Guys with Kids

Episode 1.07 : The Bathroom Incident

  • Guys with Kids
    • Episode Premiere : October 31, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: NBC Universal Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Always looking to entertain themselves, the guys spend the afternoon at the driving range as their babies watch from their strollers. As usual, Nick's running low on diapers and is mooching off Chris. When Chris, who sticks to a strict schedule of naptime for Ernie, begins to head out, Nick tells him he needs to chill out and roll with life a little more. Later that day, the guys are relaxing on Nick's couch watching a game. Gary heads out with Emily, who's agreed to help him organize his apartment since Marny refuses to throw anything out. Gary claims that their drawer full of baby hair and lost teeth has enough stuff in it to make a whole other baby! They take off, and Nick and Chris begin to kick back. As they look around the apartment for the kids, they suddenly hear a click. Oops. Looks like Fred and Ernie have accidentally locked themselves in the bathroom.

At Gary's, Marny is less than thrilled with Emily and Gary's decluttering plan; Marny thinks that everything is fine. But the apartment is clearly in shambles, with random junk scattered across the floor. Emily promises Marny it's going to feel good to throw things out, although Marny could barely part with her old maternity clothes. When Emily puts Gary's old real estate binders in the garbage pile, he looks a little pained too. Downstairs, a panicked Chris is on the phone with the maintenance guy while Nick tries to coax the boys out of the bathroom with a feather. Gary rushes into the apartment to complain about Emily: she's throwing away all his old work stuff! Nick promises Gary that when she's in cleaning mode, she cannot be stopped. Not even by a Taser.

Gary begs Chris to store his stuff in the apartment, but Chris is too worried to think about anything other than Ernie. Nick breaks the knob off the bathroom door and expects it to swing open, but in true Nick fashion, he's made the problem even worse. The kids need to be fed, so Gary slides some string cheese in through the doorknob hole. However, it's dinner time, and Ernie needs his special meal; so Gary fetches a long contraption with a spoon attached to the end of it, and with Chris' deft skills, Gary slowly feeds Ernie his chicken vegetable medley through the door. When Ernie refuses to eat anymore, Chris convinces the guys to sing his magic song. It's Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" with some minor lyric changes: "I ate some food just to try it/I hope my tummy don't mind it." The trio a cappella group does their thing, and it works! Ernie eats his food.

As Gary rushes out to save the last of his cologne from being thrown out, Nick tells him that Emily cannot know about the bathroom situation. A couple of years ago, Violet also locked herself in there, and it turns out the mechanism on the bathroom lock has always been broken. Nick promised Emily he'd get the lock fixed, but forgot to do it. Stressed out, Gary promises to keep Emily in his apartment, but now Nick owes him big time! Chris cannot believe that this situation was entirely preventable. Summoning all his adrenaline, he attempts to break down the door, but unfortunately, this isn't one of those situations where a parent develops Hulk strength.

Upstairs, Clark and Yoda are in a panic; Emily's thrown out all of their hard Play-Doh! Emily's on an organizational high, and it looks like Marny's coming around too. As Emily's about to head back to her apartment, Gary realizes he must distract her, so he lifts the couch and shows her the pile of old work stuff he's been hoarding. It's a small mountain of spiral notebooks and folders; it looks like Emily's got another hour of work head of her. Downstairs, the maintenance guy has finally arrived. His job would've been a pinch if some idiot hadn't broken the doorknob, but he leaves, telling the guys they should have called a locksmith. Chris, worried to death, finally loses it. He shouts at Nick that the whole reason Chris isn't ever able to relax is because he's always doing things on behalf of Nick! Bringing extra diapers, taking notes in class, letting him crash on his couch for a year. Fed up, Chris grabs a hammer and puts a hole in the wall, hatching a plan to open the bathroom door from the inside.

Gary comes back to the apartment just as Chris and Nick are on a roll. Chris tells Nick he's ruining Ernie's life and his, while Nick retorts that Chris is raising Ernie to be an uptight mess, just like Chris. Gary tries to keep the two from saying things they'll regret, but Chris refuses to calm down. He reaches his hand into the fresh hole in the wall, but ends up getting stuck on a nail! Nick gets a good laugh at this, so Chris smacks him right in the nose. Later, the fire department helps Chris get unstuck and breaks down the door. Ernie and Freddy are sitting in a pile of toilet paper, but they're both fine. As Chris scoops Ernie up and heads out of the apartment, he tells Nick that if he doesn't enjoy being friends with someone who's apparently always a constant bummer, he doesn't have to be! Seconds later, an unsuspecting Emily walks into the apartment, eyes wide at the chaotic scene.

The following morning, Emily makes it pretty clear that Nick will never be living down the accident. As Nick tries to blame Chris for everything that went wrong, Emily stops him and tells him there's only one side. Sure, it's great that Nick constantly tries to make everything fun; but sometimes it can be really exhausting, and he can't expect Chris to always put up with it. Emily advises him to go and apologize. At Gary's, Marny uncovers a pile of Gary's work stuff that he's hidden in Clark and Yoda's closet. When she presses him about it, Gary admits that one day all of their kids are going to be in school fulltime, and he's going to need something to do. He fears throwing out his business cards because he doesn't want to sever the connection to his past life. Gently, Marny assures him that he was great in real estate; he's a great stay at home dad, and he's going to succeed at whatever journey he sets himself up on in the future.






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