Episode 1.07 : Tell Me

  • Deception
    • Episode Premiere : February 18, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2013
    • Production Company: Universal Television, BermanBraun
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Tate Donovan
  • Screenwriter Brent Fletcher
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • John Laroquette

The Story

Julian hovers flirtatiously as Joanna makes breakfast for Mia, who's reading the paper. Mia gasps, stunned to learn Ben has been killed in a bus crash. When the doorbell rings, Julian returns with Audrey, who's limping and simpering. Apparently, she tripped while jogging and figured Dr. Julian was close by. Julian offers to drive Audrey home, earning eye rolls from both Joanna and Mia. Over at the FBI, Gabe and Will are reviewing new video footage of Ben's bus crash. Clearly, someone Tasered Ben, causing him to pitch forward into the path of the bus.

Edward has finally managed to persuade Samantha to take the girls to California. Hunter and Lily are giving their father instructions on how to keep their frog alive while they're gone, definitely an uncertain prospect. In their separation, Edward and Samantha are clearly more united than they've been in a long time. Nichole meets with her former co-worker Reed. A woman named Marci, who claims to know the identity of the mystery woman Julian Bowers took to the Bahamas has left a message on the Fame Junkie tip line. Having been arrested by Joanna, Marci wastes no time outing her as a cop.

At the office, Julian and Robert watch as Jim Cramer slaughters the company stock on "Mad Money." His verdict? Sell, sell, sell! Since there's a shareholder's gala tonight, Robert decides it's time for Julian to step up. He needs to pay off the FDA's number two guy, Sheldon Webb, to fast track Lyritrol's approval. When Julian points out that he could get arrested, Robert warns him to not get caught. Joanna and Mia decide to attend Ben's funeral in honor of Vivian. Mia is just telling Joanna that something's wrong with Audrey (she has crazy eyes) when they bump into Edward. Mia starts referring to Edward as "Uncle Eddie," so he apologizes for what happened at the ball and sets the record straight. He's her brother, end of story.

Federal prison inmate Wyatt calls Sofia with good news. The protection money she paid did the job, and he has a parole hearing next week! Clearly these two go way back - so far that Sofia can barely allow herself to remember the time she was 19, covered with blood and Wyatt took the knife out of her hand... Joanna and Will compare notes. She wonders whether Teo Agresar could have been the one to Tase Ben, and she wants to follow up on Will's other lead: Ben made a call to a pay phone in Brooklyn just before he died. Will tells her to stand down, since she has to go to the Bowers' gala that night. Of course, Joanna doesn't listen and heads for the subway to Brooklyn, unaware that Nichole is tailing her.

Julian carries a briefcase full of cash to his meeting with Sheldon Webb in an abandoned building. Going for the jugular, Julian talks about Webb's son. Keenan doesn't have the grades and Webb doesn't have the money to get him into Yale. How about a scholarship, courtesy of the Bowers? The deal is sealed. Mia finally goes home. Sofia tries to explain that Vivian wasn't fit to be a mother; they made the best decision they could at the time. Mia's always been the most important thing in her life. That's when the argument blows up. When Mia calls Sofia a phony, she pulls out the scotch and gets nasty. Mia's under house arrest starting now. When she claims she doesn't know the identity of Mia's father, Mia screams, "You're lying!" and storms off.

Sofia finds Haverstock flirting with a waitress in a fancy Manhattan bar. She wastes no time explaining Wyatt's parole has been moved up. Haverstock reminisces about Sofia and Wyatt, two young red necks in love, who fled their country troubles for life in the big city. Haverstock could barely keep up with all the different identities Sofia made for herself - though the charade she built with Robert has lasted. Sofia insists she's in love with Robert. Haverstock points out life will surely get messy with Wyatt out on parole. Hoping to get their conversation over with, Sofia tells Haverstock she needs Wyatt to stay in jail. He agrees - but Sofia will owe him.

Late in the afternoon, Robert finds Sofia in her cups, crying on the couch. She can't go to the gala. Mia thinks she's a monster, the rest of the world thinks she's an imposter. Robert doesn't understand - since when does Sofia care what anyone thinks? Sofia admits it's different when it comes to Mia; worse yet is the way the story is being spun. Robert advises her to spin her own story and fight for what's hers - tonight, at the gala. Meanwhile, Mia's on the phone inviting all her friends over. She may be on house arrest, but Sofia never said anything about having friends over...

In Brooklyn, Joanna checks out the pay phone Ben called on the night of his murder - nothing unusual. According to the local homeless guy, the guys from a nearby Russian bakery, Krupski's, use it, but that's all he's willing to say. Back at FBI HQ, Gabe's been looking into the pay phone himself. He tells Will that Krupski's is crawling with Russian mobsters. Having already deduced Joanna is there with no backup, Will runs out, but of course, Joanna's already buying a ponchiki. Interestingly enough, when the phone rings, Gregor, the guy behind the counter, goes outside to answer the pay phone. That's when Nichole enters the shop to confront Joanna. "I know you, you're a cop," she says, and starts asking questions about the Bowers.

Joanna is trying to deny she's a cop when another bakery worker enters, let's call him Andrei. Recognizing him as the guy who stole the laptop out of Julian's room in the Bahamas, Joanna grabs Nichole and makes for the door, just as Gregor re-enters and locks it. Joanna punches him in the face and starts fighting, then grabs Nichole and runs into the back as Andrei pulls out a gun and starts shooting. There's no way out and it looks like Joanna's goose is cooked, but Will comes out of nowhere to shoot Andrei in the back, saving her life.

Julian's dressing for the gala when Audrey calls to invite him to dinner. When he explains that he has a company thing, she tries to invite herself, but there's no way he's taking an employee of Bowers' rival. Audrey presses, hoping for news on Lyritrol, but Julian won't budge. Audrey hangs up, then turns to face her boss Frank Drexler. It sounds like they may have a problem, and Audrey is going to have to stay close to Julian. Back at the FBI, Joanna's dressed for the gala, and once again she refuses to let Will take her off the case. Nevertheless, it's clear their close call has taken a toll: Will can't help but grab her for a deep kiss, and after a moment, Joanna pushes him away.

Edward meets with his private investigator Farhad, who explains the Lyritrol tests resulted in over 100 fatalities, 24 of which were children. An offshore company called ZonoCorp paid off the families. Edward hasn't heard of it, but Robert certainly must have, because he owns it. Clearly, he's behind the cover-up. Across town, Robert and a newly confident Sofia enter the Bowers' gala, running smack into a group of angry board members. Word on the street is Kirschner-Sims is going to beat them to market and Bowers stock price is plummeting. Back at the estate, Mia's party is in full swing and growing. She's a little tipsy when Ryan arrives. Excusing himself to use the bathroom, he makes a call, saying, "If you really want to do this, now's the time."

Julian is admiring Joanna from across the room when Robert steps up to congratulate him. Sheldon Webb called, Lyritrol's approved. Julian makes a beeline for Joanna. Ever since she showed up after Vivian died he's felt like there's a second chance for them and he doesn't want to miss it. Joanna should dump whoever her other guy is. Joanna is almost in tears when she tells him, "You don't understand. I can't." Then she lies, saying she doesn't feel the same way. Stung, Julian downs the last of his champagne and tells her to have a good night. He'll see her back at his place... where she's staying.

Mia gets pulled out of her party to attend to "some old dude" in the foyer. It's Haverstock, and he has news: he's her father. He admits Vivian was underage and he should have known better. But he loved her more than he's ever loved anyone. Back at the FBI, Will reads Nichole the riot act. First off, she's Canadian, and since she's no longer working for Fame Junkie, her work visa has expired - not to mention that she could have gotten both herself and Joanna killed. Here's how it's going to work: Nichole will stop writing about the Bowers, and if she mentions one word about Joanna being a cop, she'll be deported.

Robert takes the stage to make an important announcement. Lyritrol has been approved by the FDA and will be on the shelves in three weeks. Coming in late, Edward asks Julian what happened, then explains that Robert falsified Lyritrol's test results. Julian accuses Edward of being a crazy person, but Edward insists this isn't about him. Robert's speech hasn't yet ended by the time Edward and Julian start swinging at each other, and moments later they're rolling on the ground. After Robert drags him to his feet, Edward quits his job, the family - everything and storms out.

Mia is just sharing her evening's revelation - she's the product of rape, even if Haverstock claims he and Vivian loved each other - when Robert and Sofia hit the lights and break up the party. Mia tries to make everyone stay, but Robert loses his temper, grabbing and shaking her. Life may be tough, but he expects more from her. It's late when Will finds Edward drinking at a hotel bar, hoping for the truth, which he gets. Edward explains Vivian found evidence that Lyritrol was a bad drug. Edward told Robert, and three days later, Vivian was dead. Will asks Edward to let him help, but Edward insists he has it covered.

Sofia watches as Mia endures her punishment - cleaning up the mess her friends made. She admits they should have told Mia the truth much earlier. And no, Mia cannot go to bed; it's important to clean up one's messes in life. Joanna knocks on Julian's bedroom door. He's not there, and that's because he's knocking on Audrey's door, looking to lose himself, after enduring possibly the worst night of his life.

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