Desperate Housewives

Episode 4.16 : The Gun Song

  • Desperate Housewives
    • Episode Premiere : May 18, 2008
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2004 - 2012
    • Production Company: Cherry Alley
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Child Protective Services shows up at the Scavos to follow up on Kayla's complaint that Lynette has been abusing her. Lynette says Kayla is exaggerating, but there is surveillance video of her slapping Kayla in the store. If anything else happens, it could jeopardize the custody of all her children. Kayla overhears this and burns her arm with a curling iron and blame Lynette, who is immediately placed under arrest.

When Tom visits Lynette at the jail, she says it's up to him to fix this, since Kayla is his daughter. Tom tells Kayla that when Lynette gets out of jail, she and Kayla won't be able to live in the same place anymore. Kayla assumes Lynette will be moving out, but Tom explains that Kayla's the one who'll be moving. Desperate to stay with Tom, Kayla admits that she made up the whole thing and that she burned herself because she hates Lynette so much. She asks if she confesses everything to the police, whether she can stay and Tom tells her, no, she can't. Kayla insists she'll keep lying, in that case, but the psychiatrist has been listening in and the jig is up. Kayla goes to live with her grandparents. As she's being driven away, she sobs, "Daddy, I'm sorry."

Bree runs into Orson at their church and orders him to stop stalking her, insisting there's no chance she'll take him back. While she's at lunch with the recently returned Reverend Green -- who tells her his wife just left him -- Orson shows up. Bree asks if she can take the reverend's hand to convince Orson that it's really over. It works and Orson leaves. Unfortunately, the reverend has been harboring a crush on Bree all along and moves in for a kiss. When she says she's not attracted to him, he is horribly insulted.

Orson arrives at church and when he is told that the reverend has been talking about a "redheaded harlot in their midst," and he goes to talk to Reverend Green out of giving a sermon denouncing Bree. They accidentally activate the p.a. system, which transmits their argument to the whole congregation, who all hear the reverend call Bree a "flame-haired Jezebel" and Orson defending her honor. Bree is quietly trying to sneak out of church when Orson announces he's not going to let the reverend tell anyone that "Bree Hodge is a slut." Bree rushes to the reverend's office and finds Orson unconscious on the ground. She goes to the hospital to check on Orson, telling them she's his wife. He's resting and she says they needn't tell them she was there, but to take excellent care of him. "He's a good man," she says.

Susan and Mike agree to name their son Conner, but then Mike's grandfather dies and he wants to name the boy after him. Susan agrees, but regrets her decision when he tells her her that his grandfather's name was Maynard. Her friends try to persuade her to change the name since it's so awful. Susan goes to alter the name on the birth certificate, but is told that Mike has to sign it as well. Susan levels with the nurse about why she needs the name changed, but the nurse, whose name is Vanessa, sticks to the rules. Susan sees her chance when a new nurse, named Griselda, takes over her post.

Susan's little change has gone unnoticed, until the hospital arrives with farewell balloons that read "Bon Voyage, Conner." Susan has to confess that she hates the name "Maynard." Mike tells her how his grandfather raised him after his father went to jail and that he wants to give his son someone to live up to, so Susan resigns herself to the name.

An undercover policeman poses as a handyman at Gabrielle's so that when Ellie leaves, they can break into her room. But when Ellie comes back unannounced and finds them there, Gabrielle has no choice but to pretend she's been having an affair with him! Ellie wants to know what she sees in the overweight schlub, and Gaby unconvincingly describes how passionate he is. But Ellie feels sorry for Carlos and tells him about the "affair." He angrily confronts Gaby, who tells him it was just a cover story.

When Gaby tells Ellie that she knows she snitched on her, Ellie reveals her own sad story: Her mother cheated on her father and that led to Ellie ending up on the streets, doing things she hated to survive. She says she'd hate anything bad to happen to Gaby and Carlos, because she loves them. The police call to let Gaby know that the supplier is on his way and they're about to arrest him and Ellie. Gaby warns her that the cops are here and orders her to run for it out the back door.

Wayne confronts Katherine about Dylan's lack of a childhood scar. He demands one of Katherine's hairs to see if Dylan is her daughter at all. Before he gets the hair, Lee and Bob drop in, asking if Katherine can cater their commitment ceremony in a few days.

Adam returns once he hears that Wayne is back and offers to warn him off for Dylan's sake, but Katherine, who's been getting in some target practice at the gun range, says that won't be necessary. Adam next suggests that the three of them still take the graduation trip they once planned for Dylan, but never come back. Wayne shows up at Dylan's recital and asks Adam to help him change his tire. Adam, who's never met Wayne, agrees. While Adam is busy with the tire, Wayne knocks him out with the tire iron. Adam comes to in a shed, tied to a chair. Wayne introduces himself and says, "We're about to have some fun."






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