Guys with Kids

Episode 1.14 : The Will

  • Guys with Kids
    • Episode Premiere : February 06, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: NBC Universal Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Gary's frazzled as he tries to get dinner ready. Clark and Yoda have broken the microwave and Gary's trying to thaw a chicken in a hurry by using Marny's hair dryer. Marny comes home and yells at Gary. Gary apologizes, then tries to clean off the hairdryer under running water - and quickly gives himself a nasty electric shock. He falls to the floor, but ultimately he's okay.

The electrocution incident shakes Mary and Gary. They wonder what would happen to their four kids if they both died; they realize they haven't updated their wills. After debating who would look after their children, they realize the only logical fit would be Nick and Emily. The next day, Gary and Marny sit Nick and Emily down to ask them to look after their kids, should the unthinkable happen. Emily, perhaps feeling a little vulnerable from the white wine she's drinking, immediately says yes. Everyone jumps up to hug - except Nick, who's not so sure this is a good idea. But he keeps the thought to himself and pops in for a group hug.

Chris is trying to teach little Ernie to high-five. Try as he might, Chris just can't get the little guy to slap him back. Nick and Gary stop by and notice that Chris is wearing a tank top; they kid him that he's trying to look sexy because he's about to meet the hot new nanny who Sheila's hired. Sheila arrives with Andy, the new nanny, Andy. Andy's hot alright, but he's a guy.

Back at their own apartment, Nick takes Emily to task for committing to look after Gary and Marny's kids. He explains that they've got their hands full with their own two kids. Emily realizes she may have made a mistake - but backing out of the agreement could cost them their friendship with Gary and Marny. They begin to brainstorm on behaviors they could pull off that might make Gary and Marny want to kill the idea.

Sheila, Ernie and Andy show up at Chris' apartment for a drop-off at Chris' place. Chris and Sheila trade their usual barbs. Adding insult to injury, as Andy hands Ernie off to Chris and says goodbye to the little guy, Ernie high-fives Andy. Chris's precious daddy first has been usurped by his ex-wife's new nanny! The next day, Chris has the guys meet him at the park where Andy's brought Ernie to play. The idea is to let the them see Andy at work so they can convince Sheila what a terrible fit Andy is as Ernie's nanny. Except that he's not. Not only does Ernie love Andy, Andy is able to get a reluctant Robbie, Gary's little boy, to burp. Andy's also repaired one of Ernie's favorite stuffed toys. The nanny can do no wrong.

Nick and Sheila invite Gary and Marny down to their apartment to beg off of the commitment they made. Nick tries to ease into it, but when Marny immediately shows concern, Nick panics and explains that the reason they can't take the kids is because Emily has a drinking problem. It's a shock for everyone (including, of course, Emily). Marny and Gary are sympathetic; Emily doesn't want to talk about it.

Later, at Chris' apartment, Marny, Gary, Sheila, Nick and Emily are visiting. Andy arrives with Ernie and is immediately set upon by the other kids. He offers to sing them a special song, taught to him by his grandmother. Chris has seen enough and grabs his guitar to offer his own song, an original. But he can't quite think of an original song and his riffs devolve into Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." Knowing he may have overstepped his bounds, Andy heads out.

Sheila heads over to the kitchen to pour a glass of wine. She offers some to Emily, who, trying to protect the social cover story of being an alcoholic politely refuses. Sheila casts a knowing stare and tells Emily she knows she's pregnant. Marny pulls Sheila aside and tells her not to force Emily to drink. Sheila says she knows - because Emily's pregnant. Suddenly there's a debate as to whether Emily's an alcoholic, pregnant or both. Even Nick is confused. Finally, Emily confesses to everyone why they put on the ruse. With Nick, she tells Gary and Marny that they just don't feel ready to look after their kids. Gary and Marny surprisingly understand. They tell Nick and Emily that they only asked them because they really are the best parents they know. Incredibly flattered, Emily says that they will agree to take the kids after all. There's another group hug.

Chris is sitting alone with Ernie when Sheila comes in to find out why he's so hostile to Andy. Chris just can't understand why Sheila couldn't just hire some ridiculously hot female nanny, like a normal person. He admits he feels threatened that there's another man in Ernie's life. Sheila tells him that there will almost certainly be other men in Ernie's life - but he'll always have just one dad: Chris. Chris gets it.






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