Last Resort

Episode 1.09 : Cinderalla Liberty

  • Last Resort
    • Episode Premiere : December 06, 2012
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

72 hours before the U.S. nuclear strike, James and Hopper are in a safe house in Pakistan. Aamir and his younger brother, Kamal, are also there, as is Dr. Oscar Nils, who compiled a nuclear assessment report proving there are no stray nukes in Pakistan. In other words, there's no need to go to war. The doc's file is being downloaded when Hopper receives news orders. James sees his friend plant a nuke. Hop films the fake findings on his helmet cam. BANG! Hopper shoots Kamal when he gets in his way of trying to kill Nils. BANG! BANG! James shoots Nils when the doc shoots Hopper. Aamir sees that his brother is dead as James points a gun at him. He then takes off leaving James to deal with a bloody mess.

Christine is on the Peacekeeping Envoy Boat headed foe Sainte Marina where she'll finally be reunited with Sam. By her side is Paul Wells, who believes she's planning to leave her husband to be with him. A small diesel submarine is keeping pace with the envoy boat as hides itself directly beneath it. On the island, Sam gets a message from Kylie Sinclair. She lets him know that Christine is on the boat headed his way. She also says that the helmet cam footage the Navy SEALS have from their mission in Pakistan could expose the truth behind the attack. Sam needs to find the memory cards and give them to Christine.

Armed men from the sub below the boat storm the ship. Their leader is Aamir, the same Pakistani soldier who was with James in the safe house. BANG! Aamir shoots the captain dead when he won't provide the passenger manifest. Rena is a news reporter who advices Christine to hide just before offering Aamir the means to let the entire world hear his demands. A general in India has mobilized troops to storm the Pakistan border. Admiral Safir boards the Colorado to let Marcus know that he is to fire a nuke at those invading his country. BANG! Aamir shoots a hostage dead to prove they are serious. Marcus has 30 minutes before someone else dies.

The Secretary of Defense lets Marcus know that a SEAL team is an hour away. That's not good enough. Marcus takes the Colorado to launch depth. He inserts his firing key. Marcus wants half the hostages before he'll show Admiral Safir the second key. It's a bluff, as the other key needed to launch any missiles is still missing. Safir tries to convince Aamir to concede some hostages. BANG! Aamir kills another innocent woman in cold blood. The crew of the Colorado sees the horror unfold on TV. Cortez tries to keep them from falling apart even though she's doing so herself. She knows her captain is helpless to comply with the Pakistani demands since she's the sleeper agent who stole his launch key.

James is gearing up with his SEAL pals to infiltrate the envoy boat when Sam declares that he's going with them. They make their way onto the boat and try to get into position. Aamir is preparing to shoot the reporter until she lets him know that wife of the Executive Officer of the Colorado is onboard. Sam sees Christine as she steps out of the crowd. He wants to shoot Aamir if he makes a move, but the rest of the team isn't in position yet. Thankfully, Paul steps forward to try to negotiate. BANG! Aamir shoots him. Christine rushes to him. She lets him know that he saved her. Paul tells her about a man in DC named Lucas Bender. Christine kisses him before he dies in his arms.

Grace makes her way to the captain's quarters to radio Sam that they are running out of time. She's caught off guard at the sight of the second launch key dangling in a hook in plain sight. On the Conn, Safir says Christine is dead unless they fire on the invaders from India. Marcus tells him that he can't. Then, suddenly, he can. Grace inserts the second launch key. She lets her captain know they are ready to launch on his order. Marcus is stunned at what has just transpired. He orders the missile doors to be opened. He then lets Aamir know that he is prepared to fire, but not at the invaders. He'll be attacking on Aamir's hometown unless all hostages are released in two minutes.

As the U.S. SEAL team sent by the Defense Secretary nears the ship, Sam and his SEALS make their move. BANG! BANG! BANG! One by one, the hostage takers are taken out. James shoots Aamir dead. The third SEAL on Sam's team, Fisher, scoops up Christine. He knows she's his ticket home, so he delivers her to the other SEAL team. Sam, James and Hopper have no choice but to bug out. Speaking of bugging out, the invading forces from India retreat. Marcus orders the missile doors on the Colorado to be closed. He then places both launch keys around his neck.

Kylie gets ticked at a family party when her brother's pal starts pontificating about how those on the Colorado are traitors. She sees on the news that they are saying that Marcus was content to allow the slaughter of his crew's families. Kylie's father lets his despondent daughter know that she's better than the rest of the family. He can trust her because he knows she cares.

On Sainte Marina, Grace lets Marcus know that she didn't take his firing key. He'll have to trust her on that one. Marcus lets Grace know that there's a CIA mole on the crew working against him. If it's not her, then she needs to find out who it is. Later, Sam lets Marcus know that he's leaving the island. He's going to find Christine. James convinces Hopper to dig up the memory cards from the helmet cams. It's time for them to come clean. Marcus and Sam are an attentive audience as James prepares to tell them the story of what really happened on the day they all first met.






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