Private Practice

Episode 3.10 : Blowups

  • Private Practice
    • Episode Premiere : December 03, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC, ShondaLand
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Dell must head out for a late night delivery. There appears to be tension in the room as he and Heather cross in the hall. Dell promises Betsy he'll tuck her in when he gets home. As he slumps down in the driver's seat of his car, we can tell something's wrong. Then...BOOM! An explosion rocks the night. Dell turns to see his house in flames, with Heather and Betsy still inside.

We jump back seven hours earlier as Addison's high-maintenance mother, Bizzy (guest star JoBeth Williams), arrives in town. Later that night, Addison tells Sam that her mother and father look fine, but that would be creepy because nothing is ever fine. Sam's phone rings, his face tenses. It's Dell.

Heather and Betsy are rushed inside the hospital. They are both is bad shape. Betsy is unconscious with a moderate brain contusion and carbon monoxide poisoning. Cooper says it could be awhile before she wakes up. Heather's severe burns give her a 30 percent chance of survival.

Charlotte tells Dell they know what caused the explosion. Heather was cooking meth. Dell beelines to her bedside. He makes sure she can understand what he's about to say, as it's quite jarring. Dell says, "You almost killed my daughter. I hope you die a miserable, painful, agonizing death." Told you it was jarring. Pete overheard Dell's remarks. He knows he's upset, but he also thinks he crossed a line.

Susan, the woman who runs the family office, shows up at Addison's place. This makes The Captain very uncomfortable. Addison thinks The Captain is sleeping with Susan. But that theory is blown to bits once Addison catches Susan and her mom in a lip-lock. So that's what The Captain wanted Bizzy to tell their daughter at the end of last episode.

It turns out Bizzy has been with Susan for 20 years. She may not have been in love with The Captain, but she did love him. She does love him. The Captain tells Addison that Bizzy is the love of his life and his best friend. Now Addison is even more confused. All this time she thought her mom was the poor pathetic parent when actually it was her dad. Distraught, Addison goes to Sam and tries to kiss him. He stops her from kissing him, but does hold her tight.

Betsy regains consciousness and Cooper says she's officially out of the woods. But Heather is dying, and she knows it. Pete tells Dell that Heather wants to see her daughter. Dell forbids it and rushes to find Betsy once he realizes Pete has sneaked her away. He grabs Betsy just before they are to enter her mom's room. Heather calls out for her daughter, but she and Dell are gone.

When Pete tries again to get Betsy to see her mom, Dell socks him in the mouth. Pete manages to restrain him long enough to say that if Dell doesn't make peace with what's happening right now, he's never going to get another chance. He begs Dell to let Betsy see her mother before she dies. He still won't bend.

Dell is feeling guilty about leaving Betsy. He found Heather's pipe the night before. She said it belonged to a friend, but he knew she was lying. He just wanted so much to believe it was true. Violet pleads with him to show Heather some mercy.

The morphine causes Heather to think that Pete is Dell. She asks for forgiveness. Pete knows that she's dying, so he pretends to be Dell. He says that he forgives her and loves her. Heather passes away moments before Dell steps into the room. When Dell asks what he should say to Betsy, Addison says he should tell her the truth. As painful as it may be, he should tell her the truth.

Realizing they are unable to make amends with Addison, The Captain, Bizzy and Susan prepare to leave town. Addison catches up with them at the airport. She sits by her mother in the terminal. Both women are hurting, but they talk. It's not about anything important, but they do talk. Then they don't. Instead, they sit there and stare ahead at nothing in particular. Sometimes it's okay not to talk, too.






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