Guys with Kids

Episode 1.16 : Rare Breed

  • Guys with Kids
    • Episode Premiere : February 20, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: NBC Universal Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Gary is holding his "Wrapkin" launch party in Nick and Emily's kitchen. Marny is disturbed by how great his company website looks. If this whole Wrapkin idea actually takes off, who's going to watch the kids? She doesn't think he can do both at the same time. A self-acknowledged rare breed, Gary accepts her challenge to prove her wrong. Meanwhile, Nick and Emily are going crazy from a hidden toy that keeps shouting "yippity-doo!"

Chris comes back from a stay at his parents and vents to Nick about how overbearing they are; Chris tells them it's because he's an only child. Sheila enters in a panic. She's just discovered Ernie can't scribble, and she's worried there's something wrong with him. After all, Freddie's scribbling, and his dad Chris is a moron. She goes on: if Ernie can't scribble, he won't get into a good preschool, which means he'll be placed in a poor grade school, and his chances at Yale are pretty much over. Chris and Sheila agree they need to get Ernie help, stat.

Gary and Nick work to sell his Wrapkins to various baby stores around town. On one sales call, Gary and Nick work a ruse. Nick acts like a wealthy customer in need of a product the stores don't have, and Gary "coincidentally" interrupts the conversation to talk about his Wrapkin. It works. Gary returns home; while he realizes that it's a great day for his business, he knows he's in over his head trying to balance work and fatherhood. Emily's been watching his kids all day, and refuses to continue being his babysitter. After all, Gary told Marny he was "a rare breed" who could do it all himself. Gary is too stubborn to wave the flag of surrender just yet.

A child psychologist tells Chris and Sheila that Ernie is completely fine. They just need to give him some space and stop over-reacting; they're sure there's something bigger that's wrong with their son. Meanwhile, Gary continues to do a terrible job juggling work and parenting. Gary pays Yoda and Clark to cover up about his recent failures, since he doesn't want Marny to have the satisfaction of knowing she's right. But when Gary leaves the twins in the elevator, Marny finds them and everyone knows Gary's in over his head.

Gary promises to let the Wrapkin business go. He then tells her that of course it will make him sad to not be able to rent the summerhouse in Nantucket that Marny's always dreamed of. Excited about the vision Gary's painted, Marny insists he continue on with the business. She'll hire a babysitter. Gary reluctantly agrees, but worries he may miss out on some of the twins' firsts, like walking and talking. Come on, she says, what are the odds?

The hidden, obnoxious toy has become too much for Nick and Emily to handle. They're losing it. Chris enters the apartment with Ernie, hoping Freddie will teach his baby how to scribble. When Nick confronts Chris about his overzealous parenting, Chris realizes he's becoming a worse version of his parents. He approaches Sheila with an idea - what if they had another child to help spread the burden of their parenting across two kids?

With a new babysitter helping watch the kids, Marny is shocked when Robbie begins to takes his first steps. Of course, Gary is out on a sales call. This is exactly the thing he was afraid might happen. Afraid of losing her Nantucket dream, Marny pays off her two older kids to keep quiet as she tries to reenact Robbie's first steps when Gary gets home. After some initial excitement, Gary soon realizes the boys are lying. He doesn't want to miss anymore of his kids' lives. Marny and Gary come up with a solution - he'll hire someone to look after his business while he enjoys life as a stay-at-home dad.

Sheila's had a change of heart. She visits Chris' apartment and agrees to have another child with him, for Ernie's sake. But, she insists, their bodies won't actually touch this time. They'll visit a lab. Chris is all for that idea, as he's already "served his time." Nevertheless, he's ecstatic about the big news. A strung-out Nick and Emily finally realize the hidden toy is actually a novelty bottle opener his mother gave him once. They've been blaming Violet all along and feel terrible. But, not wanting to lose their authority, they agree to let her off the hook sometime years down the line. They're great parents.






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