Episode 1.06 : Don't Be a Dummy

  • Deception
    • Episode Premiere : February 11, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2013
    • Production Company: Universal Television, BermanBraun
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Michael Schultz
  • Screenwriter Kath Lingenfelter
  • Main Cast

The Story

Samantha finds Edward in his study looking distraught. He asks her to take their daughters and move to California as she originally planned. When she refuses, Edward tells her that he killed Kimberly Yaeger. Robert covered it up, so Edward got a life he didn't deserve. Robert's covering up the Lyritrol trial deaths too, so Edward has to stop him. Samantha can't be here when he does.

Back at the estate, Joanna enters her bedroom to find a drunk and disheveled Sofia sitting in the dark. After tearfully thanking Joanna for finding Mia, Sofia claims she tried to love Vivian, and she had no idea what she was getting into when she promised to raise Mia. She only knew she loved Robert, but she never expected to fall so fiercely in love with Mia, who's had a happy life; she loved Sofia. But Sofia doesn't think Joanna appreciates that love, nor does she care how Sofia feels. And for that reason, Sofia has spoken to Robert - it's time for Joanna to move out.

As Mia agrees to return to Manhattan with Julian and Joanna, Kyle is pulled over by a state trooper for the stolen bottle of wine. Rather than out Mia, Kyle takes responsibility for shoplifting, without having any idea he's also on the line for transporting a minor and home invasion. He could be looking at five years! The cuffs are just going on when Haverstock's limo pulls up. Can he have a word with Kyle? The senator gets his way. It's late when the gang gets back to Julian's loft, and Mia can feel the heat between Joanna and Julian. After Joanna says goodbye, Julian explains that Vivian was about to tell Mia the truth and take her away. And no, he doesn't know the identity of her father...

Joanna calls Will to admit he was a right. Her plan to retrieve Mia made her a dummy, and it got her kicked out of the Bowers house. But she still has her job working for Robert, and is still in the game. She doesn't want Will to worry; she has a plan B. Joanna hangs up, leaving Will to realize just what plan B entails... moving in with Julian.

When Julian spies Joanna rushing out, she tells him a half-truth: she's going to look for Mia in Ocean City. Julian knows Mia's friends have a house there and has the address. When Joanna asks if she should stay out of the whole thing, Julian insists Mia will listen to her. On the ride, Joanna flashes back to childhood, on a night Vivian seemed particularly upset and confessed to sleeping with her older boyfriend. A ringing phone brings her back to reality, but Julian is already picking up Will's call, raising a big red flag - Joanna's going out of town with Julian?! To find Mia? When Joanna grabs her phone, Will brings her up to date on Teo. He's got a long drug history with heroin, but he just get out of prison, so he couldn't have killed Vivian. But maybe Sofia's payoff was for Ben? After Joanna hangs up, Julian asks whether Joanna's boyfriend is pissed another man answered her phone...

With Mia still missing, Sofia is distraught and crying at breakfast. What if Mia doesn't come home? What if she hates them forever? Robert insists Mia loves Sofia, but it's time for them to do things differently. They have to trust Mia and stop trying to control her; otherwise they'll have another Vivian on their hands. Sofia agrees, but only if Robert will do something for her in return... Unbeknownst to Joanna and Julian, Haverstock's limo is already parked near the house where Kyle and Mia are crashed out on the living room floor after a night of debauchery. Julian turns on his heel, but Joanna takes Mia for a walk and talk on the dock. She's decided she's going to butt into Mia's life because she didn't pay attention to Vivian when it mattered... When Mia insists she's not going back to her parents' house, Joanna tells her to stay with Julian.

Edward reels - he killed Kimberly Yaeger!? Robert explains there was no way to choose between his children, and he only wanted to protect his son; he did what he thought was right. For his part, Haverstock believes that in exchange for caring for the Bowers' family, he lost his best friend, his only child, and the woman he loved. Stunned, Julian promises Haverstock will pay. That night, Mia tells Kyle she stole the wine, and she's not sure why. She's mad and she wants to hate her parents, but she can't. The next day, Gabe calls Joanna with a hit on Kyle's license plate in Ocean City on a shoplifting charge. Unfortunately, since Kyle has a record, he could get in some real trouble. Joanna asks Gabe to see if he can hold the local cops off until she gets there, and he agrees, regardless of the fact Will told him not to.

Joanna and Will reconvene at his apartment, where she turns over the stolen mail, addressed to Teo Agresar. He had tracks on his arms - could he be the guy who supplied the heroin that killed Vivian? After bickering over whom their prime suspect should be now, Will tells Joanna not to go after Mia. How will she explain finding her to the family? Joanna insists she can't just leave Mia to "these people"; she owes that much to Vivian. Meanwhile, Kyle and Mia are having a fine time grocery shopping - until Mia decides she wants to shoplift a bottle of wine. Kyle points out that they're trying to avoid attention and there's likely tons of wine back at the house. When Kyle leaves the store to load the motorcycle, Mia spots yet another tabloid headline about her and huffs out, not even bothering to hide the bottle of wine she just stole.

Joanna follows Sofia to a sketchy apartment building in the Bronx. Will's on his way, but rather than wait, Joanna follows Sofia into the building, hiding in the hallway to hear a snippet of her conversation with a neighborhood tough. After Sofia leaves without her duffle bag, Joanna worms her way into the guy's apartment, claiming she lost her ferret. Meanwhile, Will's parked on the street. When he spies Sofia do an about-face to re-enter the building, he poses as a neighborhood dude, hitting on an attractive lady. He can't hold her for long, but it's just enough time for Joanna to grab some of her guy's mail and make it back into the hallway without being seen by Sofia. Or did Sofia see her after all...?

Since Mia's still dressed in her ball gown, Kyle leads her into the master bedroom's walk-in closet. Things start to get a little more fun as they pick wacky outfits for each other and change clothes. When Kyle raises the subject of Mia's birth father, she freaks out. She's not ready to face that yet - it could be anybody! Julian makes a beeline for Edward's house with news of Vivian's statutory rape at the hands of Dwight Haverstock - they should go kick his ass! Determined to unlock the mystery of the documents he swiped from Bowers Pharmaceuticals' servers, Edward declines this invitation.

On the lam, Mia directs Kyle to a friend's parents' deserted vacation home. Kyle's willing to do anything to help Mia feel better so she can go back home, but she has no intention of returning. Ever. Julian uses a secret knock from teenage years to rouse Joanna, who's laying low. He confesses that Vivian told him she was Mia's mom before she died. They fought over her plan to take Mia away. If Sofia knew, she would have "gone ballistic," since Mia is her life. Deciding to get involved, Joanna finds a photo of Mia on the back of Kyle's motorcycle and calls in the license plate number to Gabe. When she hears Sofia having an angry conversation on her cell, Joanna goes into stealth mode, spying Sofia loading a duffle bag full of cash from a stash in her closet. Telling Robert she's out for a spin class, Sofia hurries off. Joanna follows.

Joanna and Julian join Robert and Sofia for breakfast. The conversation focuses on Mia and the PI they hired to find her. Acting as Vivian's advocate, Joanna wants to know who decided Sofia and Robert would raise Mia? While Sofia's sure it's none of Joanna's business, it's clear she sacrificed a lot because most of society thought Robert and Sofia married only because she was pregnant. When Joanna demands to know the identity of Mia's father, Robert and Sofia remain mum. Joanna and Julian count off all the guys the 16-year-old Vivian dated. Joanna flashes back: teen Vivian plays with a distinctive lighter, confessing her "intellectual" affair with a 40-year-old man. Remembering the lighter, Joanna puts two and two together: Haverstock is Mia's father! When Joanna accuses Robert of not protecting Vivian from his best friend, Sofia hurls her glass against the wall, effectively ending the conversation.

Mia runs off with Kyle and the identity of her father is revealed. John Larroquette guest stars.

Edward angrily confronts his father at home, while Haverstock reviews tabloid photos of Mia fleeing the ball on Kyle's motorcycle. He orders his assistant to "get me the boy," just as Julian barges into his office, loaded for bear. Robert may not have the balls to expose Haverstock, but Julian does. Robert and Haverstock simultaneously relate their two sides of the same story: Robert didn't find out about Haverstock until right before Mia was born. He broke down Haverstock's door, threatening to kill him. Regardless that everyone thinks he raped Vivian, Haverstock insists he cared for her deeply. When the Kimberly Yaeger incident occurred around the same time, he secreted a key piece of evidence as his insurance policy: a golf club, the murder weapon, with Edward's prints all over it.

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