Guys with Kids

Episode 1.12 : Marny's Dad

  • Guys with Kids
    • Episode Premiere : January 09, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: NBC Universal Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Marny and Gary's family is excited: Marny's parents are coming for an extended visit. The kids get haircuts, fresh flowers are put out and everyone tidies up. But then Marny drops a bomb: only her father will be visiting this time. Gary falls into a panic; he gets along great with Marny's mom but her dad had always been gruff and unapproachable. Marny assures him that her dad's got a tough demeanor but is actually a sweetheart.

Nick and Emily are eager to hear about Chris' recent date the other day. Awkwardly, Chris explains that his date bailed so he ended up taking Sheila; Nick and Emily are shocked. They need to find Chris a new girlfriend and soon. They get to work: Emily will match Chris with her friend Jess from spin class, while Nick will set him up with Erica from work. Chris will go on identical dates with the two and see which he likes better. Nick and Emily will observe the dates, grading the prospects on an intricate point system.

At Sunday night dinner, Marny's dad, otherwise known as The Judge, is a hit with all the kids, allowing them to feel the bullet lodged in his leg. Gary does his best to get along, but he's still incredibly nervous, coming across as awkward and tongue-tied. The Judge hits it off with Nick and Chris, telling them he greatly respects their roles as professional, hard-working fathers. When the guys tell him that Gary's a great guy too, The Judge admits he just doesn't see Gary as much of a man.

Nick and Chris tell Marny and Gary about their conversation. Marny's shocked; Gary's convinced it's because The Judge doesn't respect a stay-at-home dad. He'd like to see The Judge juggle four kids for even 10 minutes! Gary and Marny make a plan to put her dad in charge of the kids. The following night, Nick and Emily go on a double date with Jess and Chris. Emily gloats when the date seems to be going well - but things quickly head downhill when Jess reveals her obsession with cats and Renaissance fairs.

The next day, Gary and Marny set their plan into action. While Marny is at work, Gary tells The Judge he must head to the store for a while. Before he goes, Gary secretly encourages Clark and Yoda to go on their worst behavior. When Gary returns he sees Clark and Yoda quietly sitting next to their grandpa, listening to him tell a story. He's in disbelief. Gary finally approaches his father-in-law. It turns out The Judge isn't disdainful of Gary for being a stay-at-home dad; he's harboring a grudge for never having been asked for his blessing before Gary proposed to Marny. He tells Gary he feels disrespected and then heads off to his hotel. When Marny hears the story, she's furious. She was the one who forbade Gary to ask her father for her hand in marriage; she hates the idea of being sold off like a goat!

Meanwhile, Nick and Emily are out again, this time with Chris and Erica. The date seems to be going well until Chris asks Erica if she'd like to see "Book of Mormon." She declines, explaining that she's at a point in her life where she has to get serious about the men she's seeing and not waste any time; apparently, Chris is too hairy for her taste. Nick is distraught.

Retracing his steps, Gary invites The Judge over to the apartment, pours him a glass of cognac and turns on Outkast's "Hey Ya." His plan is to turn the clocks back to 2002, the year he fell in love with the beautiful and brainy Marny. Eloquently, he asks The Judge for permission to wed his daughter, but The Judge says no. Gary can't believe what he's hearing. Marny, sizing up what's happened, finally explains to her father why Gary didn't ask his permission before proposing. Marny apologizes to her father for hurting him, but reminds him that as old-fashioned as he is, he raised his daughters to be strong and independent, and she loves him for that. The Judge realizes that by not telling him the truth about what happened, Gary put Marny's feelings first and The Judge respects that. It's not quite a breakthrough, but it is a start. Meanwhile, when Chris goes to pick up Ernie from Sheila's, Sheila assures him not to give up on dating. Yes, it's hard, but one day he'll find someone who truly loves him.






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