Friday Night Lights Episode 1.09 Full Hearts
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Friday Night Lights Episode 1.09 Full Hearts

Episode Premiere
Dec 5, 2006
Drama, Sport
Production Company
NBC Universal, Imagine, UMS, Film 44, 101 Network
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Dec 5, 2006
Drama, Sport
2006 - 2011
Production Co
NBC Universal, Imagine, UMS, Film 44, 101 Network
Official Site
Josh Pate
Aaron Rahsaan Thomas
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • John Chilleri
  • Dominik Chilleri
  • Spencer Greenwood

In the church parking lot, Smash injects steroids while the reverend delivers his sermon. In the rehab facility's chapel, Lyla prays for guidance while Jason takes her pictures off the wall. He looks up from this emotionally charged task to find her crying in his room's doorway. She admits to sleeping with Tim Riggins and begs for forgiveness, but he sends her on his way.

Accusing eyes hone in on Riggins when he steps into the locker room. A player suggests to Matt that he should say something to Tim about throwing a punch at Jason. In the halls, Tyra asks Lyla why Jason tried to punch out Tim, suggesting that she knows what happened between them.

Taylor prepares the team for their big away game against Gatling, whose star player, Junior Silverio, is Smash's rival from childhood - Smash and his family are originally from Gatling, a poor town filled with gang violence.

Jason sets the record straight by explaining to the team that he threw a punch at Tim and not the other way around. The guys let Jason know that they're aware of Tim and Lyla, and "we got your back."

Smash asks his mom if she moved them away from Gatling to "get us out of the ghetto... or away from dad." His mom tells him to shut his "smart mouth" and take his plate to his room. There will be no talk of that man in this house.

"Is that a Member's Only jacket?" Coach Taylor asks Matt when he shows up for his date with Julie, referring to the jacket that Landry assured Matt was trendy. Julie comes down the hall in a revealing outfit, which prompts Tami to pull her aside and make her change.

At the movie theater, Matt's told that the show is sold out. He tries to score seats by leveraging his position as "QB1," but it doesn't work. An unimpressed Julie is interrupted by a call from a desperate Landry concerning Matt's grandmother.

Putting his date on hold, Matt returns home to find his grandmother screaming and crying from inside a locked closet, complaining that Landry tried to touch her. To calm her down, Matt pretends to be her long-deceased husband by singing "Mr. Sandman" as Landry and Julie watch.

Tim arrives home to find his teammates lying in wait with baseball bats, which they use to demolish his truck.

At Mayor Rodell's request, Tami meets with Buddy Garrity to figure out how best to convince Gatling to put the team up in decent accommodations. Buddy turns the conversation around by asking Tami if she knows if something is going on with Lyla. Tami suggests that he talk to his daughter and not try to fix any of her problems: "Just be there for her."

While playing a game of one-on-one basketball with his sister Sheila, Smash has a hard time breathing and goes to the hospital where a doctor diagnoses it as "anxiety" over the game against Gatling. Sheila suspects something, forcing Smash to admit that he's taking some "pick me ups."

In Gatling, Tami and Buddy sit down for some BBQ with town representatives to go over accommodations. Some sweet-talking from Tami gets them to work out details on better rooms for the team.

Tyra surprises Jason with a visit and a bottle, but their drinking game goes from raucous to contemplative when she asks if he'll ever forgive Lyla. "Here's to real friends," Jason toasts, clicking his plastic cup with hers.

The Williams family has dinner with their old friends, the Silverios. Smash and Junior put aside their differences on the field to enjoy the evening together. Smash is appalled to learn that he and Junior are the last two of their old group not to be spending time in jail. The night takes a bad turn when Smash overhears his mom saying that their family is better off with their dad dead.

Smash wanders off to his old house in a very unwelcoming part of town. When he gets back to the hotel, he finds his mom waiting for him, worried sick. She tells him the truth about the "accident" that led to his father's death, an accident that had nothing to do with coming home late from work and everything to do with another woman and lots of alcohol. She assures Smash that she loved his father and that Smash inherited the "best parts of him."

The game is a grudge match with no score going into the fourth quarter. Silverio beats the hell out of the team and hurts Tim Riggins in a crushing tackle.

Buddy wonders why some girls are mocking his daughter on the sidelines. Under the stands, Buddy asks Lyla what's going on. She admits that, "I lost Jason... I was unfaithful." Buddy gives his daughter a close hug and some fatherly advice.

With Dillon down by two, Taylor sends Tim back into the game. Matt calls the play, takes the snap, and hands the ball off to Smash. Tim blocks Junior, freeing Smash to take the ball to the end zone for a touchdown, which spells defeat for Gatling. Matt races off the field and is surprised when Julie gives him a congratulatory kiss.