Guys with Kids

Episode 1.13 : Me Time

  • Guys with Kids
    • Episode Premiere : January 30, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: NBC Universal Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Marny comes home after a trying day and is immediately set upon by the kids and Gary. The kids want to visit their mom and Gary just wants some adult company. He insists on Marny telling him the details of her day, right down to the type of sandwich she had for lunch. But Marny's exhausted and just wants to decompress. She really doesn't care to share the mundane details of her life at the moment.

Emily and Nick excitedly announce that Cagney's pub, their local watering hole, has taken their suggestion and is starting a trivia contest. Chris and even Sheila are eager to get involved. While Nick bristles at the notion of being on a team with Sheila, she can't wait to come aboard. She's even got a team name already: Let's Get Quizzical.

Chris and Nick catch up with Marny in the elevator. She's reveals that she's a little disappointed they got in with her, explaining to them that the one minute elevator ride sometimes feels like her only alone time. She'd like to ask Gary for a little personal time, but she thinks it would hurt his feelings. Nick and Chris are sympathetic. Nick explains to Marny that she just needs to take her alone time - even if it means sneaking it in and keeping it from her spouse.

The trivia night is underway. Sheila and Nick are killing it - and even developing a grudging appreciation for each other. Conversely, Emily and Chris are not killing it. Their answers are so consistently off that Nick and Sheila devise ways to keep them from answering. But it's no use: the first round ends and Let's Get Quizzical has lost to rival team No Quizness like Show Quizness. Nick and Sheila are determined not to let it happen again.

Out walking the kids, Gary notices Marny working out on a gym treadmill; she had told him she was working late. Back in his apartment, Gary reveals to Chris and Nick how hurt he is that Marny would lie to him. Nick knows there's a storm brewing, but doesn't come clean that he was the one who suggested to Marny that she sneak in some me time. Marny arrives home and Gary confronts her. Marny explains that she went to the gym because she wants to look good for her husband. As to why she lied about it, she tells Gary she was just protecting him. She figured he'd feel obligated to go to the gym, too. Gary responds that he loves the gym - and suggests that they get a sitter and go together. Off to the gym they go. But to Marny's disappointment, Gary wants to work out with her; the concept of alone at the gym is lost. She sends Gary off to get her some water and then calls Nick for advice. Nick tells her to fake an injury. She feigns a hamstring pull and Gary is right there to help take her to the locker room to ice it down. Back in the apartment, Gary continues to dote on Marny, fetching ice and even calling an acupuncturist to make a house call. He's clearly overdoing it. Marny knows she's in trouble. Driving a mobility scooter through the apartment building lobby, she tells Nick it's all his fault.

The next trivia night gets underway at Cagney's. Worried about losing again, Sheila and Nick both hide news of the contest from Sheila and Chris. As they prepare, Sheila convinces Nick they should make the contest interesting by wagering their opponent that whoever loses will be banned forever from the bar. No Quizness like Show Quizness agrees. But as the tournament gets underway, Chris and Emily realize they've been duped into staying home. They rush to the bar.

Marny finally comes clean with Gary, explaining that she faked the leg injury to get some "me time." She apologizes and Gary seems to understand. She casually mentions that Nick gave her the idea to lie about it. Gary's incensed to find out his friend told his wife to lie to him. He heads off to Cagney's to have it out.

Working as a twosome, Nick and Sheila are on the cusp of a trivia victory against their rivals. As Sheila's about to answer the winning question, Chris swoops in and rings the answer bell, purposely giving a wrong answer. Emily does the same thing on the next question, sabotaging the team's chances. Finally Gary shows up. The final question is put before the teams, but neither side knows the answer. Gary does - and he marches over to the opposing team to give them the answer. Nick begs him not to - it means being banned from the bar forever - but Gary wants revenge on Nick for encouraging his wife to lie. Gary gives the correct answer on behalf of No Quizness like Show Quizness. Disgraced, Nick heads off.

The next day, Marny returns home from work, exhausted. She's set upon by the kids and Gary, only this time she knows she needs to make herself available and share her day with them. She tells Gary and the kids all about her lunch that day - even showing them a picture she took of her sandwich. Gary's a happy pappy.






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