Episode 1.20 : Theatricality

  • Glee
    • Episode Premiere : May 25, 2010
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy, Musical
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Ryan Murphy Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Fearing vampires and the effect that "Twilight" has had on students, Principal Figgins reprimands Tina because she dresses Goth. He threatens to suspend her if she doesn't change her look. Rachel lets the glee club know that Vocal Adrenaline plans to pay homage to Lady Gaga. Without an assignment handy, Will figures he can kill two birds with one stone -- the kids can find a competitive Gaga number and this could help Tina find a new look.

Carole surprises Finn by announcing that they are moving in with Burt and Kurt. Finn's especially upset that he has to share a room with Kurt.

Spying on a Vocal Adrenaline rehearsal, Rachel is impressed how Shelby Corcoran coaches her glee club on theatricality. When Shelby sings, Rachel instantly recognizes her voice from the tape of her mother. She approaches Shelby and tells her that she's her daughter. Shelby says she knew after she heard Rachel sing at Sectionals. Rachel realizes they both see the world through the same theatricality. Shelby is overwhelmed and can barely look at Rachel. She leaves, saying she will call.

Finn tells Will that the boys (other than Kurt) don't want to perform a Lady Gaga song and that they always are forced to do what the girls want. Will has to agree, and Finn says he has a solution.

Puck proudly tells Quinn he has selected the name "Jackie Daniels" for their daughter. Quinn has to remind him that, since she's giving up the baby, they don't get to name her.

Parading the halls in Lady Gaga outfits, Tina tells Kurt that she's excited to find a new look for herself. They're body checked by two football jocks, Karofsky and Azimio, who threaten to beat them up if they dress like freaks again.

At glee, the girls and Kurt are decked out in various Lady Gaga personas. Mercedes informs them that Shelby is Rachel's birth mother. Rachel assures the group that she won't ditch them for Vocal Adrenaline. She wears a poorly made Gaga costume with stapled stuffed animals. Rachel's two dads don't know how to sew.

Karofsky and Azimio confront Finn that living with Kurt is rubbing off on him in a bad way. When Finn tries to defend himself, they threaten him too.

Rachel goes to see Shelby at the Vocal Adrenaline rehearsal in her bad Gaga outfit, asking her mother for help. Later, Rachel returns to McKinley in a totally new, hot Lady Gaga costume. The boys of glee do their own form of theatricality -- expressing themselves in full KISS make-up and outfits to perform "Shout it Out Loud."

When Kurt is attacked by the jocks again, he asks Finn to talk to them. Yet Finn complains that Karofsky and Azimio think he and Kurt are boyfriends. Finn doesn't understand why Kurt has to make such a spectacle of himself, and Finn pushes Kurt away.

Shelby promises Will that her meeting with Rachel isn't spying, but Will is more concerned about Rachel's feelings. He says that Rachel is more fragile than Shelby, and questions whether Shelby is really ready to have a teenage daughter in her life. Although Shelby always wanted a daughter, Rachel is grown and doesn't need a mother anymore. Will advises her to tell Rachel the truth.

Kurt tries to make amends with Finn by redecorating "their" room. Yet Finn is still uncomfortable with their relationship, and admits to not wanting to get dressed in front of Kurt. Finn tries to make a point by calling the decor "faggy," but Burt overhears this and stands up for his son. Burt kicks Finn out of his house.

At glee the next day, Finn tries to apologize to Kurt who refuses to speak to him. Puck tells Quinn that he just wants to be a good father to their child, and he sings the heartfelt KISS song "Beth" to her as a new name for the baby. Quinn tearfully allows Puck to be there when the baby is born.

Shelby says goodbye to Rachel, explaining that it would be too complicated for them to have a relationship right now. They agree to be grateful for each other from afar for the time being. Shelby gives Rachel a mug with a gold star on it because gold stars are her "thing." Rachel asks Shelby to sing a duet with her.

Will confesses to the glee club that he doesn't really know what the point of their theatricality assignment was, but Tina arrives in her Goth clothes and says the point was not to dress like someone you're not. She had convinced Figgins she was really a vampire and would attack him if he didn't let her wear what she wanted.

Karofsky and Azimio corner Kurt, who's still in his Lady Gaga outfit. Kurt says he refuses to change and that being different is the best thing about him. Before he can get beat up, Finn arrives in a red rubber Gaga dress and stops them. He thanks Kurt and says he still has a lot to learn. The entire glee club in their Gaga and KISS costumes backs Finn up. Karofsky and Azimio leave, but threaten to bring friends next time.






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