House M.D.

Episode 4.11 : Frozen

  • House M.D.
    • Episode Premiere : February 03, 2008
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2004 - 2012
    • Production Company: Heel and Toe, Shore Z, Bad Hat Harry
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

At an American base in the frozen South Pole, a man named Sean tries to fix an electrical generator system during a storm. He heads back to his station when a blade from one of the windmills snaps off and hits him in the leg. He radios for help. Dr. Cate Milton rushes through the snow to get him. Back inside, Cate attends to his wounded leg when suddenly she falls and doubles over in pain.

At Princeton-Plainsboro, Cuddy finds House in a comatose patient's room fumbling with the TV. He has been requested to treat Cate, who is an adjunct professor at the hospital but is located in the South Pole. Cuddy also informs him that cable is now available in rooms -- for a fee.

House and the team discuss the possible diagnoses of kidney stones or appendicitis. He presents a box in which the contents are the only supplies that Cate has available to her. House goes to Cameron and urges her to press her budget committee to reinstall free cable in patients' rooms. House sends Taub, Kutner and Thirteen to annoy Cameron in the Emergency Room. They tell her that they are staying there until House gets his cable TV restored.

House and Foreman talk with Cate over teleconference. She has a plastic jug filled with water and an egg hanging on a wire ring with a flaw detector to produce sound waves. Cate performs the sound wave procedure and the egg splatters. Foreman asks her to do a chem 7 test to check her kidney function. House tells her to administer cefuroxime to herself in the meantime.

Foreman informs Cate that her kidney function is declining. House notices that she has not been taking the medicine. She wants to save the limited supply that is at the base. Cate breathes heavily. Foreman and House can see that her neck veins are distended. Her lung is collapsing. They instruct her to stab herself in the chest with a syringe to inflate her lung.

Cate resorts to using an oxygen mask to breathe. Foreman covers the webcam microphone and says aside to House that she may have cancer. House tells Cate this, and asks her to x-ray her whole body, since that's the only imaging equipment on the base. She takes the images of herself. Wilson and House examine the slides and find a lymph node enlarged in her chest. They need to do a biopsy and find a stain. House realizes that Wilson is unusually wearing a lavender shirt. It's for someone in particular.

House speaks to Cate online from his apartment. She resists taking her clothes off for an examination because he's alone at home. She asks to get a look at his place and he moves the webcam around to show her. Cate analyzes him. Meanwhile, as Foreman and Wilson search for a dye to use in the biopsy, they remark how Cate is perfect for House.

House guides Cate in finding the lymph node in her body. She detects a swollen one in her stomach. Wilson and House supervise her biopsy of the node. She inserts a needle into her belly. Wilson is quick to notice that House is weirdly kind to Cate, and he senses that House has feelings for her.

House asks Wilson who he is going to meet for lunch. Cameron tells House that she has resigned from the budget committee. Thirteen, Taub and Kutner remain waiting for House in the Emergency Room. He enters with a stack of fliers that have Cameron's phone number listed below a headline for free puppies. House wants the team to get Cameron to make an error in the ER so that she can be blackmailed for cable TV.

Cate has put the biopsy into red wine. Wilson looks through her microscope at the image. He assures her that she does not have cancer. Yet she still is in pain. Her kidneys are failing.

Once again, House talks to Cate over webcam from his apartment. He thinks she may have autoimmune diseases SLE or vasculitis, and wants her to start on prednisone. She wants proof before she takes the medication.

Back in the office, Foreman suggests that Cate go outside to cool the inflammation. House has taken Wilson's wallet. Yet Wilson comments that House only took his receipts and left the cash.

To test for autoimmunity, Cate must drop a paper clip in a test tube of her blood. If she does have it, her cells will enlarge. House talks to Cate again later that night from his home.

The next day at the hospital, Cuddy tells House and Foreman that she was forced to fire Cameron for a mistake in the ER. House thinks Cuddy is lying. Cate appears on the webcam. Her test is negative. Foreman wants her to try going outside in the cold temperature. House insists that she take the prednisone but she passes out in a coma. House pushes Wilson to reveal his new girlfriend's name.

House gets Sean to drink Cate's urine. A strong taste means that there is a kidney problem, but if it's watery then the problem is in the brain. House realizes Sean in love with Cate.

House confronts Taub about whether Cameron was really fired. Taub admits that it is a lie. House lectures his Fellows to not play games with him. They need to pay for his cable.

Sean tastes Cate's urine and finds that it is watery. She may have increased intracranial pressure or a hypothalamus malfunction. Sean will need to drill into her skull. Since he's not a doctor, Foreman and House walk him through the procedure.

Cate regains consciousness. The team tries to come up with reasons for the symptoms. Kutner suggest fat emboli clotting her blood flow. House says this is impossible unless she has an un-repaired broken bone. He realizes that he did not see her feet during the exam because he let her keep her socks on. Her big toe is broken. Bits of bone marrow have been leaking into her blood stream. Cate is surprised because her toe does not hurt. Sean pulls the toe to fix the broken bone. He and Cate embrace as she thanks House.

Wilson is waiting for his date in a restaurant when House arrives to badger him about the date's identity. House turns to see Amber -- the "cutthroat bitch" former Fellow. She greets Wilson with a kiss. House is shocked.






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