Episode 2.06 : Never Been Kissed

  • Glee
    • Episode Premiere : November 09, 2010
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy, Musical
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Ryan Murphy Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Using the locker room's cold tub, Sam bemoans his inability to get any action with Quinn. Finn commiserates with him: they agree that they're dating the only sex-averse girls in high school and compare notes on keeping their cool. Finn envisions nearly running over a mailman, inspiring Sam to focus on the image of Coach Beiste to distract him from his urges.

After Kurt is slammed into a locker by Dave Karofsky, the glee club welcomes Puck back from juvie as Will unveils their upcoming sectional competitors - including the all-boys Dalton Academy and a school of elderly people completing their GEDs. Will revives last year's boys vs. girls tournament to fire up the glee clubbers. Puck wheels Artie around as part of his community service to stay out of juvie - but that doesn't mean they're friends.

Karofsky hammers Kurt again and when Kurt speaks out, Karofsky threatens to unleash "The Fury" - aka his fist - on him. Sensing that Kurt's been growing more tense and belligerent in recent weeks, Will offers to help. Kurt tells Will that he, like everyone else in school, too easily lets homophobia slide and that he's not feeling challenged musically. In response, Will alters the competition, requiring the teams to tackles songs better suited to the opposite gender, and Kurt takes the lead in shaping the boys' approach.

While getting hot and heavy with Quinn, Sam envisions Coach Beiste, complete with a Cheerios uniform, and accidentally calls Quinn by the coach's name. A freaked-out Quinn turns to Sue, who sees an opportunity to rid herself of Beiste by going public with Sam's ill-advised fantasies.

Puck talks Artie into raising some cash by busking outside the school, and Artie, excited to break the rules for once, joins him in singing Bob Marley & the Wailers' "One Love." After they pull in $300, Artie reveals to Puck that Brittany was his first and that he thinks he still wants to be with her even though he was mean to her. Puck advises him how to win her back: he only needs to be a fraction nicer than he had been mean. And, in the spirit of community service, Puck plans to take their earnings to go on a double date with Brittany and Santana.

Kurt infiltrates Dalton Academy where the glee club, the Warblers, is a big deal on campus. He bonds with Warbler Blaine, who enthralls him when he sings Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream." Meanwhile, Tina learns that Mike Chang has incorporated Sam's Beiste-visions to keep cool, but during their make-out session it's Tina who imagines a tutu-clad, cigar-smoking Coach Beiste. Quinn confronts Sam about his name-slip, accusing him of hooking up with the coach, who overhears her name mentioned - and both Quinn and Mike Chang angrily imply that the confused coach should watch her step with their significant others.

Will catches the confrontation and asks Sam for an explanation. When Sam and Mike fill him in, Will is outraged, explaining that Coach Beiste is, like all of them, an outcast at McKinley, and what they're doing flies in the face of what they're supposed to be fighting for at the school - even when it's done behind her back. Will demands that all of the glee clubbers stop immediately and never let the coach find out.

Confessing to being a spy, Kurt asks several of the Warblers if they're all gay. Blaine says that he is, but the straight Warblers explain that their school has a zero-tolerance policy on harassment. Alone with Blaine, Kurt reveals that he's the only out student at McKinley and is constantly harassed by Karofsky. Blaine had a similar experience at school before Dalton and, confessing that he regrets running from his persecution, he advises Kurt that prejudice is ignorance, and by confronting Karofsky he'll teach him that he can't get away with it.

A confused Coach Beiste asks Will why his students are disrespecting her; Will hesitates to tell her the truth, but when she tells him he's the only one at the school she trusts, he caves. He explains the situation honestly, and she's hurt and offended.

Artie's surprised - and impressed - when Puck's barely nice approach to Brittany and Santana scores them their double date at Breadsticks, where Puck brags about how he practically ran things at juvie. But Artie can't go along with Puck's dine-and-dash scheme, and Puck abandons him.

The glee club girls unveil their performance, singing a mash-up of Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" and The Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up," clad in heavy metal black leather. Sue summons Will to the auditorium, revealing two fully loaded confetti cannons: her way of telling him Beiste was fired and her full Cheerio budget has been restored. Actually, she admits, Beiste quit ("but I'll take the W"), giving credit to the glee clubbers' mean spiritedness for the coach's departure.

When Karofsky slams Kurt into the lockers once again, Kurt angrily calls him out in the locker room, defying him to hit him: "You can't punch the gay out of me any more than I can punch the ignoramus out of you." Their confrontation escalates, and Karofsky stuns Kurt by kissing him and bolting from the locker room.

Will informs the glee club about Beiste's departure, and the boys confess to the girls what they'd done to cause it. Figgins calls Will and Puck into his office, where Puck's juvenile parole officer is unsatisfied with his so-called community service. Will defends Puck, but Puck loses his temper and storms away, claiming that no one is really interested in helping him.

Kurt and Blaine approach Karofsky, who's back to his insulting persona, denying his feelings and growing more violent when they try to talk him into accepting his feelings. Blaine notices that Kurt is distraught, and Kurt reveals that he'd never been kissed prior to Karofsky's impulsive outburst.

Will tries to tell Coach Beiste that his students like and respect her, and that everyone experiences wounds from high school - and he and the coach are foolish enough to come back to relive them. The coach admits that deep down, under her tough exterior, she just wants to feel like a girl sometimes, and she too has never been kissed. Will tells her that she's pretty, inside and out, and gives her that all-important kiss.

Puck tells Artie that he's skipping town to avoid going to juvie, surprising him by telling the truth about how much he hated it there and the abuse he endured. Artie tells Puck that he enjoys hanging out with him and offers to tutor him in geometry if Puck will just do his real community service and pick up garbage by the highway: Artie will be the good influence Puck needs. Meanwhile, Kurt's spirits are lifted by a message of courage from Blaine in his locker, but before he can fully enjoy it he's hammered yet again by Karofsky.

The male glee clubbers ask forgiveness from Coach Beiste, telling her they think she's awesome - like a musical mash-up, or a chocolate turtle, she's "hard and badass on the one hand, and soft and girly on the other." They dedicate their mash-up to her, blending the Supreme's "Stop in the Name of Love" and En Vogue's "Free Your Mind" to win the coach over and earn a group hug.






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