Private Practice

Episode 3.05 : Strange Bedfellows

  • Private Practice
    • Episode Premiere : October 29, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC, ShondaLand
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

It's been hard for Violet ever since she was attacked by Katie, her former patient, but things are about to get harder because now it's time for her to testify in open court about what happened. Violet's had tremendous trouble confronting what's happened to her, so we're pretty surprised to see her take the stand and not shocked at all when she declares she can't testify as she's being sworn in. Pete is obviously upset and it looks like he may finally be giving up on ever getting the woman he loves back in his and their baby's lives.

Charlotte is anxious to join Oceanside Wellness Group, but she can't help but suspect that Sam is dragging his feet, which it turns out he is. Addison seems pretty open to the idea and lays out a variety of perfectly logical reasons why they should hire her, not the least of which is her specialty, but still Sam can't get over the fact that he just doesn't like Charlotte and doesn't think her personality will fit in. Then he pretty much says that straight to Charlotte's face. Real smooth, Sam. Finally, logic and reason-not to mention Charlotte's ability to buy in and provide lots of patients through St. Ambrose-win out and Charlotte is hired. Cooper's happy to see his girlfriend get the job, but he's a little less than thrilled when he finds out what her new specialty is-sexology.

Things get tough for Addison when the mix-up mommies, Amelia and Zoe, show up with some pregnancy complications. Need a quick recap? See, Amelia and Zoe, two perfect strangers, were both trying very hard to get pregnant and Naomi mixed up their embryos, implanting each in the wrong woman, so now Amelia is carrying Zoe and her husband Martin's baby and Zoe's carrying Amelia and her dead husband's baby, generated from their last viable embryo. They both agreed to carry each other's baby to term and then swap after birth, but now Zoe's OB/GYN has referred her to Addison for a consult, which is not good news, and Amelia's preeclamptic, which means her blood pressure could put her and Zoe's baby at risk. Yeah, it might help to draw a diagram for this one.

Addison performs an ultrasound on Zoe and discovers a large tumor growing on Amelia's baby. Without surgery, the tumor will kill the fetus, but the surgery could also permanently damage Zoe's uterus, hurting her and Martin's chances for having another baby. It turns out Martin, a real class act, skipped out on Zoe when he found out she was carrying another couples' baby, but Zoe's convinced he'll come back and doesn't want to risk not being able to have kids with him. At first she decides to just let the tumor kill the baby so Amelia doesn't freak out, which puts Addison in a terrible position due to doctor-patient confidentiality. After Amelia suspects something and brings in Naomi, they convince Zoe that she has to tell the other mother the truth. Amelia takes the news as well as she can, but her blood pressure still spikes. Zoe, seeing how Amelia is putting her own health on the line for her baby, changes her mind and opts for the surgery.

Cooper just can't let go of this sexology thing. He goes out drinking with Sam and Pete and comes home drunk and basically talks to Charlotte like she's going to be the madam of Oceanside Wellness. Looks like Coop's a bit of a mean drunk. When Charlotte kicks him out of bed for being a jerk, he lets slip that it's not just her specialty that's bothering him-he feels emasculated by her bailing him out financially. The next day he apologizes and Charlotte lays it out for him, that she won't make herself small just so he can feel big. He gets over his petty macho stuff and tells Charlotte how hot strong women like her are. We have to agree.

Speaking of strong women, Violet is incredibly brave when, after Katie's father comes to see her, begging her to see his daughter in prison, she actually goes. We can tell Violet's scared at first, but when Katie begs her to testify that she was delusional when she attacked her, thus sending Katie to a mental hospital rather than prison, Violet is livid and we are right there with her. But later, she's torn. Dr. Turner knows Katie was off her meds and not in her right mind when she attacked her, but Violet wants Katie to pay for her crime. Violet takes the stand and testifies to exactly what happened, as horrifying as it was, but when Katie's attorney asks her on cross-examination if, in her professional medical opinion, Katie was delusional at the time of the attack, Violet puts her anger aside and answers that yes, she was. We're torn, too. Violet probably did the right thing, but it's hard not to feel like Katie is going to get away with doing something horrible. Upon hearing Violet's testimony, Pete walks out of the courtroom in disgust, and we kind of understand that, too.

Zoe's surgery doesn't go well. She's fine, but Addison can't save the baby. Amelia is heartbroken, but she still manages to be there for Zoe, who was bonded to the baby she was carrying, even though it wasn't hers. We're in the middle of being amazed at how great a person Amelia must be to actually be supporting someone else after losing her baby and the only chance she'll ever have of having her dead husband's child, when who should walk in but Martin, Zoe's absentee husband. Zoe called him and he shows up now that the other couples' child is out of the equation. Zoe's happy to see him, but Amelia is devastated, and it looks like she may be thinking of keeping Zoe and Martin's baby for herself. This is only going to get messier and the potential of a malpractice suit ruining Naomi's career is higher than ever.

Pete's waiting for Violet in her office when she comes back from court and demands to know why he let Katie off the hook. He's so angry about what that woman did to her and their child and finally Violet realizes, just as we do, that she's not the only victim-what happened to her also happened to Pete. Katie may have taken Violet's sense of security and her feelings toward Luke, but she also took the woman Pete loves away from him. We can't help but get chills as this realization washes over Violet and as she tries to comfort him, he just begs her to come back to him over and over. But will she? Can she? We don't know yet, but we'll keep watching to find out!






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