Last Resort

Episode 1.10 : Blue Water

  • Last Resort
    • Episode Premiere : December 13, 2012
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Sam knows he has four days max to find Christine before she's tossed in an isolated bunker somewhere on the planet. He heads to Manila where James has a contact, Wes, who lives in a modest home with his wife and son, Charlie. This former SEAL has been off the grid for awhile, so he's a little ticked at James for bringing Public Enemy #2 into his home.

Wes reluctantly agrees to help Sam. He provides the name of a local thug who knows about all the shady dealings in Manila. Sam heads off to a casino to have a chat with the guy. He learns that his wife is being held in an abandoned warehouse. Sam and James storm the place and rescue Christine, who assures her husband that nothing happened been her and Paul Wells. In other news, James recognizes a local mercenary in town. He lets Sam know that there's a $5 million bounty on his head.

Sam lets Christine know that Wes is going to take him to the airport while he goes back to the island. This is not something his wife wants, but she may not have a choice. A team of mercenaries storm the area. Sam and James hold them off in a dangerous firefight. Wes is looking to escape with Christine in a van when... BOOM! The van explodes. It's an inferno. Sam is devastated. James kills the last mercenary, but more trouble is on the way. He convinces a still-reeling Sam to flee before it gets there.

The embargo on Sainte Marina has eradicated most of the food and medical supplies. Mr. Zheng is a special envoy from the People's Republic of China. He comes to the island to assist in what his government is calling a humanitarian crisis. Grace briefs Marcus on how the negotiations will go in what she believes is a Trojan horse play by China. Zheng offers food and supplies. All he wants in return is the good PR that comes with their alliance. Grace knows there are always strings attached.

Prosser has been MIA for close to a week. He's been go through the vials of fentanyl Serrat gave him for the pain of his badly burned feet. He's hooked. When Prosser returns, Grace nurses him through a rough night. She has no idea he's using. In other news, Serrat also offers Marcus supplies through his contacts with pirates. A shaking, sweating Prosser watches their unfruitful exchange from afar.

Petty Officer Hawkes returns to the camp to mourn the loss of his sister, who was killed during the hostage crisis in "Cinderella Liberty." He had previously deserted Grace in combat, so Marcus has no choice but to arrest him. A short time later, Hawkes makes an unsuccessful suicide attempt. The island prison is overfilled with sailors. Marcus orders all prisoners to draw straws. The two sailors who draw the short straws are to be lashed while the rest return to their duties.

Hawkes steps forward as the first man to be lashed. Petty Officer Josh Brannan volunteers to be the second, as he was never punished for putting the crew in danger. Marcus is sorry that it has come to this, but there will no longer be a brig for the Colorado crew. There will no longer be criminals-only crimes and punishment. Prosser knows that he needs to be the one to administer the lashings. He prepares to do so as Hawkes stares stoically at Marcus.

Hopper surprises Kylie Sinclair at her place. He'll give her the helmet cam video of their mission in Pakistan if she gives him $6 million. Half the money is for him, the rest is for James so they can both disappear. Kylie's ex, Robert, approaches the two of them in a diner. He says they could be the tipping point of a coup d'etat that's being organized. He wants to show them what he's talking about.

Marcus makes the deal with Zheng for his assistance though he will never be allowed aboard the Colorado. He will, however, be allowed to stay on the island. Sam and James return to Sainte Marina to find a Chinese flag flapping in the wind in the village. Back in Manila, Wes is very much alive after the explosion. He's not the only one. Christine is being held captive in a back room of his house. Wes says he's just doing what has to do to take care of his family.






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