Episode 2.19 : Rumours

  • Glee
    • Episode Premiere : May 03, 2011
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy, Musical
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Ryan Murphy Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Brittany unveils her Internet talk show "Fondue For Two," which combines two of her favorite things: "hot cheese and talking to people." Her first guests are school gossips, Mercedes and Tina. As she lets her cat Lord Tubbington eat cheese from the fondue pot, Brittany inadvertently reveals that Santana "plays for the other team."

Rachel gives Sam a pack of lip balm as an icebreaker to asking him to prom, but he declines, telling her that she's not his type.

Meanwhile an incognito Sue (disguised as David Bowie) meets with her super-villainous League of Evil cohort Terri, aka "Honey Badger." Sue informs her about her plan to resurrect McKinley's school newspaper, The Muckraker, as a means of planting destructive rumors. Inspired by WikiLeaks, Sue has already launched the newspaper with the fact-free motto, "If I heard it, it's probably true." After Sue switches into an Ann Coulter disguise, Terri suggests trying to destroy Will from within New Directions.

Will is surprised by the return of April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth), who's planning an autobiographical musical production ("Crossrhodes: The April Rhodes Story") after the failure of her all-white version of "The Wiz." She says that she needs to borrow the school auditorium that she previously funded, and she offers a sample original song: "It's 10 a.m. and I'm Drunk."

As Rachel says that she and Finn formulate a solo number for Nationals, Finn is shocked by a Muckraker headline suggesting that Quinn is secretly meeting Sam at motels. A furious Finn confronts Sam in the music room, and the two almost come to blows before Finn storms out. Meanwhile, Santana is incensed that Brittany's misguided comment appears to have outed her.

Over dinner Will advises April that she can sometimes be a little abrasive, suggesting that her show chronicle her emotional journey. He also frets about all the in-fighting and love triangles happening within New Directions, prompting April to compare the glee club to the legendary, turbulent rock group Fleetwood Mac, where the constant battling and partner-switching resulted in great music on their "Rumours" album.

Their conversation inspires Will to devote his next lesson to "Rumours," and April demonstrates for class by singing "Dreams" with him. Instructing the students to pick a song from the album and put their own spin on it, Will hopes the assignment will help keep the group from fracturing.

Artie asks Brittany what's going on with her and Santana, and he realizes that Santana has been manipulating Brittany into believing that the girls' hookups don't count as cheating. He tells her that because their relationship is already so unlikely, the idea that Brittany can get something he can't provide is too much for him to take - and Santana knows it and is using it as a wedge between them. When Brittany tries to defend Santana, Artie asks why she's so stupid, causing her to burst into tears - he was the only person who'd never called her that. Artie works through his feelings by singing "Never Going Back Again."

Rachel joins Finn on a late-night stakeout of a local motel, attempting to catch Quinn and Sam in the act of cheating. Instead, they spot Kurt and Sam exiting a room. While Finn is shocked that Kurt appears to be cheating on Blaine, Muckraker reporter Jacob Ben Israel secretly snaps photos of the seeming rendezvous.

Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Artie, Tina, Puck, and Lauren debate the possibility that Kurt's betraying Blaine and, realizing that it's just a rumor, they decide to fish for more information - although Quinn announces with certainty that Sam's not gay.

Santana tries to cheer up Brittany by expressing her feelings for her with a song from "Rumours": "Songbird." But, still struggling with her sexuality, Santana isn't ready to make such a public proclamation in class. Since the Muckraker article was published she's already being treated differently (like being asked to join the golf team).

Brittany invites Santana to come on "Fondue for Two": she'll ask Santana to the prom and tell her how she feels about her, and all Santana has to do is say yes. Rachel urges Kurt to stop seeing Sam, but while neither confirming nor denying what's going on between them, he shuts her down, insisting that perpetuating rumors will hurt New Directions' bid for Nationals.

On another motel stakeout with Rachel, Finn frets about Quinn's remark about Sam. Finn confesses that he finds Quinn hard to read because she guards her feelings so closely, whereas Rachel was much easier to understand. This time they spot Quinn giving Sam a hug as she leaves the motel room.

After comments on her talk show suggest that her commentary is too gossipy, Brittany joins the school newspaper to learn hard-hitting journalism. Now she wants to interview Will. She asks him to state his underwear type: "Boxers or briefs?" After he replies that he wears boxers, she asks, "Lacy panties or pantyhose?" He reiterates the boxers response, but she tells him that's not a choice and notes that he refuses to answer. When she continues asking leading, gossipy questions based on rumors - including one about him leaving the school to help bring April to Broadway - Will learns that Sue is the one who provided questions.

Through a toothpaste and tube example that proves messy for Jacob, Sue teaches her newspaper class that once something is out, you can't put it back in. When Will confronts Sue about manufacturing the rumors, she suggests that maybe he's helping April because he can do more than teach.

Finn and Quinn argue over what Finn saw and why he was with Rachel. After Finn reveals that Rachel wants to duet with him, Quinn says that they should do their own "Rumours" song together, singing "I Don't Want to Know" for the glee club. Threatened by their harmonizing, Rachel suggests that Quinn and Sam's duet was better, but Quinn calls her out on her motives and insists that Rachel just wants Finn back as a duet partner. When Rachel agrees, it further aggravates Quinn, who says that she trusts Finn but not Rachel. Will tries to tell her that she isn't the one who'll dictate the pairings for Nationals, but Quinn says that her relationship comes first - and if Finn wants to be with her, he'll never duet with Rachel again.

Emma secretly watches Will and April rehearse another theatrical original number for April's musical. April practically begs Will to join her in launching the production, even as he insists that he has to see the students through to Nationals.

On "Fondue for Two," Brittany reveals that Santana couldn't bring herself to appear, so Brittany instead interviews Lord Tubbington (despite being mad at him for "trying smoking again").

Will is thrilled to learn that Emma is bringing her OCD under control, and she surprises him by encouraging him to join April's production. She urges him to embrace his gifts if he has an opportunity to do so. But Will can't bring himself to leave the students. Growing emotional, he credits the students and Emma for saving his life by easing him out of a bad marriage and helping him rediscover his passion. He doesn't want to lose them, but he confesses: "I want to go so badly."

Rachel chooses to interpret Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way," the legendary Lindsay Buckingham/Stevie Nicks breakup song. Quinn is irritated that Rachel's essentially singing about Finn, which leads to New Directions bickering about just what's going on between Quinn and Sam, and Sam and Kurt.

Sam finally reveals that Kurt was bringing him clothes and that Quinn was helping him watch his younger brother and sister, because Sam and his family have been living in a one-room motel since his father lost his job and the family lost their home. Upset that he's been forced to reveal the painful truth, he storms out of the music room.

April joins Sue and Terri for cocktails, believing that it's because Terri still cares for Will that she encouraged April to recruit him for her touring show. When April doesn't think Will's going to join her, Sue explains that an article in the next day's Muckraker will announce that Will is leaving. Sue gloats that once the rumors are out there, the students will believe them, the bad news will become reality, and he will have no other choice but to follow his heart to Broadway. April thinks it's a shady plan, but Sue and Terri are convinced it will work.

Finn and Rachel visit Sam and his siblings at the motel, trying to understand what happened. Sam has tried to keep his family's troubles hidden for fear of being treated like an even bigger outcast at school, but Kurt found out when Sam knocked on his door while delivering pizzas to help make ends meet, and Quinn, who attends Sam's church, was recruited to help care for his little sister while his parents look for work.

Sam is afraid that he might have to quit the glee club, but Finn and Rachel don't want that to happen. They bring him back the guitar he'd hocked, and as Sam finally allows himself to cry, they pledge to do anything to keep him in New Directions.

Pestered over rumors by Jacob, Santana (who not-so-skillfully spread them herself) uses the innuendo to bolster her classmates' belief in her sham relationship with Dave Karofsky. But Santana's false front hurts Brittany.

Will tells New Directions that he's not going to abandon them on the road to Nationals. Then Sam brings his younger siblings into the music room to join in the final "Rumours" number, "Don't Stop." Joined by April in the audience, even as the glee club lifts Sam aloft to lift his spirits, Will seems affected by thoughts of the possibilities ahead.






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