Private Practice

Episode 3.01 : A Death in the Family

  • Private Practice
    • Episode Premiere : October 01, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC, ShondaLand
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The first thing we see is Pete, looking handsome as always, standing in the sun on another gorgeous southern California day. But as the camera pans down it becomes clear, he's at a funeral and Sam and Naomi are there and for one heart-stopping instant we couldn't help but think the worst has happened and Violet or her baby are gone...

The camera flashes to Pete and Naomi finding the bleeding and unconscious Violet on her living room floor. There's no sign of Katie, or the baby, but if they can't get Violet into surgery immediately, she's going to die. They get her to the hospital and Addison sets straight to work, but Violet is badly injured and there's a good chance she won't make it.

Flash back to the opening days of the practice. Violet and Cooper, the first two doctors brought on by a very happily married Sam and Naomi, are already starting to become friends and gossip about people, like their super-happy bosses. Sam introduces them to his friend, Pete Wilder, a doctor specializing in infectious diseases who lost his wife four days ago. Sam has asked Pete to speak to Violet because he seems to be handling his wife's sudden death a little too well. Their first visit goes poorly, with Pete refusing to open up and only giving the bare details about his wife's death.

In the present, Addison and Naomi are doing everything they can to save Violet. Pete is heartbroken and frustrated that there's nothing he can do. Cooper is blaming himself for not checking on Violet when he was right at her door and he's getting frustrated as well because the hospital keeps paging him and he's not even on-call. Dell goes in to talk to Violet during surgery and so he can try to get some information for Pete, Sheldon and Cooper, but any information he had wouldn't be good news. Addison and Naomi reach an impasse in the surgery. A Hysterectomy could save her life, but it would mean she could never have another child, and with her baby still missing, possibly even dead, the situation's complicated. Addison asks Pete and Sheldon for guidance and they both tell her to do whatever she can to save Violet. Then she turns to Coop, and as hard as it is, we know he's right when he says his best friend would want Addison to try to save her uterus.

Back in the past, Sam and Naomi are looking to add another doctor to the practice and they mention Pete to Cooper and Violet. Violet says it's a bad idea, that he's a patient for one, and he's still not dealing with his grief. During their second session, Pete gets angry with Violet and tells her she's unqualified to judge his grieving process since she has never been married. But after Pete sees a very happy Sam and Naomi reading to their daughter together, he comes back and tells Violet the truth. He hated his wife. They fought all the time. They fought the night before she died and, in the morning when she lied there dead, he thought she was just ignoring him and he continued to fight with her. He's worried about what kind of man that makes him.

Later, feeling that he's starting to really confront his grief, Violet gives her approval to bring Pete on. He takes the job, but considers switching his specialty to Eastern medicine. Violet tells Pete, as his friend since she can no longer see him as a patient, that he's a good man, and one day he'll find the right person. We got chills knowing that nine years later, it would be her.

Coop gets yet another page and he's about ready to tear someone's head off. He storms down to the desk and asks why he's getting all of these pages and the nurse tells him there's a patient that will only see him. We're shocked when we see it's Katie, holding Violet's baby! Cooper tells the nurse to call security and keeps Katie calm. Pete shows up before security and there's a moment where we don't know what he'll do, but he manages to hold it together and help Cooper get Katie to hand him the baby before security arrives and takes her into custody.

Now there are real complications. The baby is also in critical condition and Addison has to now divide her time between Violet's surgery and the baby's. Things are very touch-and-go and there's a moment when we're not sure if either of them will make it out of surgery alive, but they do. The baby seems safe, but Violet doesn't wake up after surgery.

A quick flash, back to that gorgeous southern California day and the funeral. Someone takes Pete's hand and we realize it's Violet and the funeral we're seeing is for Pete's wife.

Violet wakes up to see her friends there, waiting for her. Her very first thought is about the baby, and Pete brings her newborn son over to her. She can't believe how beautiful he is. Neither can we.






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