Mad Men

Episode 5.02 : A Little Kiss, Part 2

  • Mad Men
    • Episode Premiere : March 25, 2012
    • Distributor : AMC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2015
    • Production Company: AMC
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

After the party, Don flops onto the bed fully clothed. Megan, still wide awake, asks if he enjoyed the party. He tells her not to waste money on such things. Unfazed, she teases and kisses him and wants to talk about the party. Don declines and insists on going to sleep, so Megan leaves the room.

The next morning, Lane finds a men's wallet in a cab. He inspects it and is struck by a photo of a young woman named Delores.

At home, Joan argues with her mother, who shows Joan an SCDP help wanted ad which she claims is evidence that they intend to replace Joan.

Megan and Don arrive at the office, barely speaking. When Roger sees Don, he imitates Megan's performance to Don's chagrin.

Don, Roger, Lane and Bert squeeze into Pete's office, where Pete announces that Mohawk is coming in for a meeting. He points out how unimpressive his office looks and demands to have Roger's office. Roger refuses.

In the office kitchen, Harry and Stan gush about Megan's risqué dance. Megan, standing behind Harry, overhears some particularly lewd comments from Harry then leaves.

Lane telephones the wallet's owner but reaches the owner's girlfriend, Delores. Lane flirts with her on the phone.

Roger summons Harry to ask him to trade offices with Pete. Harry reluctantly agrees once Roger offers $1,100. Later, Joan stops by SCDP with baby Kevin in tow.

Megan rants to Peggy about the culture at SCDP. "You're all so cynical," she says. "You don't smile. You smirk." She hints that Don didn't appreciate the surprise party. Peggy is apologetic. Megan goes home early.

In Lane's office, Joan tearfully asks if they're planning to replace her. Lane assures her that she's indispensable.

When Pete learns about the office trade, he rants to Harry that he deserves Roger's office. Meanwhile, Peggy stops by Don's office to apologize for making a snide remark at the party. When she mentions that Megan went home early, Don too leaves for the day.

The wallet-owner stops by SCDP. Lane secretly removes Delores's photo before returning it.

At the apartment, Don asks Megan why she left work. She takes off her robe then angrily cleans the apartment in her underclothes. Don grabs her arm. "Go sit over there," she huffs. "All you get to do is watch." When he persists, she passionately kisses him back and they make love.

At the office, Pete asks Clara to pencil in a fake Coca-Cola meeting for 6AM the following morning on Staten Island to trick Roger.

Back at Don's apartment, Megan complains that she's disliked at the office and wonders if she ought to stop working there. Don tells her he doesn't care about work, he cares about her.

Early the next morning, Roger grouses to Jane that he has to go to Staten Island. Meanwhile, Pete plays cards on his morning commute, smiling at the prank.

At the office, Don and Megan enter the reception area to find a large group of black women and men. They are responding to the help wanted ad, unaware it was a joke. Don, Roger, Pete, Lane and Bert brainstorm a resolution. The receptionist interrupts with an African artifact sent from Y&R. When she confirms that the applicants saw the gift, Lane moves to the reception area to collect resumes, from the women only, for secretary positions.






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