Private Practice

Episode 4.16 : Love and Lies

  • Private Practice
    • Episode Premiere : March 17, 2011
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC, ShondaLand
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Addison is back, as is Dr. Gabriel Fife. First, let's talk about our favorite, still-grieving neonatal surgeon. She returns to Oceanside in tears, though not over anything specific. Ever since Bizzy's death, Addy's been crying a lot. We're just wondering if the waterworks will continue should she find out that Sam and Naomi kissed. That newsflash will likely trigger tears of fury.

As for Fife, he announces his triumphant return by flooding Naomi's office with gobs of African Flame lilies. Fife says it's the national flower of Zimbabwe. He's right. We checked on Wikipedia. Anyway, Fife is there to woo Naomi away from Oceanside. It won't be easy once he realizes the object of his affection still has Sam issues. More on that later.

A couple is having a baby with a heart condition that will cause the child to die within a day of her birth. The parents-to-be want Addison to harvest the baby's eggs so they can be fertilized. They feel it's the only way they'll have a chance at parenthood. Charlotte and Addison are considering the morally-suspect procedure. Naomi and Cooper are against it. Nevertheless, Addy makes the call to move forward.

Addison performs an emergency C-section to save the distressed baby. Afterwards, the parents don't want to see the child. They only want her eggs harvested. Cooper is rocking the baby in the nursery when Addison arrives. His comments about parenting being a lifelong commitment no matter how long or short it may be hit home. Addison brings the baby into the parents where they can't help but bond with her. Looks like Addison won't be doing the questionable procedure after all.

Sheldon's tired of all the ladies in the office coming to him with their problems. He's become the guy who is not anyone's boyfriend yet still deals with all the annoying things that boyfriends can't stand. He's resigning as everyone's "not-boyfriend-boyfriend." He wants Pete and Sam to step up to the plate to deal with their women. They suggest that Sheldon find his own woman or join a monastery. Oh, brother.

Amelia's friend, Michelle, may or may not have the gene that causes Huntington's Disease. She refuses to get tested after seeing how the illness destroyed her mother. Amelia persuades her friend to stop living in uncertainty. If the test is negative, Michelle will be taking a big trip to Naples. If it's positive, she intends to kill herself. That's precisely why Amelia lies about the results.

Pete tries to persuade Amelia to tell Michelle the truth. Violet suggests she give her friend a reason to live. Amelia lists rocky road ice cream and driving on a sunny day with the top down as just a few of life's joys. But the real selling point is the promise that Amelia will always be there cheering her on. She'll also step in once the bad outweighs the good.

Violet is having trouble picking out a photo for her book jacket. She ditches the first set of pics because they are way too sexy. Pete'll keep a copy for his private files though. The next set of pictures make Violet look like an uptight, stodgy therapist. That's not who she is. With Pete's help, Violet snaps a shot revealing the scar that remains from her attack. Of all the photos that were taken, this one's a keeper.

Addison catches the end of a chat between Sam and Naomi which clues her in that something may have happened. The conversation spirals into one in which Naomi realizes she doesn't belong at Oceanside anymore. They've all crossed so many lines that go against who they are. She just doesn't feel right there.

Fife offers to take Naomi away with him to Zimbabwe. That won't work. He's part of her past. They all are. Naomi walks out the door to an uncertain future. As for Sam and Addison, their future together seems somewhat uncertain now, too.






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