My Name Is Earl

Episode 4.27 : Dodge's Dad

  • My Name Is Earl
    • Episode Premiere : May 14, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2009
    • Production Company: Amigos de Garcia Prod., Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Every year, Dodge's school holds Career Day, where dads come in to talk about their jobs. Earl is relieved that it's Darnell's turn. Darnell is nervously rehearsing when Joy busts into the trailer with something big to say. Apparently Dodge wants his real daddy, Earl, to come to Career Day, since all the other kids are going to have their real fathers there. Earl's upset that Joy still hasn't told Dodge that he's not his real father. Joy explains that she's trying to give Dodge a solid foundation in life -- how can she chop away at it now? Besides, Earl owes Dodge.

Earl has to admit that Joy's right, since #174 on his list is ruined Dodge's Career Day. Back when Earl was still married to Joy, he posed as a doctor for Career Day, bringing an X-ray machine into the classroom to show all the things Randy has swallowed. Billy's dad is a cop, and when his radio alerts him that two white guys stole an X-ray machine from the hospital, Earl runs for it. Billy's dad beats up Earl in the hallway, earning a round of applause from the students.

Even though pretending to be Dodge's father makes him nervous, Earl attends Career Day once again, presenting himself as a List Maker and Doer. One of the kids asks why Dodge doesn't spend weekends with Earl like all the other divorced dads. Earl suggests that Dodge might want to start shifting his love in the direction of his step-dad Darnell. Later Earl confronts Joy, complaining that both he and Dodge were embarrassed. Dodge deserves the truth.

When Joy gets caught telling multiple stories about Dodge's origin, Earl knows she's lying and demands to know the identity of Dodge's real father. Reluctantly, Joy admits that it's Little Chubby, who now owns half the town. She never told anyone because an incident with Little Chubby made her fear for her life, so she decided to raise Dodge on her own. Earl doesn't get it. If Little Chubby is really Dodge's father, all that money could make their lives much easier. Kicking Earl out of the trailer, Joy orders him to leave the matter alone.

Even though Joy told Earl to shut up, he visits Little Chubby in his lair at Club Chubby. Little Chubby has planted cameras all over town to keep track of all his businesses. He converted the butcher shop next door to the club to house his surveillance center, leaving the meat locker intact, for torturing guys who dare to lean on his car. Yes, the sad news is that despite Earl's best efforts, Little Chubby is once again a total jerk. When he found himself hormonally incapable of acting mean, he had a ball transplant. Bull balls.

Earl figures that because of his transplant, Little Chubby might welcome the news he's about to receive, but Little Chubby warns him to leave it alone, showing Earl the gun in his pants. Earl leaves, bumping into Catalina on the way out of the club. Earl asks Catalina to help him get a DNA sample from Little Chubby, but she refuses, indicating that his cameras are everywhere. Earl refuses to give up, and has Randy search the dumpster for possible DNA. When Little Chubby starts shooting at them, the Hickey brothers run off to find Officer Jeff.

It turns out that Little Chubby bought out the chief of police and the mayor. Now there's a city ordinance -- if anyone accuses Little Chubby of a crime, the cops are to trump up charges against them. Earl plays on his friendship with Jeff, asking if he can't just write him a ticket for a busted headlight. Jeff relents and busts Earl's headlight. Despite the fact that Little Chubby is above the law, Earl has a plan. In a bid for a different but still workable DNA sample, Earl and Randy dig up Big Chubby's grave. When Randy uses his lighter, the coffin explodes, since everyone toasted Big Chubby by pouring Wild Turkey into his coffin. Catching it all on camera, Little Chubby gets upset.

Earl returns to his motel room only to find that Little Chubby has bought the motel and locked him out. Little Chubby has also bought Earl's bank, and the ATM refuses to give him access to his money. Devastated, Earl is about to admit his loss when Darnell appears, having used his Special Forces skills to procure Little Chubby's DNA sample. Darnell distracts Joy as Earl steals the Turner family's toothbrushes, so he can send all the samples off to the lab for a paternity test.

When the DNA test comes back, Earl runs to Joy and Darnell's trailer with the results. Joy lied again! Joy thinks the test is wrong, because she remembers the night in question perfectly. It was Halloween, and by the end of the night, with no better prospects, she went home with Little Chubby, who was costumed as a skeleton. Shocked, Earl asks Joy if that was the same Halloween when Fat Steve dressed up as the Kool-Aid pitcher and broke his nose trying to run through the wall. When Joy confirms that it was, Earl is struck with horror: he was wearing a skeleton costume that night, too!

Everyone concludes that Earl must be Dodge's father, which explains why his moustache is coming in already. But Darnell has another revelation. Out of the four toothbrush tests, only three match up. That means he's not Earl, Jr.'s father?! Joy smiles sweetly, trying to get everyone to calm down, promising an explanation… which will have to wait for next season.






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