Private Practice

Episode 2.02 : Equal and Opposite

  • Private Practice
    • Episode Premiere : October 08, 2008
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC, ShondaLand
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Naomi remains bitter about Sam and Addison's hostile takeover of Oceanside Wellness Group and promptly hangs up on them when they call her cell. At the office, she informs them their communication will be limited to professional matters only. She is not taking this coup lightly.

Sam places a Dry-Erase board in the conference room, with colored-coded dots indicating which of the doctors' schedules are full and which seem to be open. Violet calls him out on his transparent attempt to embarrass the less-than-busy docs and goad them into bringing more business to the practice. For his part, Pete has acquired a non-invasive cellulite reduction system, while Sam has arranged for corporate physicals through businessman and single father, Charlie Jenson.

A suspect Violet encourages Cooper to share any secrets he might have, as lately he's seemed detached and aloof and she feels the friendship is suffering as a result. Cooper is evasive, remaining mum on his affair with Charlotte.

Naomi and Addison meet with Lisa and Brian, a young married couple who've been unable to conceive. The couple gushes that they've been soul mates since Junior High; that looking into each others' eyes "is like looking in the mirror." Later, their genetic tests reveal they are brother and sister: their parents used the same sperm donor. Though initially horrified, they decide to stay together. Addison warns they must abstain from sex... since no method of birth control is one hundred percent effective and they're at huge risk for conceiving a fetus with major birth defects.

Addison attempts to revive her friendship with Naomi by asking for advice on Kevin, the "SWAT cop" who still hasn't called. Naomi doesn't take the bait.

During corporate physicals, Charlie tells Sam that Kirk, his terminally ill son, has been refusing treatment. They hear a crash: Kirk has collapsed onto the floor of a nearby room, and thus is rushed to the hospital. Once there, Kirk makes it clear why he's been refusing treatment, ripping the intubation tube from his throat in order to gasp he's ready to die.

Weighing in on Kirk's condition, Pete tells Sam that the boy belongs in a hospice, not a hospital. Sam defends himself, explaining the boy's father lost his wife only two years ago... but Pete suspects that Sam doesn't want to lose the lucrative corporate business Charlie has brought the practice.

Sam asks Cooper to cover for him at a health fair that afternoon, and Cooper agrees, canceling his lunch with Charlotte via text message. Feeling stood-up, Charlotte tells him that even though they are not in a relationship, she will not be treated like she doesn't matter.

Kirk's health declines, and Charlie insists he be put back on the ventilator. When Sam hesitates, Charlie threatens to withdraw his corporate business from the practice. Reluctantly, Sam places Kirk in restraints and reinserts the intubation tube. Later, Pete addresses his concerns on the matter with Sam, confronting him on his decision to reintubate Kirk and questioning him on whether what he's is doing what is best for the patient... or what is best for the finances of the practice.

Finally, Naomi confronts Sam about the future of the practice and the way he has stepped in to run it with Addison, taking control away from her. When he attempts to assert himself, she reminds him it was she who was there from the beginning, making sacrifices for the practice, building it from the ground up, while he worked on his book. Addison continues her appeal to Naomi, but Naomi responds that going behind her back to take over the practice is a move that cannot be undone.

Eager to have Lisa's tubes tied, the young couple returns. Brian confesses he was aware they were siblings even before they got married. Lisa rejects him, and Naomi is left to tell him it's over.

Cooper enlists Violet to treat his scalp for the head lice he caught from the kids at the health fair. In the process, he reveals his affair with Charlotte and explains that the reason he didn't tell her before was not because Charlotte forbade him, but because he was of afraid of what Violet would think.

Out of desperation, Addison leaves Kevin a pitiful message, stating she thinks she's lost her best friend. Suddenly realizing that requesting comforting from a guy she went out with one time may be inappropriate, she quickly backtracks, ending the call with an awkward, "Nice knowing you..."

Pete, Violet, and Cooper convince Sam that the aggressive business tactics have to stop. Sam returns to the hospital and persuades Charlie that it's time to let Kirk go. They remove the tube and with his father by his side, Kirk slips away.

Naomi confides in Charlotte that the two people she counted on are now counting on each other; Cooper tells Charlotte that he told Violet about their relationship; Pete has sex with the young temp receptionist who's covering for Dell.

Naomi returns home and sees Addison and Sam on their neighboring balconies. She goes to Sam's door and tells him that she is furious with him, and will be for a long time. It's heated, and they kiss. She pulls away for a second to make sure he's clear on what's about to happen: "This is hate sex..."






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