Last Resort

Episode 1.11 : Damn the Torpedoes

  • Last Resort
    • Episode Premiere : January 10, 2013
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Sam is mourning the perceived loss of his wife, Christine. He takes out his anger on Sophie. Much of his venom stems from the fact that he has feelings for her. Sam is so far gone that Marcus has no choice but to relieve him of his duties. Sam says he was way ahead of him. He grabs his backpack and heads off into the jungle on his own.

Sam stumbles into a meeting where a number of Colorado crew members are plotting a mutiny. He takes off running once he realizes what's going down. The men chase after Sam, but only one finds him. It's Prosser. The two of them engage in a brutal fistfight before finally calling a truce to seek cover. The two men debate on whether or not Marcus is a hero or a traitor. Sam ultimately agrees to join forces with the COB and his mutinous men. His conditions are that Marcus is kept alive and that he needs to know everything.

The U.S. government has sent a destroyer to intercept the supply ship China is sending to island. Marcus realizes that the special envoy for the Chinese, Mr. Zheng, has played him very well to make his country look good no matter what happens. The captain of the destroyer, Evan Thorn, is a big fan of the captain of the Colorado. He doesn't believe there's any chance he will ever fire on a U.S. Navy ship. Marcus gives Thorne 20 minutes to turn around before he does, indeed, fire on them.

Grace has an idea to avoid any real damage should they have to fire on the destroyer. James will remove 80 percent of the payload on a torpedo. If they are forced to fire, the destroyer will be sent home in a sling as opposed to a coffin. They have six minutes to get the job done. That time comes and goes. The destroyer fires warning shots at the supply ship. Marcus gives the order to fire on Thorn's ship.

A panicked Grace belays the order until James finishes his work. Marcus is furious. Grace lets him know that the safe torpedo is now ready. Marcus orders it to be fired. It hits the destroyer, but the hull holds together. Marcus promises that the next shot will be a deadly one. The destroyer gets the message. It redirects its course away from the supply ship. Marcus is incensed with Grace, who assures her captain that what she did was done for him.

When Cortez's superiors realize she has yet to reacquire the launch key, they order her to kill Marcus Chaplin. That's a difficult order to follow considering the conflicted feelings she has for her captain and his cause. When Cortez enters the captain's quarters, Marcus knows that she's been sent to take him out. That's not going to happen. Cortez hands over her sidearm. She never wanted to be a spy. She only wanted to serve her country. Now she wants to stand by Marcus, who warns her that he has enemies. Cortez assures him that she's not one of them.

Serrat lets Sophie know that he knows she lied to him about the island's soil samples. He lets her off the hook for this because of how he feels for her. She's his weakness. Serrat claims that he can provide her all the comforts she needs for a good life even though he knows she doesn't love him. He proposes a partnership where she acts as his conscience. Later, Serrat pays a visit to Zheng. He lets him know about the rare earth elements that are found on the island. They are the oil of the future.

Kylie Sinclair is part of a small group plotting to overthrow the current U.S. government. She introduces Hopper to the Speaker of the House to convince him that the attack on Pakistan was initiated by those currently in power. The plan is to shutdown Washington, DC with a small army before marching into the White House to arrest the President of the United States. When a high-ranking general tries to bail on the plan, he's shot by another member of the group. Kylie's ex, Robert wipes the sprayed blood from her shoulder and face. He lets her know that, because of her, they have a chance to make things right again.

There are smiles all around as the supplies from the Chinese ship finally arrive in town. Also arriving is Sam, who approaches Sophie right away. She assures him that she's not afraid of messy relationships. She also lets him know that she's his friend. Sam later lets Marcus know that he doesn't blame him for what happened to Christine. He also assures his captain that he's ready to come back as his right hand man.






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