Guys with Kids

Episode 1.05 : Gary's Day Off

  • Guys with Kids
    • Episode Premiere : October 17, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: NBC Universal Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Chris and Nick are hanging at Chris' apartment when a beleaguered Gary arrives, four kids in tow. Marny's been away at a conference all week, and Gary is spent. Chris and Nick tell him he needs a day off - and that Marny should cut him loose. Gary just laughs: Marny's never had four boys by herself. Gary goes on about how Marny would be overrun; she doesn't even know the correct diapers to use during the day, he laments. Still, the seed has been planted.

Later Chris is serving a feast for the families: risotto. It's not exactly kid-friendly fare and everyone knows they'll just end up ordering pizza eventually. Sheila arrives and asks Chris if he could help her pack up her apartment. Chris has an excuse at the ready: a partner dinner cruise, with entertainment by UB40. Sheila leaves with the baby. Nick is appalled at Sheila's gall in asking Chris to help her pack stuff that was originally his. Chris explains that he's glad he took the high road; he won't descend into bitterness and resentment.

Marny returns from her trip and is swarmed by her boys. Apparently she had a great time at the conference: there was even a helicopter ride at sunset involved. Marny notices that something is off with Gary, and though Gary chalks it up to being exhausted, Nick tells Marny he needs a break. Marny wholeheartedly agrees, and Gary and the guys clear their schedules for the following Sunday.

At last, it's Gary's day off. He announces that the first thing on his list is to return some bathing suits to Old Navy; Nick encourages him to think bigger. Suddenly Nick remembers that the Giants are playing a home game tonight and Chris had 50-yard line tickets! Nick and Gary are giddy at the idea when Chris sheepishly reveals that Sheila got the tickets in the divorce. Devastated, Nick demands that Chris give up full custody of Ernie for the tickets. Gary will even give him one of his kids!

Marny seems to be doing just fine handling four kids: she's got the boys dressed up in sweater vests and is planning on spending the day at a museum. When Emily stops by to check on her, Marny doesn't understand what the big deal is. At work, she's responsible for 150 people. Today, it's only four! Marny's trying to convince Emily that it's all a piece of cake when the boys complain that they haven't even been fed yet. Strike one.

Gary, Nick and Chris are heading to Sheila's apartment with a genius plan. Gary's going to flash his sad face, and then they're going to ask nicely for the football tickets. Surprisingly enough, Sheila has no problem handing over the tickets, but there's a catch. She knows Chris lied about the partner cruise, and now she wants Chris to spend the next five hours helping her pack up the apartment. The guys begin to pack up the place, and Nick can't get over Chris' choice to take the high road. He lives his life surrounded by all these things that used to be his! Nick's particularly horrified that Sheila re-upholstered the history-laden couch he and Chris shared as roommates. Nick wants to take the couch, but Chris refuses. Chris wants to stay on the high road all the way.

When Sheila reveals that she thinks she received so much in the divorce settlement because she's a better negotiator and not because Chris took the high road, Chris is done being nice; he's ready to steal the couch. Gary's nervous that this trickery will result in them losing the tickets, but when Sheila asks him to repack over 40 creepy dolls, he's on board. Sheila leaves the apartment to go to a party, so the coast is clear. Elsewhere in the building, Marny's getting a little flustered. In the middle of a huge pigsty that was once the living room, she's wiping down a dirty counter while Clark and Yoda appear in matching astronaut suits. Strike two.

At Sheila's, the guys are trying to brainstorm the best way to get the couch out of the apartment. They decide to lower it out through the window using rope, with Gary manning it downstairs. Sheila returns early from the party, and is pleased to find her apartment looking so empty. She wants to give Gary the tickets herself, so she runs downstairs, envelope in hand. Gary tries to distract her while the couch hovers directly behind her on the street, Nick and Chris barely holding it up. She finally hands over the envelope and heads up stairs, and a millisecond later, Chris and Nick let go of the rope and the couch slams onto the sidewalk.

Later, an overjoyed Gary and the guys are in a cab headed to the game. However, when Marny calls him and tells him she's in the emergency room with Clark, who's having stomach pains, Gary instructs the cab to turn around. At the hospital, it turns out Clark ate an entire container of grape jelly because Marny forgot to feed the kids! She tried, but they refused everything, and she got distracted when there was a diaper issue. When Gary asks why she didn't call Emily for help, Marny admits that she wanted to prove to Gary that she could do this herself.






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