Private Practice

Episode 3.16 : Fear of Flying

  • Private Practice
    • Episode Premiere : March 04, 2010
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC, ShondaLand
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Addison and Pete are still doing the friends with benefits thing, which is fine. But Sam has been avoiding Addison, which is not fine. Addison wants to force Sam to talk to her, but that's not necessary. He seems to have gotten over his heartache by dating Vanessa, who happens to be a neonatal specialist. Hmmm.

Addison treats a pregnant woman named Alicia. Once the baby is born, he's going to need a series of heart operations from Sam. To complicate matters, her fiance, Esau, has tuberculosis which means Sam can't sign off on his physical. This means Esau will be deported to Kenya. Alicia loves him and promises to go wherever Esau goes. The problem is that the baby won't be able to leave because of his medical issues.

A dinner date between Sam and Vanessa is interrupted when Addison swings by to say Esau isn't responding to treatment. Sam promises to meet Vanessa later at her place, but spaces on the date after he and Addison discover their patients have flown the coop. Sam tries to apologize to Vanessa for ditching her, but she isn't having any of it. She tells Sam that she's a catch, but he's going to have to chase her to get her. Think he will?

When Alicia starts having contractions, Esau brings her back to the hospital. Immigration agents are there as well, ready to take Esau away. Sam is able to convince the agents that Esau can't leave, as he's not stable. He sneaks him up to get one last look at Alicia and his very first look at his newborn baby boy. It's a heartbreaking, bittersweet moment as Esau sees his son and Alicia before ultimately being wheeled away from them.

Sheldon is treating one of Violet's patients, a woman named Natasha who was in a plane crash. While trying to get over her fear of flying, Natasha has a total meltdown on a plane as it prepares for takeoff. She feels guilty for not being able to save the woman who was seated next to her in the crash. Sheldon is at a loss on how to get her past this pain and Natasha quits therapy.

Sheldon searches for answers that come from an unlikely source: Charlotte. She suggests a little tough love with his patient while dishing some out to Sheldon. It works. Sheldon tells Natasha story about how he bailed on medical school because of one early failure with a patient. He finally convinces Natasha to let him help her.

Naomi is still dating William White. This bugs the typically cool Dr. Gabriel Fife. It's not that he doesn't like William, it just that he really likes Naomi. Actually, he loves her (and he actually does dislike William). Yeah, we knew he's been crushing on her for awhile now, but an actual declaration of his feelings is a total shocker to Naomi. What's even more surprising is the fact that she admits to Addison that she like him, too.

Cooper has been on vacation with Violet and comes back with a very Zen-like attitude. Charlotte has been anxiously awaiting his return so they can discuss their impromptu bout of bathroom sex at Maya's wedding. But Cooper believes their little liaison was a mistake and that they should move on with their lives. He also breaks the news to Pete and Sheldon that Violet decided to stay on vacation to trek through the rainforests.

Naomi is treating May, a woman who is having discomfort after her first intimate night with Henry. These two fell in love after meeting online. Pete determines that May is allergic to Henry's sperm. To avoid any chance of hurting May, Henry breaks up with her. Pete tries to convince May that she'll find someone else in time. Of course, to us, it sounds like he may be trying to convince himself of that regarding Violet.

When Pete and Naomi discuss what's happening with their patients, the conversation also seems to parallel what's happening with each of them. Naomi says, "There are the people who are right for you on paper and then there are the people who are just right." This inspires Pete to track down Henry. When they meet up with May, Pete tells them he'll work to help them if they can be patient and not give up on each other. Sounds like a plan.

At the end of the day, Sam tells Vanessa that he's a pretty fast runner, so she should prepare to be caught. Sheldon stops by Charlotte's to thank her for her advice and they end up naked together on the couch. Of course, Cooper happens to swing by at that exact moment to pick up Violet's mail. He leaves without saying a word. And we don't think his silent departure was a Zen thing.






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