Friday Night Lights

Episode 1.16 : Black Eyes & Broken Hearts

  • Friday Night Lights
    • Episode Premiere : February 14, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC, DIRECTV
    • Genre : Drama, Sport
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2011
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Imagine, UMS, Film 44, 101 Network
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

At a press conference, reporters questions Smash and the other protesting players about racial tensions within the Panthers. Cryptically, Smash responds that the issue is about members of the coaching staff making assumptions about certain players and asks for an apology. At practice, junior varsity players are subbing in for the protesting players. Riggins screams at the inexperienced players for their constant screw ups. Coach Taylor pulls Riggins aside and asks him to be a stronger leader.

Coach Taylor and Julie watch footage of Smash on television. Julie takes a call from Tyra and is reprimanded by her parents for associating with a girl going down the "wrong path." They argue and Julie storms off. Later, Tami takes a meeting with Jason about leaving school to play in the quad rugby team. She's concerned that "he's putting all his eggs in the quad rugby basket".

Matt makes a make-up CD for Julie, but Tyra tells him to spend some money on a better gift. Meanwhile, tensions increase at the school cafeteria when Riggins tells his junior varsity protégés that Smash and his cohorts are "quitters." Coach Taylor butts heads with "Mac" MacGill about his racist statement and taking separate meetings without him. When Mac continues to be defiant over the fallout of his actions, Coach Taylor threatens to fire him.

Shopping at a jewelry store, Landry and Matt argue about Landry's chances with Tyra. Matt says he doesn't have a snowball's chance. Matt buys Julie an inexpensive piece of jewelry. Meanwhile, Coach Taylor is under duress to fire Mac. He takes his dilemma to Tami, who tells him that it's a "fireable offense" and that if he doesn't fire him, he's condoning his racism.

Smash and his girlfriend discuss the Panthers' dilemma as his mother listens on. Meanwhile, Mac visits Tami and Coach Taylor's home. He calls himself a "simple man" and says that he knows he "screwed up." He apologizes and offers his resignation.

Coach Taylor refuses to accept Mac's resignation. At a press conference, Taylor announces that the controversial coach will remain. Upon hearing the news, Riggins begs Smash, "We need our leader back." Unhappy, Smash hits back with, "Didn't you hear anything Mac MacGill said? You're white. That means you're born to lead."

Jason says goodbye to Lyla and heads to the quad rugby try-outs. Meanwhile, on a detour to the movies, Tyra and Julie stop off at her sister's strip joint to pick up some money. Smash's mother tells her son that quitting football to make a statement about racism is not the solution. She tells him that you "play on their team" and "play like the star you are" to win the bigger picture.

Matt and Landry arrive at the strip joint to talk to Julie. As Matt and Julie converse, Landry asks his buddy for some "singles." Landry is caught with a stripper and the trio along with Tyra are busted and sent to a holding cell. Coach and Tami wait outside in the car, furious at Julie for her trip to the strip club. Later at home, Tami forbids a petulant Julie to hang out with wayward Tyra.

As the bus for Friday night's game pulls up, Smash and the other protesting players make a surprise arrival. Mac tries to talk to him, but Smash cuts him off and says, "I know who you are," before boarding the bus. At the second round of the Texas High School Championship Play-Offs, Smash scores a touchdown and the Panthers take the lead. Several intentionally missed calls by the ref have Coach Taylor fighting with the opposing Coach.

Smash is insulted by an opposing team player but he tries to ignore him. Riggins finally steps in and drills the other player, which leads to an all-out brawl on the field. After the game, Coach Taylor reprimands the team for their violence, telling them they have to "take responsibility for their actions." To jeers, despite Dillon's eventual win, the Panthers board the bus back home.

As the bus heads home, the Panthers are stopped by officers who demand to take Smash in for "throwing the first punch." Mac steps up to the plate and demands to see an arrest warrant and the officers leave with a threat, "We'll get you next year, Coach." In an emotional conversation, Mac tells Smash that the officers "made a mistake - just like I did." Julie and Matt reunite after he asks her to "officially" be his girlfriend.






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