Friday Night Lights Episode 1.11 Nevermind
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Friday Night Lights Episode 1.11 Nevermind

Episode Premiere
Jan 3, 2007
Drama, Sport
Production Company
NBC Universal, Imagine, UMS, Film 44, 101 Network
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Episode Premiere
Jan 3, 2007
Drama, Sport
2006 - 2011
Production Co
NBC Universal, Imagine, UMS, Film 44, 101 Network
Official Site
Jonas Pate
Liz Heldens
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Katherine Willis

Jason wakes up at home and goes about his morning regime. All goes well until he can't find a Nirvana CD. He loses his cool and yells at his mom, "I'm a cripple and I want to listen to Nirvana!" He takes off on his own and wheels to the record store, which is four miles away.

When he gets to the store he runs into Lyla. Some witty banter turns into an awkward, uncertain moment, which turns into a sexual romp back at her place that ends in frustration because he can't feel anything below the waist.

Matt doesn't understand why Medicare isn't paying a $348 medical bill for his grandmother, who keeps interrupting the call to say that his father needs help outside with his bags. To humor her, Matt takes a peek outside where his dad really is getting out of a cab, home on leave from Iraq.

Tami cracks down on Tim for his poor grades and for having others do his homework for him. She decides to make it her personal responsibility to ensure that none of his teachers continue to let him slide, even if the team is only two wins away from the playoffs - if he doesn't pass, he doesn't p

At the local Applebee's, Jason asks Herc for advice on having sex as a paraplegic. Herc is happy to comply, but when he finds out Jason tried with Lyla he goes ballistic. When Herc calms down, he tells Jason that it's going to take some time for him to regain his old vitality, but that it may never be the same as it was before.

During a break at practice, Matt introduces his father to Coach Taylor. Mr. Saracen's words about his son are wishy-washy at best and disheartening at worst. Matt expresses his feelings on this to Julie and Landry, who try and convince him that his dad is just shook up from being in the war.

Lyla brings a videotape to Jason's that deals with male sexuality for paraplegics. Embarrassed and angered, Jason shuts the tape off, but Lyla keeps pressing. He turns on her in a flash, "This is not what this is all about." He stuns her by suggesting that if she needs it that bad, she should try Riggins.

Tami insists that Landry become Riggins' new tutor. The two students meet up at a diner for their first session. As Landry starts the lesson, he tapes up fliers for "Crucifictorious," his Christian rock band that's performing after the game.

Grandma Saracen's constant tapping on her plate makes her son nervous. Matt tries to explain that she's always like that, which is why they need to get her a nurse. Matt changes the subject to Iraq and asks his dad when he'll be home for good. Mr. Saracen adamantly states that they're "not going to leave until those people have a stable government."

Coach Taylor asks Tami to back off of Riggins, even after he learns that Riggins has been cheating. Their argument is interrupted by a phone call from an assistant coach at UT who wants to know if Taylor has any interest in becoming their quarterback coach next season.

Matt finds his dad cleaning the gutters out in order to get a break from his mom. A smoke alarm goes off and they race inside to discover a stovetop fire. Mr. Saracen yells at his mom, which makes her cry. Matt tries to get her to calm down, and Mr. Saracen just walks away.

Matt and his dad go to the Medicare office to look over their options. Mr. Saracen suggests putting his mom in a home, but they can't do that because she's Matt's legal guardian. However, the Medicare officer explains that there may be a way to get Mr. Saracen out of his service, but he refuses.

When Landry figures out that Riggins still hasn't read "Of Mice and Men," he reads the book aloud while Riggins works out. Later, Landry continues the lesson on the stadium bleachers. When Riggins refuses to think for himself, Landry goes off on him and demands that he assert his own intelligence. Frustrated, Landry throws the book at Riggins and stomps away.

Jason stops by the Taylors, but the coach isn't there. Instead, he tells Tami that he's just not ready to return to the Dillon High rumor mill and that he really wants to get back with Lyla, but can't bring himself to get past her cheating. "There's no weakness in forgiveness if that's what you decide," she tells him.

Mr. Saracen tells Matt that he's sending him to live with his aunt in Oklahoma so that his grandma can be put in a home. Infuriated, Matt heads off to a dinner being held for the Panthers. At the dinner, Matt snaps at Julie when she starts asking about his dad, and Coach Taylor lays into Riggins about passing his classes.

At Friday's contest against the Westcott Warriors, Matt is not on top of his game, but Smash steps in to carry the team. Taylor pulls Matt off the field and sends in the second-string quarterback to take his place as Matt's disapproving father looks on. When it's all over, the Panthers manage to claim the victory.

After the game, Matt and his father exchange harsh words in front of the entire team. Matt accuses his dad of making things worse since being home, and his dad fires back by telling his son that he can't get anything right. Matt won't stand for it; after all, he goes to school, pays the rent, takes care of his grandmother, and leads the football team. In front of everyone, Matt storms off.

Hardly anyone shows up to hear Crucifictorious play. However, Riggins shows up to tell Landry that he managed to pull out a B- and that he appreciates all the help.

Lyla sneaks into Jason's room in the dead of night. He tells her that he's really trying to forgive her, but when she says, "I love you," he responds with a simple, "I know."

Matt tells the coach that his grandmother is going into a home and that he's going to Oklahoma. Coach Taylor assures him that Buddy Garrity won't let him cross the state line. "I hate him," Matt says, referring to his own father. When he arrives home, Matt's just in time to watch his father tucking his grandmother into bed for the night.