Desperate Housewives

Episode 3.12 : Not While I'm Around

  • Desperate Housewives
    • Episode Premiere : January 14, 2007
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2004 - 2012
    • Production Company: Cherry Alley
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Paul gets into Mike's good graces by defending him in the prison yard when another prisoner attacks him. Mike considers him his new best friend, until a guard informs him he saw Paul pay off the attackers.

Susan overhears Austin and Julie talking about condoms and flips out. Julie assures her she's not having sex yet and they were simply discussing a friend of hers. Julie turns to Edie for help getting on the pill and she agrees, even though she knows Susan's going to be furious with her if she finds out.

When Susan reveals to Gabrielle how relieved she is that Julie's not having sex, Gabrielle isn't buying it. They search her room and find her birth control, hidden in the VCR. Susan calls the doctor and demands to know why he prescribed birth control without her consent. She realizes that Edie impersonated her and goes to tell her off. Edie says it was Julie's idea and that Julie and Austin are in love, so Susan should back off. Which makes it that much more awkward when they walk into Edie's house and find Austin and Danielle on the couch, half naked.

Julie comes home to find her mother holding the birth control pills. Susan says she's hurt that she didn't tell her the truth, and that she hopes they can keep their good relationship. And then she reluctantly tells her about Austin and Danielle.

Gabrielle's secret admirer crosses the line into stalking when he leaves a $6,000 dress for her by breaking into her house! Gabrielle asks Carlos to sleep over to protect her and that night, they catch a man leaving a jewelry box on the porch. Carlos tackles him and he reveals that he's simply the messenger and gets his employer on the phone. The identity of Gabrielle's wealthy admirer remains a secret, but once he reveals the price tag of the latest present, a diamond necklace, she agrees to meet him for lunch, even though Carlos wants her to call the cops on him.

Gabrielle wears the dress to the luncheon and eagerly watches each man pass by to see who her admirer is going to be. She's not expecting it to be Zach! He tells her since he inherited his grandfather's money he's no longer the shy, awkward kid she used to know, but she insists he's still too young for her.

When Carlos asks how her date went, she lies and says she just didn't hit it off with the guy. But he ribs her about it being Zach, because he was parked across the street to keep an eye on her. She tells him she doesn't need him to sleep over anymore since she's installing a burglar alarm and that she wants to take care of herself. He reassures her he's just up the street if she ever needs him.

Tom forbids Lynette to visit the restaurant before it opens, because he knows she's just going to criticize everything. She sneaks by when he's gone and is impressed with how good it looks. Andrew, whom Tom has hired to work there, tells her that Tom was turned down for a liquor license because some of the neighbors wouldn't agree to it. Without the license, the restaurant is certain to fail. Mrs. McCluskey suggests she help Tom without letting him know about it. She goes to convince the neighbors who wouldn't sign the waiver and finds just one holdout: an older man whose walls are covered with photos of the busty showgirls he used to know in Vegas. She notices his eyes are drifting to her breasts so she makes him an offer he can't refuse: a flash for his signature. "So worth it," he says as he signs.

Tom is crushed when he realizes that it was Lynette who got the holdouts to sign the waiver, since she accomplished in one day what he couldn't in two months. He says he doesn't feel like a man since he always needs her help. She assures him that he's always helped her with her job, and that she's going to give him all the help he needs with the restaurant.

Bree is horrified to see that Alma has moved into the old Applewhite house and insists that Orson talk Alma out of it. But Alma tells Orson that she has no intention of leaving. She says she still loves him and that Bree probably wouldn't if she knew about Monique and that Orson ran over Mike, secrets she might reveal if he doesn't give her some hope for the two of them.

All Orson tells Bree is that he can't make Alma listen to reason, so she goes over herself to tell Alma to leave town. Left alone in the kitchen, she drops a glass when she hears Alma's new parrot say, "Don't tell Bree." Which leads her to discover a secret below the floorboards: A picture of Orson and Monique, and a bag containing a full set of teeth. Bree sits and waits for Orson to come home, gun in hand.






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