House M.D. Episode 4.12 Don't Ever Change
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House M.D. Episode 4.12 Don't Ever Change

Episode Premiere
Feb 5, 2008
Production Company
Heel and Toe, Shore Z, Bad Hat Harry
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Episode Premiere
Feb 5, 2008
2004 - 2012
Production Co
Heel and Toe, Shore Z, Bad Hat Harry
Fox TV
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Deran Sarafian
Doris Egan, Leonard Dick
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Laura Silverman
  • Karen Strassman
  • Eyal Podell
  • Heather Joy Sher
  • Faye DeWitt
  • Yossi Mintz

At her Hasidic Orthodox wedding to Yonatan Arnoff, a woman named Roz Viner becomes ill. As she is lifted in a chair for a traditional Jewish wedding dance called the hora, she falls off and loses control of her bladder. She breaks her leg in the fall.

House approaches Wilson and presses him about dating Amber. Wilson tells him that they have been together for four months.

The Fellows wait for House in his office. Thirteen hands him Roz's file. In the midst of discussing the patient, the men on the team want to talk about Amber. Thirteen suggests that Roz has Endometriosis of the bladder. Kutner brings up carbolic acid poisoning.

Taub and Foreman go to Roz's apartment and find hard rock CDs that she served as a producer on. When they return to the hospital and ask her about them, Roz explains that she only converted to a Hasidic a few months ago. Although previously into drugs and sex, she has now reformed her ways.

Amber enters her own apartment to find House there. He wants to know if she using Wilson just to get to House.

Roz's condition has not changed and she tests negative for endometriosis or drugs. House thinks that her conversion to Hasidism six months prior is a sign of porphyria -- a rare genetic disorder that causes an over-production of certain proteins that contribute to mental problems.

Kutner tells Roz and her husband about House's theory. Yonatan asks Cuddy for a new doctor. Cuddy sees that the team has brought up the possibility of cryoglobulinemia, so she instructs them to treat her for that. Suddenly, Roz lapses into a hypoxic state. The team reviews the symptoms: bloody urine, no bladder control, altered mental status and dyspnea. Foreman suggests Wegener's, while House considers Lupus.

House goes to the restaurant where Wilson and Amber are on a date. Amber asks him to join them. She gets the maitre d' to seat them ahead of the other people waiting. House sees many of his own qualities in Amber. He questions whether Wilson is really in love with him instead. House runs out.

Roz undergoes a cardio stress test while Taub and Yonatan discuss marriage. Roz falls to the ground, crying in pain about an unbroken leg. House orders Foreman to do an MRI to look for blood clots in her leg. Foreman and Thirteen conduct a brain scan. Foreman claims Thirteen is bisexual.

House thinks Roz gets a form of pleasure from pain. He tells Foreman to restart her IV to cause her discomfort so that her reaction will show up in the brain scan. House is proved right, but Roz tells Thirteen that she had been praying. This could explain the brain activity. When Roz rises from the machine, her vital signs drop and she collapses.

Roz's vitals are stressed when they should not be, and the team tries to figure out why. It may be an electrical problem in her body. Roz gets her heart tested by Taub and Kutner. Although she is supposed to be sedated, Roz hears them talking.

Roz undergoes another test inside a chamber with rising heat to test her body function. She is not sweating in the heat. She starts shaking and has a seizure. Thirteen finds that Roz's body is freezing. The team ponders why her body is physically showing the opposite of what it is supposed to be doing. She could have Addison's and be in need of cortisol.

House asks Cuddy to sleep with Wilson in order to save him from Amber. Cuddy warns Wilson about the former Fellow.

Roz begins to feel better with cortisol but then she suddenly falls into shock. Thirteen inserts a syringe into a swollen area on Roz's abdomen. She is bleeding internally. Chase examines an MRA of Roz. She is not bleeding from the source of the problem. She will have to be opened up. Roz wants to wait until later that night, to spend one Shabbat with her new husband. This gives the team less time to diagnose her. Chase suggests to House that they "move" sundown earlier so that she can have her Shabbat in her room.

Amber comes to see House. He makes her an offer. If she can solve this case then she can return to Princeton-Plainsboro -- on the condition that she leaves Wilson. Amber turns him down.

The team impatiently waits for the Shabbat ceremony to end. House has Roz stand up and he holds her right abdomen. When he lets go, her vitals go haywire. He says that she has nephroptosis -- a "floating kidney." It was shaken loose during the hora dance and has been dropping ever since. She can have it reattached.

House finally concedes to Wilson about Amber. Wilson comes after him in the hospital lobby. He can't believe that House would approve of his relationship.