Friday Night Lights Episode 1.10 It's Different for Girls
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Friday Night Lights Episode 1.10 It's Different for Girls

Episode Premiere
Dec 12, 2006
Drama, Sport
Production Company
NBC Universal, Imagine, UMS, Film 44, 101 Network
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Episode Premiere
Dec 12, 2006
Drama, Sport
2006 - 2011
Production Co
NBC Universal, Imagine, UMS, Film 44, 101 Network
Official Site
Stephen T. Kay
Andy Miller
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Ken Webster
  • Gigi Erneta
  • Maggie Wheeler
  • Ryan Lee
  • Kristy Vaughan

Lyla washes mean-spirited graffiti off her locker before going to cheerleader practice. She's late and the coach isn't happy about it because she's the captain, and they're only five days away from "the classic." The other girls, especially Brittany, taunt Lyla mercilessly for sleeping with Riggins.

Matt worries about what coach Taylor thinks about his budding relationship with Julie. Later, Julie tells her parents that she's going to a music festival with Matt on Saturday, but her father refuses to let her go; besides, Matt's going to be with Taylor at the "cheerleading thing."

At the Street's, Jason returns home from the rehab facility. He wheels into the new room his dad prepared for him on the first story to find a picture of himself with Lyla. Taking it into his hands, he looks at it sadly before tossing it in a drawer.

Smash works his charm on a new girl, who happens to be Waverly, the pastor's daughter. In the locker room, the guys try to make a wager: Matt will get Julie's "V-Chip" before Smash gets with Waverly. Matt looks over and sees the coach watching this puerile exchange.

Things get more heated at the next cheerleading practice when a group of girls drop Lyla to the floor during a routine. The coach yells at them to work out their problems and asks Lyla if "you're with this team." That afternoon, Lyla watches Jason playing with a neighbor's kid. She approaches him, and he tells her that, "I have nothing to say to you. Don't come back here." He wheels around and goes back to his house.

Riggins interrupts a couple football players trying to invite Lyla to a party. He sits down with "the school slut," but he doesn't care about her newfound reputation. However, she does. "It's different for girls," she tells him. Riggins walks away and Trya pulls him aside, "You're in love with her," she tells him.

Brittany's father stops by Buddy's car dealership to let him know that his daughter and her friends put some "stuff on the Internet" about Lyla. When he gets home, Buddy brings up the site and from the look on his face, it's readily apparent that it's atrocious.

Matt shows up at the Taylor's to watch some TV with Julie. Coach Taylor doesn't it like it one bit and steps into the living room to check on them. It makes Matt nervous, and he shoots up and leaves the house as fast as he can.

Jason's parents bring in a lawyer to talk with Jason about suing the school to pay for his medical bills. Jason doesn't like the lawyer's line of questioning since he's insinuating that the accident was coach Taylor's fault and Jason won't stand for it.

At a pep rally, Coach Taylor lets the cheerleaders know that on Saturday the team will be supporting them at the classic. He then brings out the football team, and they're all dressed up like cheerleaders. Tami notices that Lyla isn't there. She finds Lyla at her locker reading a nasty note that someone pinned to it. In Tami's office, Lyla tells Tami that she's quitting the squad, even though it was her childhood dream to be a Dillon cheerlead

Before practice, Smash takes some steroids. Out on the field, he impresses Taylor and the other coaches with his greatly improved speed. After practice, Matt has a word with Taylor - Matt senses that Taylor has a problem with Matt seeing his daughter.

Smash is bouncing off the walls when the pastor and Waverly show up for dinner. Waverly talks about her experiences in Africa working for a missionary organization that builds houses. The pastor changes the subject to ask about the SAT class, and Smash's nervous response makes Waverly suspicious.

Riggins pays Jason a visit to tell him that, "Lyla is completely in love with you... she's going through hell right now, Street." Riggins apologizes for everything, but Jason isn't ready to hear it yet.

Taylor puts a stop to Matt and Julie's weekend plans by insisting that he study football videos of their next week's opponent over the weekend. Out in the halls, Smash makes a final attempt to ask Waverly out.

Waverly gives in and has a date with Smash playing miniature golf. They discuss their futures and she expresses some doubt over the path that she's on. When Smash's nose starts to bleed, she tells him that she doesn't think he spent the church money on an SAT class. For that matter, Smash is starting to think that she didn't go to Africa.

Jason spies Lyla standing outside his window and goes out to have a talk with her. She tries apologizing again, but he won't have it. She pours her heart out and starts to get through to him, but he just can't take her back.

On Saturday, Taylor comes home from a round of golf, late for the cheerleading classic. He notices that Julie isn't there; Tami tells him that she's going over game tapes with Matt at Matt's house. Taylor's not particularly happy by this bit of information.

Riggins surprises Lyla at her house to tell her that she should go to the cheerleading championship. "I don't want to see you give up," he tells her with a hug before walking away in the rain.

In the bathroom at the cheerleading classic, Taylor catches Smash tending to a nosebleed. Behind the scenes, Lyla catches up with her team to compete. When it's the Panther's turn, Jason watches from the stands as Lyla and the squad give a fantastic performance.