Private Practice Episode 2.05 Let It Go
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Private Practice Episode 2.05 Let It Go

Episode Premiere
Nov 5, 2008
Drama, Comedy
Production Company
ABC, ShondaLand
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Episode Premiere
Nov 5, 2008
Drama, Comedy
2007 - 2013
Production Co
ABC, ShondaLand
Official Site
Michael Zinberg
Lauren Schmidt
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Erin Way
  • Geffri Maya Hightower
  • Ming Wen
  • Jayne Brook
  • Jack Briggs

In the two weeks since being elected leader of the practice, Addison has established the figure needed to save the practice's financial health and has maintained a spicy bedroom romance with Kevin.

Meanwhile, Pete wastes little time reigniting the flame with his 'Doctors Without Borders' love, Meg, despite her bothersome smoking addiction. Cooper and Charlotte plan to toss the condoms in favor of sex au naturel. First, however, they must get HIV tests and birth control-- so all they can do is fantasize for now. They're about to do so when Charlotte declares she has to get to a job interview. Naomi and Sam are discovered in bed by their teenage daughter Maya, who exclaims, "Are you two getting back together?!"-- and they allow her to believe that's the case.

Addison calls a meeting to announce the dollar amount needed to keep the practice running. Before she is able to reveal her plan, the doctors nearly in unison-- pronounce it "Jenna's Day," and abruptly depart to celebrate to this elusive holiday. Apparently Jenna, a 17 year-old terminally ill girl who's a long-time patient of the wellness center, is arriving at Oceanside to have her eggs retrieved and fulfill her last wish: to become a parent. She arrives with her parents and teenage husband, and is greeted by all. Addison expresses her concerns with the upcoming procedure, but is politely reassured by Pete-- and not-so-politely-- by Naomi.

When Addison has a chance encounter with Nick, Jenna's young husband, she learns the boy has plans for college but is a grateful ward of the family--a son-in-law who never thought twice about giving the family everything they wanted, not even when it meant becoming a father. Addison advises him to think about what he wants.

Cooper asks Dell to set up two blood-draw kits; Violet learns about his and Charlotte's plan for monogamy. She fails to congratulate him and instead goes off to meet her "new best friend."

Violet meets old college friend Kara Wei, a Congressional candidate who asks Violet to retrieve and destroy medical records that reveal Wei received shock therapy. She doesn't want voters to know this about her past.

Dell uncovers $142,000 in overdue accounts which Addison asks him to take responsibility for collecting, ordaining him "The Enforcer".

In light of Maya's discovery and expectations, Sam and Naomi agree they must discuss their relationship. However, an impromptu conversation with Jenna leads Sam to contemplate all the "living" he feels he has yet to do.

While Cooper and Charlotte take their blood tests, Charlotte remains elusive about her job interview.

As Naomi injects Nick's sperm into the egg, a panicked Nick blurts out that he has changed his mind; in expressing his doubt, he reveals Addison's influence. The other doctors--all of whom have worked with Jenna for years and years--are clearly visibly annoyed that Addison stepped in. Despite the pleas of Jenna and her family, Naomi is unable to use the sperm without Nick's consent, and has to stop the procedure immediately.

Violet tries to convince Kara to embrace her past instead of destroying records of it. Angered at her resistance, Kara turns the tables and tells Violet to face her own past, exposing Violet's secret that she was raped. Though shaken, Violet continues to attempt to sway Kara to use her experience to affect change, but Kara gets annoyed and flustered by Violet's refusal to cooperate and storms out.

In his attempt to take life by the horns, Sam gets his ear pierced. He presents Naomi with a list of all the things he wants to do in life, which prompts her to ask if this is a mid-life crisis... or if it is the one year anniversary of their being apart.

Weary of being the new bill collector, Dell drops a bombshell on Addison: The building they own has an empty floor that Sam and Naomi have refused to lease. Addison confronts Naomi and Sam, who reveal that the space is part of their vision for a complete medical sanctuary. When Addison argues the logic of sitting on prospective income, Naomi accuses her of destroying dreams first Jenna's and now theirs. Addison soberly states, "Soon, I'm going to stop caring whether you forgive me or not."

Pete continues to lay into Meg about her smoking habit. Charlotte and Cooper lie in wait for HIV results, unable to fulfill their latest sexual fantasy; Addison turns to Kevin, who advises her she has to decide if she wants to be a good friend or good leader; and an overexcited Maya presses Naomi and Sam for the details of their reunion as a couple.

Cooper advises Violet not to bend to Kara's unethical request, but Violet-- who feels she is losing Cooper to monogamy and really needs a friend--decides she must do whatever it takes to salvage her friendship with Kara.

Jenna and her parents tell the doctors about their new plan to use a sperm donor. The doctors deliberate over the ethics of the new wish.

Violet looks at Kara's file and is utterly taken aback: Kara lied to Violet about the contents of her file and why she wanted it shredded. The truth is that the file includes details on how, in an act of defense, Kara killed her physically abusive mother. Violet gives Kara the file in hopes that she'll choose to hold onto the person she is rather than the person that she hopes to be. Convinced the voters could never understand her act of self defense, Kara ignores Violet's urgings and promptly shreds the file.

Jenna announces that she found the sperm donor she wants, but Naomi says she won't do it, and asks Jenna to reconsider, explaining that the more time they focus on the baby-- the less time she has to spend with the people who love her right now. Nick tells her that he doesn't want a baby, but he does want her.

As Naomi tends to the earlobe infection Sam incurred after his piercing, he tells her he wants to move in. Naomi says she feels they hold onto each other because it is all they know. She tells him they have to let go and say goodbye.

Violet seeks comfort from Cooper. When Dell walks in with the long-awaited results of the blood test, Cooper puts them aside. He'll look at them later, and be there for Violet now. "Right now," he says to Dell, "I think my best friend needs me."

Naomi gives Addison the AOK to lease the fourth floor, and Addison tells her she already did. Naomi tells her she'll be a good leader.

Meg packs for Ghana and Pete regrets annoying her about smoking, but reveals his reasons: his wife died from smoking. He asks her to return. She says she will.

With the 'all clear' on the blood tests, Cooper excitedly awaits Charlotte, who is coming from her new job, her new office....on the fourth floor Oceanside Wellness Center!

Naomi apologizes to Maya for getting her hopes up. She holds her daughter and gently promises her, "We're going to be okay."