Private Practice

Episode 6.06 : Apron Strings

  • Private Practice
    • Episode Premiere : November 20, 2012
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 6
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC, ShondaLand
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

About eight months ago, Dr. Addison Montgomery finally became a mom when Henry came into her life. This joyous day came when a young mother named Judi realized she couldn't care for a child. Henry is part of an open adoption which means his birth mom gets to visit him from time to time. Judi hasn't taken advantage of this opportunity until now.

Addison is a little nervous about the possibility of losing her baby boy to his real mom especially when Judi asks for back-to-back visits. The second meeting is truly awkward when Judi brings her mother along. The woman immediately refers to herself as Henry's grandmother. Addison tells Judi to stop ambushing her when she pays her yet another visit at the office. As it turns out, Judi was coming to say she couldn't see Henry again. It's just too hard. She knows Addison is a great mom and will take great care of her son.

Gwen is a special needs girl who has spent most of her young life trying to learn how to walk. Her mother, Shawn (guest star Deirdre Lovejoy), believes Addison should have recommended she have an abortion eight years ago, as she's been through hell since her baby was born. At the time of Gwen's birth, Addison recommended a cutting edge procedure that is now the standard. It's actually a miracle that the little girl is now starting to walk. Nevertheless, Shawn is suing Addison for the "wrongful birth" of her daughter.

A mediator tries to facilitate a conversation between Addison and Shawn. It's acrimonious to say the least. It's obvious that Shawn has had a hard life. Her husband left before Gwen was two. She's been caring for her all by herself every day and will be doing so for the rest of her life. Addison checks the old file to learn that Shawn had been trying to have a baby for years. The real reason for the lawsuit is because she got laid off. She needs money so she can continue to care for her daughter.

James treats a world famous doctor named Vivian (guest star Deanna Dunagan), who happens to be Addison's friend and mentor. The patient has gastric cancer that has spread to her liver. Vivian says she had a baby when she was 15. The nuns gave the infant girl away before she ever got a chance to hold her. Addison's mentor doesn't have much time left. That's why Vivian asks her mentee to pen a letter to the daughter she never met. Addison promises to deliver it. A short time later, Vivian is gone.

The letter Vivian wrote got Addison thinking about her own situation with Henry. She pays a visit to Judi at the restaurant where she works. She gives her a gold necklace with the letter "h" on it. Addy also lets Judi know that they are both Henry's mother and she will always be welcome in her home. They are forever connected now. In short, they are family.

Addison lets the mediator know that she wants to settle in the wrongful birth suit, but Shawn has a change of heart. She doesn't want Gwen to ever think that she didn't want her. She knows Addison didn't do anything wrong. Shawn doesn't want her money, but she may get it regardless. Charlotte learns the hospital has received a substantial mystery endowment to hire a social worker. This news came about an hour after Addison sent her Shawn's resume detailing her experience in that field. Talk about uncanny timing.

In random news, Sam is still awaiting word on the TV pilot he shot in "The Next Episode." Amelia seems to be looking at James a little differently after seeing how much he cared for Vivian. Charlotte asks Mason to ease up all the questions he's asking his dad about being adopted. Cooper is, admittedly, curious about where he came from. Still, he doesn't feel the need to seek out his birth mom. He believes a family is made of love, not blood.

Speaking of families, Addison makes good on her promise to deliver Vivian's letter to her grateful daughter. She returns home to find Jake and Henry hanging out eating pizza. Well, Jake is having pizza. Henry is just listening to him explain how golf is not a real sport. Addison looks lovingly at the two men in her life. She tells Jake that she loves him. He's the last man she ever wants to say that to. That's why she says they should get married.

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