Episode 1.04 : One, Two,Three...One, Two, Three

  • Deception
    • Episode Premiere : January 28, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2013
    • Production Company: Universal Television, BermanBraun
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

It seems like something intimate is happening in Will's apartment, but in actuality, he's fitting Joanna's wire. Joanna still can't believe Julian might be Joanna's killer; she's known him her whole life! Will tells her to use their history and the fact Julian likes her to get a confession. And yes, it's weird that he's listening to them over the wire, but what can they do? Joanna warns Will that he may hear things he can't unhear. But Will has his eye on the prize; they could wrap up the case tonight if all goes well. Joanna goes to leave, then turns back abruptly to give Will an unexpected deep kiss.

Later that night, Will and Gabe listen in the surveillance van while Julian makes Joanna a complicated cocktail. Gabe remarks that Joanna's a particularly good liar for never having worked undercover before. Will thinks this is a weird comment, but Gabe insists he meant it as a compliment. It's not long before Julian is saying the kinds of things that Will isn't going to be able to unhear - like Julian was the first man Joanna slept with. Gabe chuckles, realizing this one got under Will's skin.

The next morning, an angry Will tells Joanna he's taking her off the case. She fires back: her past with Julian is irrelevant, and she's a cop. Will accuses Joanna of not only lying to him but of compromising the case. Joanna wants to know what's worse: an asset sleeping with a suspect 17 years ago or a handler sleeping with his asset two nights ago? Hurt, Will demands to know whether Joanna still has feelings for Julian. She dodges, claiming she only took the case to find Vivian's murderer - and that's what she's gonna do. Will's phone rings: Ben finally used his cell, and they have his location. Joanna wants to go, but Will blocks. It's time for her to go to work at Bowers Pharmaceuticals.

Mia and her friends are walking through the park on their lunch hour. Mia knows she's forgetting something she has to do, but when Kyle rides up on his motorcycle, she hops on the back. Meanwhile, Robert makes excuses for Mia to a New York Times reporter; their appointment for an interview about the upcoming debutante ball must have slipped Mia's mind. Joanna assures Robert Mia probably did forget, but Robert has no patience for this sort of thing. Moreover, Joanna's making excuses for Mia, the same way she used to make them for Vivian...

Kyle takes Mia to a downtown art space where people are being photographed naked and jumping on a trampoline. Kyle suggests hyper-accelerating their get-to-know-each-other process while plying the trampoline. Both spit and stories are swapped: Kyle's family is poor but happy; Mia's is anything but. Julian finds Edward at work to ask for help arranging a sit-down between Robert and Haverstock. Edward thinks Julian is, as usual, handing off a bag of crap he doesn't want to deal with. Julian points out that Haverstock will listen to Edward, who was his intern during law school. Edward flashes back to his college days: Robert finds a very upset Edward in the bathroom and says, "It's done. He took care of everything."

Julian stops by Joanna's desk to say he had fun teasing her last night. She proposes dinner tonight, lobster at the clubhouse. Across town, Will and several FBI agents bust down the door of Ben's apartment. In a heartbeat, Ben's out the window, up the fire escape and leading the agents on a parcours-style rooftop chase. When an elderly tenant steps onto the fire escape demanding to know what's going on, Ben makes his getaway. After school, Robert confronts Mia about the missed interview. Mia apologizes profusely, claiming she had an away game, but Robert knows she's lying. Rayburn saw her getting on the back of some degenerate's motorcycle at lunchtime. Not only will Mia not be seeing this degenerate again, she's grounded. Furious, Mia stalks out of the kitchen.

Edward visits Haverstock on his yacht. Engaged in texting his newest paramour, Haverstock has no desire to talk about Lyritrol. Edward wants to know how he can help - did Vivian talk to him about the drug's viability? Haverstock's problem isn't about what Vivian said about some chumps in Thailand, but about a deal he made with Robert long ago. The terms of this deal have changed. Edward needs to remember that he killed "that girl" years ago, and Haverstock called someone to take care of it, saving his ass. Edward is stunned; he blacked out - he didn't kill anyone! Haverstock scoffs. What Edward tells himself so he can sleep at night doesn't matter to Haverstock. His problem is strictly with Robert. Edward flashes back to waking up in a lavish Hamptons mansion after a vicious night of college partying... the moment he first spied a half-naked body on the lawn.

Mia finds Sofia in her immense walk-in closet. Did Robert tell her about Mia missing the interview - and his overreaction to Kyle? Sofia translates: Mia really thinks Robert is unfairly forbidding her to see Kyle based on one isolated incident. Mia's stunned when Sofia agrees with her point of view completely and proposes a shopping trip to talk strategy. At the clubhouse, Joanna and Julian are on their second round of martinis and having a flirty time, which is killing Will, who's listening in the surveillance van. Joanna steers the conversation to Vivian and holds it there. Julian becomes sullen, and when Joanna returns from a trip to the bathroom, he's gone.

Joanna finds Julian sitting outside the restaurant. He flashes back to the argument he had with Vivian on the night she was killed, then tells Joanna everything. Vivian threatened to take down the Bowers empire and take off with Mia. When Julian told her to stop being selfish, Vivian started hitting him in a frenzy, calling Robert and Sofia monsters and Julian a fraud, his achievements filthy with Robert's fingerprints. Julian hauled off and hit Vivian, stunning himself and knocking her to the ground. She asked if he intended to beat her to death, then hurried off. Julian tells Joanna he tried to follow Vivian in the car, but she ran across the highway and disappeared, so he went home. Joanna tries to comfort a clearly tortured Julian, but he walks away, saying, "Don't."

The next day, Joanna meets with Will to say she believes Julian, even though Will clearly doesn't. Nevertheless, Joanna saw Julian's face, and her instincts say he's innocent. Since Julian said he drove Vivian's car home, Will and his team are tracking visuals from the night in question. So far, Julian's story checks out... Just then, Joanna's phone rings. A nervous Julian apologizes for last night; he wouldn't blame Joanna if she were done with him. When Joanna says she's just glad Julian trusts her enough to be honest, he invites her to dinner at his place that night, just the two of them. Meanwhile, Ben borrows money from a random stranger on the street, claiming his wallet was stolen.

Sofia and Mia return to the estate weighed down with packages from their shopping trip. Mia tries on a dress, wondering if Kyle would like it, which Sofia uses to segue into discussing her real concern. Any man would love Mia in that dress, which is why she needs to be careful. While Sofia's sure Mia's judgment is strong and Kyle is for real, she just wants her to proceed with caution. Meanwhile, Edward finds Robert in his study and demands to know whether he killed Kimberly Yaeger. Robert insists Edward is a good man who has lived his life beyond reproach. But Edward knows this isn't an answer. He always figured he would have known if he killed Kimberly, but now he's begging for the truth. Robert will only say he made a bad situation go away. Edward shouldn't let one vicious comment from Haverstock destroy his life. Robert will handle Haverstock and Edward is not to worry.

Julian is at work in his kitchen making a gourmet salad while Gabe and Will eat takeout Chinese in the surveillance van. A tech enters the van with frightening news: Julian's timeline doesn't work out. He lied because he never went home on the night of Vivian's murder. Upstairs, Julian makes an off-handed comment about not having been home in over a month, which raises a scary red flag for Joanna, who asks, "Except for the night Vivian died, right?" When she presses, Julian grows sullen, and since he has a knife in his hand, Joanna swipes the corkscrew off the counter. Finally he confesses: rather than come home, he went to his friend Cassie's and had sex with her. He lied because he thought something might be happening between himself and Joanna - that is - until he just saw the look on her face. How could she think he was capable of murder? Now nothing's going to happen between them, including dinner.

Edward pulls into his garage, completely unaware Ben Preswick is waiting for him in the shadows with a crowbar. Ben knocks Edward to the ground, grabs his keys, hops into the Bentley and speeds off. Robert wants to know whether Sofia rewarded Mia's behavior by taking her shopping. Sofia claims she neutralized Robert's behavior with her credit card. If they bully Mia about Kyle, it will only make her defiance seem justifiable, and they'll wind up with another Vivian on their hands. Robert and Mia have a waltz rehearsal tonight, so Sofia invited Kyle over; Robert can start pretending to like him right away. Some things have to be avoided; others have to be faced. After congratulating Sofia for her great mothering skills, Robert leaves to take care of some business of his own.

Joanna and Will review surveillance photos of Julian driving Vivian's car on the night of her murder; his story of sleeping with Cassie checks out. Will still thinks Julian could have hired someone to kill Vivian, despite a total lack of evidence. Now Edward's their prime suspect again, and Ben's still at large. Close to tears, Joanna says, "So Julian's off the hook, and we're done." To which Will icily replies, "Yep, we're done," meaning done in more ways than one. Joanna's apology falls on deaf ears, and Will remarks they'll probably be a whole lot sorrier before the investigation is over; so Joanna should just go on home.

Back at the estate, Joanna's feeling sad, so she calls her mother, who doesn't really have time to talk. Samantha rushes down the hallway, sending her daughters upstairs to find their grandmother. Panicked, she tells Joanna that Edward was attacked in their garage and is now at the hospital being treated for a concussion. Samantha was on her way home when she spied a dark-haired man behind the wheel of Edward's car! Joanna switches into cop mode, quickly figuring out Edward keeps his work ID and parking pass in the glove box. She runs off, telling Samantha she's going to cancel the cards.

Robert finds Haverstock tipsy and in flagrante delicto with an anonymous young woman on his yacht. Grinning, Haverstock stumbles forward with arms outstretched for a big hug - which is when Robert slugs him right in the kisser. Haverstock falls back on the couch with a bloody lip while Robert has his say. Haverstock wanted a sit-down? Well he's sitting down now, and Robert is talking. Haverstock is never to come near the Bowers family again.

Back at the estate, an elegant Sofia conducts Mia and Robert through waltz practice like a drill sergeant. Mia has just noticed her father's knuckles are bloody when Sofia escorts a clearly uncomfortable Kyle into the room. Robert is cordial and polite, and Sofia quickly whisks Kyle onto the dance floor to deliver a very clear message: if Kyle's interested in anything other than Mia's heart, Sofia will eat his. Joanna heads for Bowers Pharmaceuticals to confirm her suspicion that Ben knocked out Edward and stole his work ID. When she finds him in the R&D computer lab, Ben grabs his flash drive and runs for it. Joanna's a bulldog, tossing Ben down a flight of stairs, then besting him in a physical struggle, Finally, she tells him she's a cop, and he backs off...

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