Desperate Housewives

Episode 5.20 : Rose's Turn

  • Desperate Housewives
    • Episode Premiere : April 26, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2004 - 2012
    • Production Company: Cherry Alley
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Rose, the elderly neighbor whose house Orson broke into, also witnessed him causing Edie's crash. After suffering a mild heart attack, she tells Katherine she's sure that it was Death coming after her, but Katherine thinks it's just the morphine talking.

Orson, meanwhile, explains away the bump on his head as having come from a fall. He announces to Bree that he's going to be the kind of husband she deserves, one who no longer lies and steals. Andrew is skeptical of Orson's change of heart and offers to start researching divorce lawyers.

Everyone is concerned about Dave, who's been holed up in his house ever since Edie's death. Mike finds Dave polishing off a bottle of whiskey and when he tries to express his sympathy, Dave bitterly says Mike has no idea what he's going through since he's so happy with Katherine. Mike asks Susan to look in on Dave since Dave clearly does not want to see him.

Tom is not happy to hear that Lynette showers at the office -- in Carlos's bathroom! He's concerned that Carlos might walk in on her. But that very scenario plays out at the Scavo home when Carlos comes to pick Lynette up for work and finds her unconscious in the shower. When she comes to, tucked in her bed, she realizes Carlos saw her naked and makes him promise not to tell Tom.

Gabrielle joins the local garden club, and is shocked to find out that actual gardening is involved. Gabrielle vows to overthrow the current "flower fascist" president, Edna, and finds several women eager to join her coup. They need one more person to outvote Edna's group, so Gabrielle recruits Tom.

Gabby hosts a meeting of the garden club that involves only margaritas, not marigolds. Tom comes to the meeting but Gabrielle shoos him away when she spies Patty, who has a thing for married men, flirting with him. She forbids Tom to see her again after she later catches Patty giving him a ride home.

Orson asks the doctor treating him how Rose is doing; he claims he's worried about her "dementia." The doctor admits that Rose has been saying some "disturbing" things and acts on Orson's suggestion that Rose needs professional help.

Susan stops by to see Dave. She asks what he plans to do next, and he says he's going to sell the house and put the money in a trust for Edie's son, Travers. When she congratulates him on thinking of the future, he tells her that's the last thing he's thinking about now.

She goes to straighten up in his kitchen and sees his gun. Thinking that he's going to kill himself, she smuggles out the gun -- and several knives and pills as well -- in the picnic basket she brought with her. The weapons-filled basket requires a lot of explaining when a cop pulls her over for talking on her cell phone.

Right after the doctor observes that Orson's head injury looks more like the result of a bar fight, Bree runs into Katherine, who's at the hospital to visit Rose. Katherine relates Rose's story of her run-in with Death. Bree shakes her head, until she hears the part about how Death tried to steal Rose's knickknacks, and how she whacked Death across the head with a baseball bat.

Bree wants to know why Orson was out walking so late the night of his "fall." When he sticks to the story she knows is a lie, she goes to see Andrew. "Orson's lying to me again," she says sadly. "I think I have to divorce him."

Gabrielle and Carlos have the Scavos over for dinner, and Carlos mentions "the whole shower thing," mistakenly thinking that Lynette decided to tell Tom. Lynette, meanwhile, is upset to learn that Gabrielle knew all about it. Tom insists that "full disclosure" is what makes a marriage work, so Gabrielle asks if he's told Lynette about Patty and soon everyone is sniping at everyone else.

The next day, Gabrielle apologizes to Tom and he admits that he liked the attention Patty was giving him. "It's just nice having a woman notice me again," he says. Gabby says she knows just how he feels, having gone through it with Carlos. Tom insists he'd never cheat on Lynette and is glad that Gabby is there to "keep an eye on him."

Katherine tells Mike, "You're the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with," and doesn't see his "oh no" face at her declaration.

Susan returns Dave's items to him, that is, the ones the police didn't keep. He insists he's fine, and not suicidal. Dave admits that Edie and he had a fight the night of her accident. Susan tells him he can't blame himself for Edie's death, and shares the story of the accident that split up her and Mike, the one that killed a woman and her daughter. Dave says he heard about it; Susan adds that he doesn't know the whole truth: She was the one driving that night but when she couldn't find her driver's license, Mike took the blame. "So, I understand guilt," she tells Dave. " "Thank you for telling me," Dave says.

The next morning, an unusually focused -- and sober -- Dave warns MJ not to play in the street, saying, "You could get hurt. And that would really tear your mom apart."






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