Episode 3.14 : On My Way

  • Glee
    • Episode Premiere : February 21, 2012
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy, Musical
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Ryan Murphy Productions
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Cast and Crew

The Story

As Rachel scours bridal info and imagines her dream wedding to Finn, Kurt still tries to persuade her to wait. Their discussion is derailed by the appearance of Sebastian, the scheming captain of the Dalton Academy Warblers. Sebastian has a "wedding present" for Rachel: a Photoshop-doctored nude image of Finn, which he threatens to post online unless Rachel drops out of the regionals competition. Determined to win regionals, Sebastian gives Rachel a deadline to come up with an excuse to abandon New Directions.

When Finn learns of Sebastian's plot, he's ready to unleash a beat-down, but Artie reminds the show choir that even the threat of physical violence could lead to disqualification - and besides, Rachel explains that she isn't dropping out or "negotiating with terrorists." She believes that a regionals win will be key to her admission into NYADA. Finn is hurt that Rachel isn't even considering dropping out to spare him the humiliation and storms out of the choir room.

Sue excitedly reveals to Quinn that she's going to become a mother (although she won't reveal the name of the father), but she is irritated when Quinn cannot offer anything but the most basic solutions to dealing with morning sickness. Quinn tells Sue that she'd like to close out her high school experience in a Cheerios uniform and take home the national championship - if Sue will let her back on the cheerleading squad. However, Sue says that she doesn't think bringing Quinn back would be fair to the other Cheerios who didn't quit, leaving Quinn disappointed.

A seething Blaine snaps at Kurt, wanting to put Sebastian's scheming behind them and zero in on a plan to beat the Warblers. As Blaine sings Young the Giant's "Cough Syrup," at Dave Karofsky's new school Dave finds himself the victim of a vicious hate crime. His teammate Nick outs him in the locker room after spotting Dave and Kurt at BreadStix on Valentine's Day. Returning home to find his Facebook page covered in hateful, homophobic rants, Dave cracks. He methodically puts on his best suit, then uses his belt to hang himself.

At McKinley, Figgins consults with Will, Sue, Emma, and Coach Beiste about breaking the news about Dave's suicide attempt to his former classmates. Will notes how much harder it is for kids feeling the pressure of their reputations when social media makes anonymous attacks so much easier than in his day.

Although she at first pleads the excuse of hormones, Sue is moved to tears by Dave's actions. She says that she should have done more to help him when she was principal and the problems between him and Kurt escalated. Will says that they were all hard on Dave, fearing that he might hurt Kurt but never knowing he'd hurt himself. Figgins tells them that it wasn't their job to know, while Emma wonders if it wasn't their job, whose job was it?

The God Squad convenes, with Mercedes suggesting that they open their meeting by praying for Karofsky to find peace, while Quinn says that Dave's family needs their prayers even more. Sam is bewildered about how Dave could sink to such a dark place, while Joe wonders if Dave will survive. Mercedes says that Dave's father found him in the nick of time, and he has a good chance to make it.

Quinn admits that she feels sorry for Dave but thinks what he did was selfish and hurtful to everyone around him; even at her lowest ebb, she never contemplated suicide. Kurt appears at the door, shooting down Quinn's opinions by insisting that her life never got drastically dark. She tries to defend her stance, but Kurt won't hear it: the Facebook messages on Dave's page continue to grow nastier, and she shouldn't compare her situation to his despair.

When Quinn wants to know why Kurt, a professed nonbeliever would show up at a God Squad meeting, Joe explains that when Kurt asked him if he could attend, he was invited. Kurt wants to join in their prayers for Dave; he feels responsible after turning down Dave's advances and failing to take his calls. Mercedes asks Kurt if he wants to join them in delivering an edible arrangement to the hospital.

Shaken by the Karofsky news, Rachel and Finn apologize to each other. When Rachel offers to drop out of the competition, Finn insists that she stay in. Even if Sebastian sees his plan through, Finn says he doesn't care what anyone but Rachel thinks of him. Deciding that life's too short to wait on anything, Rachel wants to get married to Finn as soon as possible, and she suggests that they wed on the coming Saturday, immediately after the regionals competition. Finn agrees, but wonders, "What if we lose?" "I thought we agreed that I was singing," Rachel replies confidently.

At the coffee shop, Santana, Blaine, Kurt, and Brittany confront Sebastian, insisting that he stop his underhanded schemes. Unexpectedly, Sebastian, who was the one who called them all there, agrees. Offering no excuses, Sebastian apologizes and insists that he wants the Warblers to win regionals fair and square.

Dedicating their upcoming performance to Karofsky, Sebastian plans to have the Warblers and their supporters contribute money to Lady Gaga's Born This Way foundation, and he asks New Directions to join them. He's realized that for too long he's treated everything as a big joke. He deeply regrets an encounter at a gay club when he cruelly criticized Dave and advised him to "stay in the closet." It's all fun and games, Sebastian admits, until it isn't.

Will assembles the glee club and informs them that one of their ranks, Rory, has never tasted peanut butter before. Will offers him a spoonful, and Rory says that it's the best thing he's ever tasted. When Kurt wonders, during such a rough week, what the point of Will's gesture is, Will explains that the future offers so many new experiences for each of the students, and he wants them to promise him that no matter how low they feel they've sunk, they'll never forget what's waiting ahead for them.

Mercedes suggests that none of them would ever consider suicide, but Will reveals that when he was a junior in high school he considered it after being caught cheating on a test. Fearing how disappointed his father would be, he nearly took a step off the roof of the school to end his pain and humiliation. Had he done it, he would have missed out on New Directions, Emma, and everything that matters to him now. On his suggestion, the students take turns imagining something that they're really looking forward to in the future, ending with Rory's choice: winning at regionals.

At regionals, the Warblers kick off the competition with their upbeat rendition of Lenny Kravitz's "Stand," prompting Finn to rise in his seat to lead the audience's cheer because life's too short to get caught up in the negative side of competition. The Warblers follow up with "Glad You Came" by the Wanted. After a surprisingly strong performance by the Golden Goblets, the madrigal singers from Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrows High School, New Directions starts to lose focus. Finn rallies them with his announcement about the impending wedding and living each moment as if it's their last, even supporters and non-supporters alike.

Then the New Directions take the stage and deliver a powerful mashup of two songs titled "Fly," built around Nicki Minaj's version with R. Kelly's as a background chorus, followed by the girls grouping together on Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger." Rachel next takes the lead on Halestorm's "Here's to Us" with the boys joining in from the balcony.

As Rachel and Finn's families cheer them on, they focus on each other as the song takes on a deeper meaning between the two of them. Finally, one of the judges, late-night TV horror movie host Svend Goebbels, takes the stage to announce the results of the competition: The Golden Goblets win third place, with the Warblers claiming second and New Directions taking the championship trophy.

Sue calls Quinn into her office and explains that she's been doing a lot of thinking and wants to tell Quinn that she admires her. At first Sue thought it was because of Quinn's similarities to the younger Sue Sylvester, but then she realized that it's actually because of all the ways that Quinn is NOT like Sue. Quinn's proven that it's never too late to turn your life around, and Sue has decided to reinstate her into the ranks of the Cheerios, and she gives her a Cheerios uniform. Quinn promises that Sue won't regret the decision and will soon have a nationals championship to show for it.

Now clad in her Cheerios uniform, Quinn encounters Rachel in the hallway. She tells her she realized during regionals that Finn and Rachel were singing directly to each other and how happy they make each other. If it's not too late, Quinn wants to show her support by coming to their wedding.

Kurt makes a visit to the hospital to see Dave, who's been taken off suicide watch. Kurt tells Dave that he's happy he's alive, and Dave admits that he is too. Kurt apologizes for not taking Dave's calls, but Dave forgives him: he knows how long Kurt endured Dave's previous bullying when he himself couldn't take it for more than a week. Now he can't imagine returning to his school. Kurt urges him to simply go to another school. Moving forward won't be easy, Kurt says, and sometimes things will "just suck," but he'll have to support of those who love and accept him.

Kurt tries to apply Will's lesson about envisioning something to look forward to, prompting Dave to imagine life ten years from now: Dave's a sports agent with a lavish office and a desk full of trophies, having left Lima and never looked back; he takes the day off to spend it with his handsome partner at their adorable son's first football game, and Dave finishes the thought: "I'm so happy right now." Dave wants to take Kurt up on his prior offer to be friends, and Kurt accepts.

At the courthouse before Finn and Rachel's wedding, Will is taken aback when Sue offers him congratulations. However, she now seems sincere when she tells him that she thought the glee club was fantastic at regionals. And Sue wants Will to congratulate her because she's pregnant. She offers to help Will take the glee club all the way to a nationals victory, but Will expects a catch. "I don't think there is a catch," she admits. "I think I just want to help you. Isn't that weird? Damn hormones!"The Hummell-Hudson and Berry clans are fretting about the nuptials, with Burt most vocally wanting to block the young couple from marrying altogether. But Carol believes that it's important that they've shown up to support them, no matter how much they disagree with the choice, because the kids would've simply persevered and gotten married behind their backs in the end. Nevertheless, Hiram plots an elaborate distraction in which Leroy highjacks Rachel and takes her directly to Broadway, where her career ambitions may be re-stoked.

Finn gets his first glimpse of Rachel in her wedding dress, and the couple await the ceremony, stalling for time until a late-running Quinn can get there to serve as a bridesmaid. Driving to the ceremony, Quinn is distracted by Rachel's anxious texts. As she tries to text back, a car horn sounds, and suddenly there's a massive crash.

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