House M.D. Episode 6.10 Wilson
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House M.D. Episode 6.10 Wilson

Episode Premiere
Nov 30, 2009
Production Company
Heel and Toe, Shore Z, Bad Hat Harry
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Episode Premiere
Nov 30, 2009
2004 - 2012
Production Co
Heel and Toe, Shore Z, Bad Hat Harry
Fox TV
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Lesli Linka Glatter
David Foster
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Joshua Malina
  • Marnette Patterson
  • Katherine LaNasa
  • Jessica Whitaker
  • Willie C. Carpenter
  • Robert Katims
  • Gil Espinoza
  • Anna Khaja
  • Marisa Tayui

Wilson is woken up early to the sound of House jamming on the guitar in his living room. Later that day, Wilson goes on his annual hunting trip with his old friend, Tucker. They celebrate Tucker's cancer-free life after Wilson treated him years ago. Tucker prepares to shoot at a chemotherapy bag but his arm spasms and he goes limp. Tucker asks if he is having a stroke. Wilson does not know.

As Tucker is being treated in the ER, Wilson mistakes Tucker's much younger girlfriend Ashley for his teenaged daughter, Emily. There is no sign of a stroke and it does not seem to be a recurrence of cancer. Wilson notices a cold sore on Ashley's lip and realizes that the virus called Tansverse Myelitis could have infected Tucker. He plans to treat him with acyclovir.

Proud of his new diagnostic skills, Wilson locates House in a procedure room where the team is trying to treat an obese Hispanic man complaining of severe stomach pains. House announces that Tucker has cancer. He looked at the file and challenges Wilson to a bet on it. He doesn't think Wilson can be objective enough to give a friend a diagnosis.

Wilson's next patient of the day is an older man undergoing chemotherapy. He sees that the patient is despondent and not bragging about his grandchildren like he usually does. When Wilson returns to Tucker, he finds that Tucker's foot is tingling, which means that the medication is not working. He reassures Tucker that he does not have cancer. Tucker asks Wilson to call his daughter. She is not speaking to him because he is dating Ashley. As he makes the call from the nurse's station, Cuddy approaches Wilson and tells him that she is looking for a new home with Lucas. Behind them, a gurney with House's patient rushes by.

Tucker's daughter Emily and ex-wife Melissa visit. Tucker has a cough that worsens, which causes Wilson to declare a code blue and call for a crash cart. Wilson enters House's office to find the team relaxing. The patient with the stomach ache had been on a "popcorn diet" and the fumes scarred his lungs. Since House is absent, Wilson asks them for advice about Tucker's diagnosis. Thirteen suggests a fungal infection.

Wilson tells Tucker he will need surgery to treat the fungus. Tucker turns to Ashley, who is not equipped to handle the situation. Melissa takes control of the decision-making. Wilson stops by another patient's room to find House playing video games in the bathroom. Cuddy comes by to tell Wilson about the loft she found, unaware that House is listening.

Wilson preps Tucker for surgery to be performed by Chase. House joins Wilson in the viewing gallery and brings up the subject of Cuddy moving in with Lucas. Chase announces that Tucker has global lung damage, and not a fungal infection. This means PCP pneumonia.

House tells Wilson that Tucker has cancer, so he wants his winning bet money. Wilson gives Tucker and his family the news that he has a second leukemia in the brain caused by the original chemotherapy. Wilson brings him to begin his treatment, but House and the team rush in to take the room from them.

Wilson checks on Tucker after his first round of chemo and finds that it is not effective. House advises Wilson that his idea of doubling the chemo dosage is very dangerous. Tucker's family thinks he should try anything to keep him alive. The chemo treatment is successful, but Wilson notices that Tucker's eyes are yellow. Wilson has Taub and Thirteen run tests to confirm that Tucker's liver is failing and he will need a new one.

Wilson tells Tucker he has a day to live, and he is at the top of the transplant list. House informs Wilson that a potential donor has come in to the ER, but the man's sister refuses to allow the donation. Wilson and House wait outside the sister's house to talk to her. They discuss the situation with Cuddy. When they speak with the sister, who is Japanese, they learn that she does not want to defile his dead body. House explains that her brother is just brain dead so he technically is alive. Yet Wilson gets a message that the liver is no longer viable to transplant.

When Wilson brings the bad news to him, Tucker gets angry and blames Wilson. Tucker wants Wilson to donate his own liver. Later, Wilson returns home to find House waiting and he tells him about Tucker's request. House reprimands to not be a doormat. Wilson snaps at House to get out.

Wilson shows his depressed older patient the spot they found on his lung because of his hunch that something else was wrong. Cuddy mentions to Wilson that her bid on the loft was turned down. He tells her he wants to donate part of his liver to Tucker in order to save him.

Wilson asks House to be in the operating room with him. House says no, because if Wilson dies, then he will be all alone. As Wilson undergoes anesthesia for surgery, he sees House watching from the gallery. House sticks by Wilson as he recuperates.

Wilson stops by to find Tucker recovering and packing to leave the hospital. Although he was happy to have his family back together, Tucker wants to be with his young girlfriend Ashley. House asks Wilson if he is angry about that. Wilson says he is disappointed. House advises him to sometimes allow himself to be angry.

Wilson phones Cuddy's realtor. He goes with House to the loft apartment that Cuddy had wanted. Wilson puts an offer on the place that is much higher than Cuddy's. Since Cuddy hurt House, then Wilson is going to punish her for it.