Friday Night Lights Episode 1.13 Little Girl I Wanna Marry You
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Friday Night Lights Episode 1.13 Little Girl I Wanna Marry You

Episode Premiere
Jan 24, 2007
Drama, Sport
Production Company
NBC Universal, Imagine, UMS, Film 44, 101 Network
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Episode Premiere
Jan 24, 2007
Drama, Sport
2006 - 2011
Production Co
NBC Universal, Imagine, UMS, Film 44, 101 Network
Official Site
Jeffrey Reiner
Jason Katims
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Brent Smiga

Coach Taylor tells the team that they're now in control of their destinies and if they win Friday's game, they're going to the playoffs.

Mrs. Williams finds Smash's stash of steroids under his bed. She immediately takes him into Coach Taylor's office to find out what's going on. Taylor is shocked when she shows him the bag of drugs. For possibly the first time in his life Smash is left speechless.

At a Garrity family dinner, Buddy mentions that Ben Johnston was by the dealership that day. His son, a college freshman, is doing a psychology paper on cheerleaders and football players and Buddy volunteered Lyla to speak with him at a new Japanese restaurant in town.

While Tyra and her family discuss their finances over dinner, Jason seems jealous when Lyla tells him about her upcoming meeting Ty Johnson. When Lyla goes off to say hello to some friends, Tyra tells Jason that he's making a mistake by getting back together with her after she cheated on him with Riggins.

Over dinner, Mayor Rodell asks Tami Taylor to be part of her reelection campaign team. Meanwhile, Smash comes home and yells at his mom for going to Coach Taylor. If Taylor goes to the athletic board, which the rules demand, Smash's entire future is over. Harsh words are exchanged and Mrs. Williams throws her son out of the house.

Taylor has harsh words for Smash when the young running back tries to own up to his "mistake." In another part of town, Tyra's mom disappoints her daughter when she tells her she's going back with Bob rather then looking for work.

Coach Taylor tells a disappointed team that Smash won't be playing that Friday. Grandma Saracen thinks this is quite a puzzle, but her confusion is put aside when Matt, who is watching game footage of their upcoming opposing team, sees a way to win on Friday without Smash. Matt's dad bursts his bubble when he tells his son that he's shipping back to Iraq before the game.

A knock comes from the front door when Tami and Coach are in bed discussing Mayor Rodell's offer. Smash is outside and apologizes to Coach Taylor, asking if he's off the team. Taylor tells Smash that he's risking his job by not reporting the steroids to the athletic board and that he hasn't decided if he's going to or not.

The press asks Taylor why Smash isn't playing on Friday and he replies, "it's an internal matter." Taylor tells the same thing to Buddy Garrity. Matt interrupts with his idea on how they can win without Smash. Taylor stops him short and brushes Matt's suggestions off.

Jason and Herc spy on Lyla's interview with Ty Johnston. Lyla looks over just in time to see a suspicious truck holding two wheelchairs racing away.

Buddy is incredulous when Tim asks him for a favor, especially after that "nonsense with my daughter." Acting on Tyra's behalf, Tim asks Buddy to give her family a break by interviewing Angela for a receptionist job.

Smash admits to his mom that he disgraced himself and his family and that he can't even look at himself in the mirror anymore. His mom worries that Smash has too much pressure on him, too much expectation for the future, and wishes that sometimes he could just be a kid.

Jason confronts Buddy about setting Lyla up on a date with Ty Johnston. Buddy denies that it was a date, but after some pressing he admits that he doesn't want his little girl winding up with "the town cripple." In a moment of total honesty, Buddy admits that he's "real uncertain" about a future where Lyla is married to Jason. Buddy assures Jason that Lyla loves him and would follow him "into hell... but are you sure you want to lead her there?"

While driving her mom to Garrity Motors for the job interview, Tyra's truck suffers a tire blowout and they run off the road. Angela takes this as a sign that she's not meant to work for Buddy. Meanwhile, Matt, his grandmother, and Julie see Matt's father off to Iraq.

Tami interrupts her husband's coaching meeting to tell him that she's decided to join Mayor Rodell's campaign. Coach is uncomfortable with his wife's decision, especially because Mayor Rodell came out to the Taylors a few nights ago as being a lesbian.

While arguing over how to change the tire, Angela admits that she doesn't "understand... was life so bad with Bob?" Tyra replies very simply, "he hit you." Tyra worries that she can easily fall into the same trap and wants her mom to break the cycle for the whole family.

Jason has a heart to heart with Herc about what Buddy said. Jason feels like he's been selfish and that he should let Lyla go. Herc, who is no fan of Lyla Garrity, tells Jason that he has to stand up to men like Buddy who will always try and make physically challenged people feel worthless.

The football game is a grudge match until Matt suggests using his strategy. Though Coach Taylor feels that it's a trap, Matt assures him that he can throw the ball and win the game in a long-shot play. There's the snap... Matt takes the ball... throws... and Riggins catches it for a Panther victory!

At the after-game party, Tyra apologizes to Buddy for her mom missing the interview. Buddy says it's all right because he's already filled the position. But when Buddy gets a gander at Angela, his tune changes and he goes off to talk turkey with her in his office as Tyra watches with a concerned look. When Angela emerges from the office with the news that she has the job, Tyra seems less than enthusiastic.

At a local diner, Taylor has a confidential talk with Smash, demanding that Smash get himself clean and submit to private, voluntary drug testing until Coach decides he can be trusted again. Most of all, Coach tells him not to listen to the Grady Hunts of the world, but to those who love him and have his best interests at heart.

Lyla arrives home to find Jason waiting for her. Taking Herc's words to heart, Jason pours his soul out to Lyla and asks her to marry him.