My Name Is Earl

Episode 4.05 : Sweet Johnny

  • My Name Is Earl
    • Episode Premiere : October 09, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2009
    • Production Company: Amigos de Garcia Prod., Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Joy is merrily driving, chomping on some chicken nuggets when a guy with a gun hops in her car. It's a carjacking! When Joy tries to reach for her nuggets, the guy slams her hand in the door and takes off, dragging Joy down the street.

Randy is just trying to prove that he's not a virgin by pulling the label off a beer bottle in one piece when Joy's hand comes free, and she rolls up beside him. Earl and Randy haven't seen a stunt that good since Sweet Johnny's heyday... which reminds Earl that Johnny's number seven on his list.

Back in the day, Johnny was a real daredevil, not unlike Evel Kneivel. But every stunt demanded recovery time, depending on the injury. When Earl learned that he could spend that time in Johnny's van with his hot girlfriend Sheila, he started cooking up wilder and wilder stunts, which demanded more and more recovery time. Earl knew if he wanted to keep fooling around with Sheila, he had to keep Johnny out of the way.

Johnny tries his wildest stunt yet - the Human Wrecking Ball, which entails hurling himself into a wall of fire. As the stunt gets underway, Earl and Sheila decide they can't continue; it's all too sick. Johnny slams into the wall, is knocked unconscious and lit on fire.

It's been ten years, but Earl decides apologize to Johnny. He finds him at home, preparing for a stunt: Johnny's going to attach two weather balloons to a lawn chair, high five God, then parachute back to Earth. Earl confesses to his affair with Sheila. Enraged, Johnny attacks him with a staple gun, so Earl runs off.

Despite Darnell's protests, Joy buys a gun to protect her family. Earl returns to Sweet Johnny's to apologize again, hoping that he has cooled down. But Johnny doesn't remember Earl's visit, and attacks him with the staple gun again. Convinced that something strange is happening, Earl tracks down Sheila, whose beautiful booty has grown beyond all recognition.

Sheila explains that Johnny hit his head while putting his pants on and gave himself permanent brain damage. Now he can't make new memories, and has lived the same day over and over again for the last ten years. She moved out the year "La Vida Loca" was big to avoid killing Johnny for singing it ad nauseum, and Johnny has never left his house since.

Sheila doesn't want Earl to tell Johnny about their affair again, figuring his brain damage has given them a get out of jail free card. But Earl can't bear to let an item on his list remain undone. He returns to Johnny's, this time prepared for the onslaught of staples, then brings Johnny to see Sheila. Upset to learn the truth, Johnny runs home, locks himself in, and chugs generic Nyquil so he can just sleep and forget it all happened.

Darnell exchanges Joy's gun at the police station for a honey glazed ham, and Earl gets through a few more days with Johnny. Finally, Earl gets it right, and gathers everyone together to witness Johnny's lawn chair stunt. As Johnny prepares to take off, Earl notices his parachute cast to the side. Realizing that Johnny is going to commit suicide, Earl grabs onto the chair as Johnny casts off.

Joy confronts Darnell - he has to admit that this would be a good time to have a gun. When he does, Joy whips out her new gun and shoots the weather balloons, bringing Earl and Johnny crashing to Earth. Joy sticks the gun in her pants and nearly shoots her stinker off. Johnny is knocked out, but still doesn't regain his memory.

Earl realizes how selfish he's been. He was only trying to satisfy himself by crossing Johnny off his list. Now he's just going to have to live with that nagging feeling. Earl visits Johnny to hang out and help him get ready for the lawn chair stunt - again. Ironically, Johnny asks Earl if he's ever had sex with Sheila...






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