubbly Japanese music fan Miyoko and her pal videotape themselves arriving at JFK, just back from L.A. and the Coachella Music Festival. The flight attendant spots the Indian man with his repaired urn. He needs to get to New York Stadium, to spread the ashes of his baseball-fan father in center field. He will not shed a tear for him until that's done. Touched, she decides to help.

At the pawnshop, Arnie remembers Martin phoning him, but thinks he's crazy. An armed, masked man bursts in, clearly surprised to see Martin. Martin tackles the assailant, who shoots Arnie in the shoulder. The robber grabs a baseball smeared with lipstick and flees.

Arnie is surprisingly ungrateful. While being loaded into an ambulance, he orders Martin to stay away.

In Moscow, a boy named Pavel hopes to impress his new schoolmates with his magic act, but only one girl claps. Later, at a magic shop with the address 5296, Pavel asks her why everyone hates him. They don't; they're afraid of his father, who hurts people, like Tony Soprano. Pavel shouts that she's wrong.

The Indian man becomes distressed when the flight attendant says he won't be allowed to just walk in and spread the ashes. He was a disappointment to his dad, but a child owes their father respect, yes? Surprisingly, she starts crying.

Confused, Martin visits Arthur Teller, who's been helping him with Jake. Arthur says that Jake senses something unresolved, and sees the pain as numbers. Clea calls to tell Martin that Jake's gone, just as Martin spots Jake outside . . . getting on a bus.

ThanksThe robber owes $10,000 to a Russian mobster named Yuri. He says the deal he made to get the money fell apart, but he has Patrick McGrath's home run ball from the 2009 League Championship. The robber got $50,000 for it - the first time he sold it. Unmoved, Yuri flings the baseball away and says to get the money. Later, the robber looks at a framed article on his wall: "Peanut Vendor Makes Lucky Catch." The photo shows him with a blonde woman who's kissing the ball.

As predicted, the flight attendant and Indian man aren't allowed into the stadium. While comforting him in the parking lot, she sees . . . Lyov! She chases the dog again.

Jake leads Martin to an apartment above Arnie's Pawn Shop, where they find prescription bottles and a note to "Becca," plus Arnie's ID and a stack of letters to Rebecca Klepper, marked "Return to Sender." Jake places a baseball bat, with "5296" stamped on it, by the sofa. A man arrives and gives Martin an envelope containing $10,000 - then realizes his mistake and attacks. Martin clobbers him with the bat and flees with Jake. They trace Arnie to the hospital that prescribed his meds, but Arnie's gone. Jake spots him on a nearby bridge in his hospital gown.

At the stadium, the peanut vendor gives McGrath back the home run ball - a first step in putting his own past right. Walking away, the vendor leaves a door ajar. The Indian man sees his opening.

Yuri's menacing the vendor when his son calls - Pavel, the magician. Yuri asks if Pavel got the dog, but the boy just asks if Yuri hurts people? Troubled, Yuri says no. He lets the vendor go.

As Arnie's about to jump, Martin asks about his daughter, Becca. Arnie says she doesn't want him. He tried to at least leave her some insurance money by getting killed in a robbery, but couldn't even get that right. Martin hauls him off the ledge.

Suddenly, Lyov runs up; he's followed by the flight attendant. Incredibly, she's Becca.

Later, Jake's in bed. In voiceover, he wonders if being alone in the universe on this tiny planet is what holds us all together. We see Arnie reach for Becca's hand. The Indian man shakes out his father's ashes and cries. Yuri hugs his son. Miyoko and her pal videotape happily.

Martin tells Jake that he thought being a father was about teaching his son. But he's OK with Jake teaching him. He understands now. It's a road map. He turns off the light, and Jake closes his eyes.