House M.D. Episode 6.06 Brave Heart
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House M.D. Episode 6.06 Brave Heart

Episode Premiere
Oct 19, 2009
Production Company
Heel and Toe, Shore Z, Bad Hat Harry
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Episode Premiere
Oct 19, 2009
2004 - 2012
Production Co
Heel and Toe, Shore Z, Bad Hat Harry
Fox TV
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Matt Shakman
Lawrence Kaplow
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Alexandra Barreto
  • Samuel Carman
  • Jack Impellizzeri
  • Richard King
  • Briana Venskus
  • Marcos Toji
  • Samantha Colburn
  • Sanjay Madhav
  • Taira Soo

Police detective Donny Comson and his partner chase a suspect through the streets. Donny jumps from a rooftop to catch the criminal, but falls thirty feet to the ground. He is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro's ER with broken bones. His partner mentions that Donny acts recklessly because he has resigned himself to his fate of dying at the age of 40 like the other men in his family. Cameron suggests that he see House.

Tired of House sleeping on his sofa, Wilson offers to turn his study into another bedroom. House notes that the study is basically a shrine to Amber.

The team urges House to take on Donny's case. Meanwhile, Chase starts to have traumatic memories of Dibala.

Cuddy asks House what his plans are. If he stays, he has to complete 120 hours of rounds for reinstatement. As they examine the skeletal remains of Donny's father and grandfather, Foreman senses that Chase is troubled over Dibala.

A woman enters House's office and introduces herself as Cheryl, Donny's former girlfriend. Although she doesn't want to see him, she is there because they have a son that Donny doesn't know about. She is afraid that their son Michael has inherited whatever Donny's condition is.

That night, House tries to sleep in his new bedroom filled with mementos of Amber. He hears whispers.

Cameron preps to administer a bone marrow biopsy to Donny's son, Michael. He does not know about his father and opts to not go through with it. Cameron thinks Cheryl should tell him the truth about Donny.

While on rounds, House messes around with patients and the other med students.

Cheryl tells Donny about their son. Donny does not want to meet him. He never wanted kids because he feared abandoning them like he was as a child. The team discusses the test results that indicate Donny is healthy. House lies to Donny that he is suffering from a fake disease called "Ortoli Syndrome." House says he can be discharged.

House tells a distracted Chase to get counseling in order to deal with the Dibala incident.

That night, House hears voices again. Foreman comes to Wilson's apartment to inform House that Donny died. House feels terrible. Meanwhile, Chase wakes up Cameron. He wants to tell Cheryl about Donny in person.

Foreman and House begin to perform the autopsy on Donny. When they cut into him, he bleeds and then screams. Donny is alive. The team is in shock. House orders them to check out places other than his heart. Donny probably suffers from an autoimmune problem.

After House hears whispers at work, he has his hearing checked. When it's found to be fine, he thinks he's losing his mind. House tells Cuddy that he is not ready to be a doctor. Wilson comes home to find House back on the couch. Fearing the onset of whispers, House is cranky towards him.

Cameron tells Donny that he was declared dead. He complains of jaw pain. When he's not allowed to have any more pain medication, he finds an instrument and pulls out his tooth himself.

A dentist confirms that Donny's tooth was fine. Without House not returning to the hospital that night, the team debates whether Donny could have bone cancer.

House does not hear whispering while he is in Wilson's living room, but when he looks around the second bedroom, he can hear it. House discovers that the sounds are coming from a vent on the floor. He traces the mumbling to Wilson's room, where he finds Wilson in his bed pretending to talk with Amber. House feels for his friend. The next morning, House tells Wilson that he is hallucinating in the hopes that Wilson will confess his imaginary conversations. Wilson thinks that House is making fun of him, but House asks why he doesn't talk to him instead. Wilson says he doesn't make him feel better -- a pretend conversation with Amber does.

Cameron confides in Foreman that she believes something is wrong with Chase. She also thinks that Foreman knows something. House, confident that he is not crazy, enters the hospital to let Cuddy know he's well enough to return to work.

Donny does not have bone cancer and House thinks he has a brain problem that causes nerve damage. House finds Chase napping and tells him to go do his job. Chase treats Donny for the neuropathy and asks him about killing people. Donny loses control of his bowels. He is getting worse.

Chase attends confession and the priest advises him to go to the police. When Cuddy tells House she is sending in his licensing paperwork, House admits she makes him feel "funny" inside. He then realizes what is ailing the patient. Donny has an intercranial berry aneurism in his head that is like a self-destruct button. This is what killed the men in his family. With surgery, he and Michael will both be well. The two undergo the surgery, and look forward to a future relationship together.

Back in bed, House puts earplugs in so he doesn't hear Wilson. House tries conversing with his dead father, but he yells to Wilson that this doesn't work. This coerces Wilson to tell Amber that House is indeed getting better.

Late that night, Cameron is on the phone looking for Chase. He enters their apartment drunk but reveals nothing about what is going on with him. Cameron pulls away when Chase moves towards her.