Episode 1.10 : You're the Bad Guy

  • Deception
    • Episode Premiere : March 11, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2013
    • Production Company: Universal Television, BermanBraun
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Gloria Muzio
  • Screenwriter Kevin J. Hynes
  • Main Cast

The Story

Joanna is in bed with Julian when he receives a text message and has to leave. Joanna gets a call from a Nichole, telling her that Audrey is leaving the country soon. Joanna will have to get to the bottom of this before Audrey disappears. Joanna's mother lectures her about her involvement with Julian.

Mia meets with Vivian's former therapist, where she digs for information about her sister Vivian's death. She's surprised to learn he videotapes all his sessions, which seems a little creepy. Unfortunately, the therapist isn't going to play ball, so Mia cuts the appointment short. Meanwhile, Will meets with Edward and Julian to ask for their assistance in collecting evidence on Audrey, who's apparently the mastermind behind the plan to discredit Lyritrol. They need to prove that she's mixed up in the murders of Ben Preswick, Remy Colville and of, course, Vivian Bowers.

Joanna confesses to Will that she slept with Julian, and Will doesn't take it well. He immediately takes Joanna off the case and fires her. She heads back to work, where Robert is cold and openly suspicious of her. Julian calls Audrey and she agrees to meet with him later. She has no idea he's now working with the FBI. Julian wants to punish Audrey for killing Vivian, but Will stresses that Julian should only focus on getting Audrey's cell phone.

Later, Mia and Sofia meet for lunch. Sofia tries to get Mia to open up, but Mia is reluctant to share her feelings. When she spies Wyatt entering the restaurant, Sofia panics and sneaks off to the bathroom to meet with him. Wyatt says he knows Sofia slipped the drugs into his pocket, and then they have sex in the bathroom. When Sofia returns to the table, Mia is gone.

Mia heads to the seedy motel where Vivian was found murdered. The neighbor invites her to a party down the hall and she accepts the invitation, reluctantly following in her older sister's footsteps. The party is filled with drugs and booze. Mia snorts a line of what she thinks is cocaine, but the party host tells her that it was actually heroin. Disturbed by her own behavior, Mia rushes out of the party.

Sofia rushes to Haverstock's house to demand he put Wyatt back in prison, but Haverstock refuses to cooperate. Robert stops by Beverly's room to ask her what Joanna is really up to. He threatens to expose Beverly's involvement in Katherine's death if she doesn't cooperate, but Beverly isn't easily intimidated. Edward meets with Robert to apologize for ruining his father's reputation and nearly destroying his company. Robert gives Edward the golf club that was used to murder Kimberly Yeager and calls Edward a murderer. Later, a worried Samantha calls Edward. He sounds so unhinged that she offers to fly home, but he declines her offer.

Joanna tracks Mia down and finds her making out with the creepy party host. Joanna drags a heavily intoxicated Mia from the party. Edward heads to the FBI with the murder weapon to turn himself into Will. Will explains he'll have to arrest Edward, and Edward says he's ready for that. Will handcuffs Edward and places him under arrest. Meanwhile, Robert visits the FBI looking for Will. Finding only Gabe, Robert has a serious talk with him instead...

Joanna carries Mia back to her bedroom and asks what happened. Mia explains the events of the day, including her videotaped meeting with Vivian's therapist. It's news to Joanna. Mia is conflicted about whether or not she should donate her bone marrow to save Haverstock, and Joanna suggests she should just do it and not look back.

Joanna visits Vivian's therapist to demand access to his video of Vivian's sessions, and the therapist agrees to cooperate. Nichole pays a surprise visit to Audrey's apartment to ask her about Frank Drexler. Julian arrives later and notices a drop of blood on the floor. He follows a blood trail and discovers Audrey has, at the very least, knocked out Nichole. When Julian attends to Nichole, Audrey stabs him in the back. Once Audrey confesses somewhat, implicating herself in Remy and Ben's murders, Will and the police rush in. When Will turns his back, Gabe shoots Audrey dead, claiming she was going for a gun.

Sofia meets with Wyatt to tell him that she's not leaving her family. She also gives Wyatt a check for three million dollars - the money she's been saving for their reunion - if he'll agree to disappear forever. Wyatt is upset and heartbroken, but not surprised. Mia stops by Haverstock's office to tell him she's decided to donate her bone marrow. Meanwhile, Joanna reviews the DVDs from Vivian's therapy sessions. Vivian tells her therapist she thinks Haverstock is going to kill her for leaving him.

Back at the police station, Will sets Edward free because the lab didn't find his fingerprints or Kimberly's blood on the golf club - it was just random animal blood! Edward heads to Haverstock's office and beats him up with the golf club, daring Haverstock to press charges. Meanwhile, Joanna calls Will to tell him Vivian was still involved with Haverstock when she was murdered. Will says Vivian's case is closed, refusing to answer when Joanna demands to know whether Audrey specifically said she killed Vivian.

Gabe meets with Robert later to accept payment for killing Audrey. Though it seemed like a heat-of-the-moment mistake at the time, it's clear that Robert actually hired Gabe to kill Audrey. Gabe says that if someone had murdered his own daughter, he would want to kill that person just like Robert did. Robert agrees with Gabe, but he also seems to be hiding another dark secret.






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