Friday Night Lights

Episode 2.15 : May the Best Man Win

  • Friday Night Lights
    • Episode Premiere : February 08, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC, DIRECTV
    • Genre : Drama, Sport
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2011
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Imagine, UMS, Film 44, 101 Network
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Riggins starts going to church regularly to keep an eye on Lyla. Smash is texting during church, trying to see if Alabama's scholarship offer still stands. He's working his way down a long list of schools he rejected. Erin stops by the dealership to see Street. He's been calling and calling her since their one night stand, but she hasn't answered any of his calls... because she's pregnant.

Tami runs into her former high school sweetheart, Mo McArnold, now a mogul. Mo's in town to buy up commercial real estate. He congratulates Tami on Gracie and Taylor's championship win, then invites them to come to a charity event at the hospital tomorrow night. Street confides in Herc about the pregnancy. He didn't wear a condom because everyone told him it would be impossible for him to have kids - so this is a miracle. Still, Erin told him that there's nothing he can do, insisting it's her problem.

Lyla isn't too happy to see Riggins in the radio studio. Chris tells her that he's auditioning, and wants to do a sports talk show, which he thinks is a good idea. Riggins smiles innocently and waves. At home, Tami nervously broaches the subject of the hospital benefit. Taylor seems annoyed, but claims their history is all water under the bridge. After all, the best man won Tami.

Noelle pumps Smash up to approach Dave Powers, the recruiter from Alabama that Smash rejected. Smash does his best to sell himself, but Powers isn't interested, telling Smash he missed his chance. Smash is devastated. At school, Saracen notices that Landry and Tyra are out as a couple, and Jean is totally bummed. Riggins runs into Lyla, who boasts that she's going to meet Chris's family at their ranch this weekend. Street starts researching fertility online.

Street blasts into the restaurant where Erin works and lays into her, trying to convince her to have the baby. When she tells him he's freaking her out, Street keeps going, claiming the baby is a miracle, and this might be his only chance to have a kid. Claiming that she's not an experiment for him to prove his manhood, Erin walks out. It's her body, and she's going to make the ultimate decision.

At work, Smash talks to an Arena Football recruiter, who wants him to pay $60 to try out. The recruiter claims that if Smash wants to play pro, this is his chance. Tami and Taylor show up at the hospital, only to learn that the "charity event" is a dedication ceremony. Mo has donated a helicopter and helipad. It's been 15 years since Mo and Taylor have seen each other, and the undercurrents run thick. Tami invites Mo to sit with her at Friday night's game before he takes off in the helicopter for its maiden voyage.

Street meets with Taylor. He claims that he's ready to be a father and this may be his only chance. Taylor's used to having the opposite kind of pregnancy conversation, one where the boy is scared and trying to get out of it. He tells Street that convincing Erin will be the most serious conversation of his life. All he knows is that a wife and child are the two most important things in life, and nothing's going to work without truth and honesty. Taylor doesn't have any answers, because Street has to find his own answers.

Chris watches as Riggins hosts his radio show. Most of the callers are girls, looking for a date, but he's doing well, until a caller asks him about Smash. Riggins defends Smash, and tells the caller that it's okay to punch people at times. After the show, Chris confronts Riggins. He knows he's only doing the show to get under his skin, and it's not going to work - Lyla's over Riggins.

Taylor calls Smash to his office, telling him to cancel his plans for tomorrow. Whitmore College is still willing to give Smash a scholarship. Smash thinks Whitmore is just like Siberia, but Taylor reminds him that he would be a star and could transfer after two years. Smash reluctantly agrees to think it over. At the game that night, Taylor isn't too pleased to see Mo holding Gracie in the stands. Since they're slaughtering the other team, Taylor puts the second string in, and Landry scores a touchdown.

Taylor and Smash check out Whitmore with Coach Deeks. It's definitely not what Smash was hoping for, but he's surprised to learn that Deeks has been following him since the seventh grade, and predicted he'd be a star. Deeks figures Smash wants to keep looking, but Smash gives him a verbal commitment and meets the team. Tami calls Taylor. Mo wants to take them out to dinner. Taylor's not thrilled but agrees to get it over with.

Lyla meets Chris's family. She loves them, and they love her; it couldn't be more perfect. Finally alone, Lyla and Chris's make-out session gets too hot for him, so he backs off, claiming he doesn't want to screw it up. Meanwhile Tami and Taylor's dinner with Mo is awkward. Tami tries to wrap it up, but Mo orders a bottle of Jack Daniels, and Taylor rises to the challenge. When the bottle is empty, Mo picks a fight, accusing Taylor of stealing Tami away from him in high school. When the punching starts, Tami heads for the door.

The next morning, Tami, Julie and Gracie head to church without Taylor, who nurses a hangover and a bloody lip. Lyla spies Riggins at church, and tells him all about her great weekend. She can't believe he's really going to come to church every weekend, but he claims he likes it. Corinna finds Smash drowning his sorrows in his room. She knows that Whitmore wasn't what he dreamed about, but she reassures him that when one door closes, another opens.

Street meets Erin at a coffee shop to apologize for his inappropriate behavior the other day. She admits that her body is already changing: she feels weird, crampy and tired. It kind of sucks. Street understands. It all makes sense, since she's growing a tiny human in her belly. Promising to be with her of every day, Street begs Erin to take some time and think about giving their baby a chance.






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