My Name Is Earl

Episode 4.22 : Pinky

  • My Name Is Earl
    • Episode Premiere : March 26, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2009
    • Production Company: Amigos de Garcia Prod., Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Earl and Randy hang out at the Crab Shack working on #83 on Earl's list: Never taught Randy how to blow a bubble. Furious, Joy drags Dodge to the claw machine and puts him in time out. Apparently, Dodge has blatantly disrespected Joy's order to stay away from her frenemy, Eugenia's daughter Tiffani. The guys think it's sweet, but Joy is determined to keep her son away from a future streetwalker. Earl feels bad for Dodge, but Randy figures it's for the best, since Tiffani will probably break his heart anyway.

Earl knows that Randy's bitter because his first love ended badly. One summer when they were kids, their parents sent them to stay on the lake with Aunt Gail. The boys' days were filled with unpleasant chores relating to maintenance of Aunt Gail's girth. When they finished their chores they were allowed to spend their allowance, which Aunt Gail paid in rocks. Earl stunk at skipping stones on the lake, but Randy was the master, attracting the attention of a cute girl named Pinky, who sent him a note.

Since Pinky was the first girl who liked him, Randy took full advantage of it. They did everything together: skipping rocks, paddle boat rides, eating ice cream and riding bikes. One day, Randy brought Earl exciting news: Pinky promised to let Randy (who she called "Skipper") kiss her on the bridge that night. With plans to feel Pinky up, Randy waited on the bridge for more than three hours, but Pinky never showed up, and he never saw her again.

Darnell advises Randy to find out what happened to Pinky, but Earl doesn't think it's a good idea. It was 20 years ago, Randy doesn't know Pinky's real name, and it's going to end badly, Earl's convinced. Still Randy's enthusiasm for the only girl he ever loved is overwhelming, so Earl gives in. Randy and Earl return to the lake to find Herb, the old guy who rents paddle boats. Randy explains his predicament, and after six hours, Herb returns with an answer. Pinky will meet Skipper on the bridge at 4:00. Realizing it's already after four, Randy runs for it.

With his big moment finally upon him, Randy asks Earl to check for B.O. and boogers. Earl's nervous, but Randy sets off confidently to meet the woman with pink hair standing on the bridge. Pinky turns around to reveal... that she's Joy! Randy thinks back, and the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Joy can't believe that Randy is her Skipper, but he pulls out the note that she wrote him 20 years ago. When he asks why she didn't come to the bridge, Joy explains that she did. She only left when she got Skipper's note breaking up with her. The one that Skipper's brother gave her...

Earl said he thought this would end badly, and this is what he meant. Back in the day when Randy was spending all his time with Pinky, Earl was left to tend to Aunt Gail by himself. Miserable and jealous, when Earl discovered that Randy was going to kiss a girl before he did, he decided to get to the bridge early and end it. Earl handed Pinky a note, claiming Skipper was breaking up with her. Figuring he might be able to kill two birds with one stone, Earl moved in for a kiss. Pinky kicked him in the crotch then blew her stranger danger whistle, as Earl crawled off.

Devastated, Randy drives off in the El Camino, leaving Earl to ride home with Joy. Joy is experiencing her own brand of devastation. If Randy was really her first love, now she's got to question her taste in everything. Back at the motel, Earl finds Randy sawing the bed in half. When Earl accuses Randy of going crazy, Randy comes at him with the saw. Why has Earl been spending all this time trying to help Randy blow bubbles when he should have been making up for Pinky?

Earl claims he's already put Pinky on the list, and won't rest until he takes care of it. What does Randy think he should do? Randy insists that he wants to make out with Pinky. Even if Joy is mean on the inside and outside, somewhere inside her is Pinky, and Randy wants to touch that with his tongue. Realizing that getting Joy to make out with Randy will be the hardest thing he's ever done, Earl decides to ask Darnell's permission first, out of respect.

Flashing back to the day he proposed to Joy, Darnell is fine with the make-out plan, since Skipper was part of Joy's pre-nup. When they first got engaged, Joy introduced Darnell to the concept of a freebie -- the one person they can each have sex with if they get the chance. Now Darnell doesn't feel so bad for having picked Anna Nicole Smith.

Joy has no interest in letting Randy's slimy, Cheeto-covered cow tongue anywhere near her, until Earl offers to break up Dodge and Tiffani, using the same technique he used to break up Pinky and Skipper. If he has to add another item to his list to fix this for Randy, so be it. Randy is waiting for Joy at the lake, with all her childhood favorites: orange soda, Bobby Brown, and tic-tac-toe. Wanting to get it over with, Joy hands Randy a bottle of mouthwash, which is really rubbing alcohol and bleach mixed with green food coloring. Randy tries, but he's unable to make out with Joy. After all, it's not really about the kiss, it's about recovering that feeling of first love, which is never going to happen again.

Randy slinks off and starts skipping stones into the lake, which allows Joy to re-experience her own feelings of first love. Randy and Joy spend the rest of the day doing the things they did together during their summer of love. Joy even teaches Randy to blow a bubble! That night, while standing on the bridge, Joy muses that she probably should let Dodge spend time with Tiffani, and Randy agrees. Everyone deserves to feel this way at least once. Someday, Randy's going to have what Joy has with Darnell. Relenting, Pinky lets Randy kiss her, but she pushes his hands away when he repeatedly tries to creep up her shirt.






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