House M.D. Episode 6.08 Teamwork
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House M.D. Episode 6.08 Teamwork

Episode Premiere
Nov 16, 2009
Production Company
Heel and Toe, Shore Z, Bad Hat Harry
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Episode Premiere
Nov 16, 2009
2004 - 2012
Production Co
Heel and Toe, Shore Z, Bad Hat Harry
Fox TV
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David Straiton
Eli Attie
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Troy Garity
  • Jennifer Crystal Foley
  • Paul Hayes
  • Deborah Quayle
  • Ben Giroux

Adult film actor Hank Hardwick passes out on set, suffering from eye pain. Meanwhile, in their apartment, Cameron tells Chase that she will stand by him, despite what he did to Dibala. She thinks they both need to leave the hospital and start over.

House wants to take on the porn star case instead of the one Foreman presents to the team. When Cuddy brings House his reinstated medical license, he's now back in charge. Cameron and Chase enter to announce that they are leaving immediately. House begins to order tests on the patient, but he realizes that Foreman is the only one left on the team.

While getting the patient history, Foreman learns that Hank's wife is also an adult film star and that he lives a clean lifestyle. Hank's arm muscles contract with muscle spasms, which Foreman thinks is tetany. Foreman thinks Cerebral vasculitis would explain the symptoms, so House has him run the test.

House surprises Taub at his plastic surgery office. House not only wants him to return, but he asks for a consult on Hank's case. Taub declines the offer but suggests the patient may have a brain problem. House then pays the same visit to Thirteen, who also rejects his offer of work but thinks Hank has a multi-focal issue.

Foreman finds Chase and Cameron cleaning out their lockers and asks for their help on the case before they leave. Cameron thinks Hank could have a severe vitamin D deficiency, so Chase will treat Hank with UV light. As Hank is in a phototherapy booth, his nose starts bleeding. Chase notices that Hank's leg is covered with a blotchy red rash called Petechial hemorrhages.

When the team reports this to House, Cameron snaps at him. She suggests that Hank could have a blood infection called Meningococcemia. House says to treat Hank with antibiotics. House questions Cameron's reaction about Chase lying, but she believes that House is only trying to ruin her marriage. Meanwhile, Chase administers the medications to Hank as they discuss relationships. Hank has a fever despite being on antibiotics.

House returns to Taub's office as a fake patient to get more consultation on his patient. Taub suggests that that antibiotics would not work if Hank's sinuses are infected and clogged. As Chase surgically drains Hank's nasal cavities, House goads him about why Cameron would forgive him.

Foreman goes to a cafe to try to persuade Thirteen to come back to the team. Meanwhile, Wilson asks Cuddy about House and urges her to speak to him. Cuddy is tired of looking out for House. Later, Cuddy discusses the situation with Lucas and it brings them closer together.

While Hank is sedated, Chase asks Cameron why she forgave him. She replies that it is because Chase feels remorse. Hank stirs and complains about his stomach, which is bloated and filled with fluid. His liver is failing. The team discusses this symptom, and Chase mentions that the inflammation could actually be sclerosing cholangoitis on Hank's bile ducts. This could cause blood damage leading to small strokes and liver damage. In order to keep Chase onboard, House continues to push him about Cameron, suggesting that she really blames House for creating the toxic environment that influenced Chase.

House goes to Thirteen's gym to convince her to come back instead of working at a community health clinic.

Cameron tells Hank that he needs a liver transplant but, because of his line of work, probably won't be considered. Chase performs an ERCP on Hank, guiding a scope down to the common bile duct. He and Foreman see that the liver is filled with worms, known as stongyloides. Hank is given two mebendazole pills.

Cameron stops by Cuddy's office to explain why she is leaving. Then Chase catches Lucas snooping through his medical files in the lounge. He is trying to find out what is going on so that Cuddy won't be miserable if House loses his whole team.

Hank coughs up fluid from his lungs. Foreman considers that Hank has lymphoma. House tells them to fax an update to Taub and Thirteen, which causes Cameron to lose her cool. Chase takes her for a walk, and she admits that she is angry with him but doesn't want to leave him. Chase says that he would not change what he did.

House confides in Wilson about getting the old team back. Wilson tells House that the reason he wants his old team back is because he is comfortable with them.

As Foreman and Chase administer chemo to Hank, they notice that he is urinating blood. He then goes into cardiac arrest and starts bleeding out. The team struggles with the latest development. Foreman throws out aleukemic leukemia. House says to ablate the patient's bone marrow. The team reacts at this assignment since it could kill Hank.

House sends faxes to Taub and Thirteen. Chase tells House that he wants to stay with the team. Thirteen is offered a job at the clinic, but takes a peek at the fax sent to her. Taub also turns his attention to the fax in his office trashcan.

Hank is prepped for ablation. House takes an urgent call from Taub and Thirteen. They have figured out that the worms in Hank's body were treating his extraintestinal Chrohn's disease. Since Hank led such a clean lifestyle, his immune system started attacking itself. He can be treated with helminthes (worms). Taub and Thirteen want to return to the team.

Chase tells Cameron that he wants to stay with House. She confronts House, and says she was in love with him. She can't believe that House knew what was wrong with Hank but used it to bait his old team into returning. This almost let Hank die. Cameron accuses him of playing God and poisoning Chase's morals. Cameron walks away from House.

House visits Wilson's office to announce that he got three of the four in the team to come back.

Thirteen brings Hank the glass of worms. She catches Foreman's eye. Taub tells his wife about the job. Cameron leaves Chase in their apartment. House watches as Cuddy and Lucas leave the hospital together.