Friday Night Lights Episode 1.05 Git 'Er Done
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Friday Night Lights Episode 1.05 Git 'Er Done

Episode Premiere
Oct 30, 2006
Drama, Sport
Production Company
NBC Universal, Imagine, UMS, Film 44, 101 Network
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Oct 30, 2006
Drama, Sport
2006 - 2011
Production Co
NBC Universal, Imagine, UMS, Film 44, 101 Network
Official Site
Mark Piznarski
John Zinman, Patrick Massett
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Gabriel Folse
  • Walter Perez
  • David Stokey

Lyla goes for a morning jog... straight to Riggins' house. With Tim's brother not home, it only takes seconds for Lyla and Tim to make out.

Taylor summons Voodoo to his office, giving him the opportunity to make his case for starting on Friday night. Instead, Voodoo launches into a diatribe: he hates Texas, the food, the music, the team. He's not there to make friends; he's there to get noticed and get recruited by LSU. "You and me are an arranged marriage," he tells Taylor after accurately pointing out that Taylor is barely scraping by as the team's coach.

At the local Applebee's, Tyra waits on Connor, an investment banker who is visiting from Los Angeles, while a group of Panther supporters go racing by outside the window. The next day, Connor stops by to ask Tyra to tag along on a ride out to an oil field he's investigating.

Taylor is surprised to see Voodoo practicing with the first team instead of Matt Saracen. Though Voodoo looks sharp on the field, Taylor sends in Saracen instead. After practice, Matt runs into Julie for some awkward, teenage conversation.

Herc insists that the rehab facility get Jason down to the center that afternoon to "see his future." When Herc talks, Phil listens. That afternoon, Jason watches as a group of highly athletic paraplegics play a rough and tumble game of rugby.

With straight "A" grades, Lyla has many college options open to her. Tami suggests that it's time for her to start thinking about them, but Lyla still clings to her belief that she'll follow Jason to Notre Dame. Meanwhile, Mack makes it plain to Taylor that he wants the head-coaching job.

There's some heavy flirtation going down between Tyra and Connor outside the oilfield. He thinks that she'd do OK in the City of Angels and invites her out for a real dinner the next night.

As Lyla gets dressed in Riggins's bedroom, he asks after a big trig test she has coming up. She asks him not to pretend to be interested in her schoolwork. All he really wants is to have a conversation with her, but she shuts him down, upset about the whole situation they're in.

Taylor explains to his wife the tortured decision he faces. He can't start Saracen, though he knows the team will play for him, but he doesn't want to start Voodoo, because he doesn't like him or trust him, though he can probably win the game. The next day, Taylor delivers the bad news to Matt that he's going to be starting Voodoo on Friday.

Lyla surprises Jason with a visit before the game. Coach Taylor follows him in with the gift of a Panther football helmet. Smash and other teammates come into the room next to visit their fallen hero. The last one into the room is Tim Riggins, visiting his best friend for the first time. Through tears, Tim manages to get out a few words before completely breaking down and leaving. With everyone gone, Jason loses control of his emotions and sobs inconsolably to himself.

Tyra arrives at Connor's hotel for their date. He's surprised because he thought he was picking her up. Without another word, she kisses him and they're off to the races.

The Panthers get off to a shaky start against the Panthers. Pissed off, Voodoo ignores the plays that Taylor calls and starts "playing this my way." It works and Voodoo takes the ball to a touchdown. Taylor has some words with Voodoo, but Voodoo doesn't seem to care.

Voodoo disregards another one of Taylor's orders and calls his own play again. This time it backfires. The Tigers intercept the ball and take it to the end zone for a touchdown. In the locker room, Taylor warns Voodoo that he's off the team if he pulls another stunt like that. Voodoo disrespects Taylor and Taylor kicks him off the team on the spot. He tells Matt to get ready to go in.

With seven points down, only seconds left on the clock, and 80 yards to cover, Matt takes the field to lead his team. On his first throw, Matt gets off a long pass. Another pass moves them closer to goal. With seven seconds left, the Panthers find themselves on the 32 yard line. A fake hand off gets the ball to Riggins who runs it into the endzone, brining the Panthers down by one.

Instead of kicking for an extra point, Taylor calls for the two-point conversion to go for the win. Matt gets the ball to Smash, who leaps over the Tigers and into the end zone... the Panthers win!

Trya wakes up in Connor's hotel room bed to find that he's already dressed and ready to leave for the airport. Connor admits to Tyra that he's in a serious relationship back in L.A. and that this was just a one-time thing. Nonetheless, Tyra is shaken when he leaves the room.

Wherever he goes, Taylor is met with cheers and congratulations. And the sports shows on the radio are finally on Matt's side. At the rehab facility, another small victory beings as Jason shakes off his self pity and gets down to the hard work of regaining the use of his hands.

But the sweet smell of success turns sour when Buddy introduces Taylor to two men from the District Executive Committee. The men have questions about Voodoo's eligibility and that there's going to be a formal investigation. If he's deemed ineligible, Voodoo will no longer play football for Dillon and the Panthers will be stripped of last night's victory.