Private Practice

Episode 4.14 : Home Again

  • Private Practice
    • Episode Premiere : February 17, 2011
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC, ShondaLand
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Addison is off to Connecticut for Bizzy's funeral. Her demeanor is quite cold as she prepares to board the plane. Back at Oceanside, Sam says, "It was like Addison was taken over by the ghost of her cold and WASP-y mother." Amelia suggests they all head east to support a friend in need. Only Violet and Sheldon must stay behind to deal with patients. When the gang arrives in the Nutmeg State, Addison invites them into the mansion in a very proper, Bizzy-like way. It's borderline spooky.

Archer is glad to see Naomi, but The Captain is bummed that Violet didn't make the trip. Everyone is invited to stay at the mansion, though The Captain informs them they'll have to pour their own drinks. He's obviously had a head start. The Captain wonders aloud how all these doctors could just let his wife die without a fight. Addison never told anyone that Bizzy took her own life.

Addison is as detached as ever when Sam enters the room to catch her staring at the urn holding Susan's ashes. Brother Archer, however, seems to be as warm and affectionate as ever. Guess that's why he's kissing Naomi in front of the mansion. Down in the kitchen, Charlotte tells Addison that she knows Bizzy committed suicide. She promises to keep the secret and encourages Addy to say whatever the hell she wants when she delivers Bizzy's eulogy. Charlotte King is a wise woman.

Addison's eulogy is a tad on the robotic side. It's more like she's listing her resume as opposed to expressing any emotion about the woman. Again, it's borderline spooky. Afterwards, The Captain gets under Pete's skin when he starts talking about Violet. Pete realizes that the guy is mixing pills with alcohol. The Captain later admits that he was happy when Susan got sick because it meant that Bizzy would eventually be coming home to him. Sadly, that day would never come.

Sam approaches Addison in her room demanding to hear the real eulogy, the one that would come from the heart. He manages to snap Addy out of her Stepford state of mind long enough to have her cry in his arms. Later, Addison has a heart-to-heart chat with Archer. She tells him that their mother killed herself. Addison knows that Bizzy was broken from grief and that she loved them in her own way. Unlike the eulogy, these words from Addison come from the heart.

Violet's patient, Hillary, is bitter because her husband is on the verge of being executed by the state. Sheldon is actually treating Brett, the woman's husband. After 17 years of claiming innocence, Brett admits to Sheldon that he's actually guilty of killing a man who was disrespectful to him in a bar. His wife and his son don't know the truth. Brett believes it's time they did, so he asks Sheldon to talk to them. Violet doesn't think that's such a good idea since Hillary has spent the past decade and a half fighting to free her presumed innocent hubby.

Eventually, Brett tells Hillary that he committed murder. His wife is hysterical at first but then quickly flees the prison. She's still fighting to get Brett a stay of execution. She believes a lifetime of kindness shouldn't be negated by one mistake. She asks Violet to accompany her to the widow of the man Brett killed. She asks her to call the governor on Brett's behalf. That's not going to happen. But Violet does manage to get Hillary back to the prison in time to let her husband know that she's there for him as he dies.

Back in Connecticut, Addison places Susan's ashes in Bizzy's casket. It's a fitting, moving gesture. At the cemetery, Addison is surrounded by family and friends as they all say their final goodbye to her mother. Archer finally breaks down in tears. He'll be all right in time, as will his sister.






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