Episode 1.02 : Nothing's Free, Little Girl

  • Deception
    • Episode Premiere : January 14, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2013
    • Production Company: Universal Television, BermanBraun
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Jonas Pate
  • Screenwriter Liz Heldens
  • Main Cast

The Story

The mood is somber around the Bowers' breakfast table. Robert charges Edward with keeping tabs on Julian; they all know how he spun out after their mother died. Edward advises delaying the launch of Lyritrol, Bowers Pharmaceutical's new cancer drug, until the tabloid fervor surrounding Vivian's death dies down, but Robert refuses. Their competitor is only three months behind with a similar drug. With no idea of what Joanna's been doing for the last 17 years, neither Edward nor Sofia is happy Robert hired her as his assistant. And it looks like Joanna's going to be late for her first day at work. Patrick Rayburn, the Bowers' gardener, offers to pick up a new battery for her clunker, then warns her not to get too comfortable with the Bowers. Once she finds her feet, she should use them.

Since Joanna's car is on the fritz, Julian offers her a ride to the train station, where they share a tender moment. Meanwhile, Will and Gabe share the tape Joanna recorded of Joanna's conversation with Remy about Vivian's plans to blow the whistle on Lyritrol with Will's boss, New York's chief deputy of the FBI, Donald Chang. Because of the huge amount of cocaine in Remy's system, Chang can't be convinced he was murdered. As for Vivian, the M.E. still hasn't ruled homicide. Citing the 16-year-old rape and murder of Kimberly Yaeger, for which he's convinced Edward is responsible, Gabe is certain he killed Vivian too. They were seen fighting two days before she died; Edward got her removed from the family will and froze her assets. Will calms Gabe, then asks Chang for three weeks so Joanna can confirm the name of Vivian's contact inside Bowers Pharmaceutical. Chang puts his foot down: he wants a name in three days, or the case is closed.

Having made his own way to New York City, Julian stops at a kiosk to pick up a newspaper. Of course, all the front pages of all the tabloids are plastered with Vivian's photos. When a random guy comments that she was a slut, Julian punches him out, grabs a stack of tabloids and hurls them in the trash. Just then, party girl Cassie calls to break the tension, inviting Julian to play hooky. Will meets with Joanna to hand over the file containing her cover story, in the event the Bowers run a background check. She's got three days to identify Vivian's baby daddy, and Will wants the names of Lyritrol's R&D team. When he asks why Joanna left the family estate in the first place, she flashes back to the day when her mother found her in bed with Julian. To Will she will only say, "My mom said... there's a price to their generosity. Nothing's ever free, baby girl."

Joanna meets with Robert's soon to be ex-assistant, Hannah, and is disappointed to learn that R&D is located offsite. When Robert arrives, an indignant Hannah follows him into his office. There must be some kind of mistake - how was she made Associate Copy Editor in Chicago? That's not a promotion, but more like shipping her off to Siberia! All Robert will say is that Hannah always knew it wasn't forever. Wounded, Hannah allows that she knows things. Robert was working late on the night of Vivian's death, and he had a heated phone conversation with Edward. When Robert warns Hannah to be careful, she snaps back. This conversation isn't over - she is owed!

For her first task, Robert asks Joanna to find Julian, who's getting wildly drunk at a swanky pool party with Cassie and not picking up his phone. Meanwhile, Mia hangs out in Central Park with her school buddy Aaron, who clearly wishes they were more than just friends. He's seen Vivian's sex tapes, so he can assure Mia that she's nothing like her sister, if that's what she's worried about. Mia insists Vivian was clean for months - someone tried to kill her! Back at the office, Edward is displeased to find Joanna trying and failing to access Robert's computer, since she can only guess at his password. She tells Edward that she was merely trying to access his calendar. It turns out the whole family is gathering in Central Park to attend Edward's daughter Hunter's hockey game, and Robert insists Joanna come along.

Half the NYPD is on hand for Hunter's field hockey match in Central Park, causing a disgruntled parent (let's call him Gary) to complain that the Bowers create a circus wherever they go. Moreover, Hunter fouls all the time, getting away with murder - like father, like daughter. Edward takes the high road, but when Gary asks if he killed Vivian too, Edward snaps, pouncing on Gary. The paparazzo snap away as Edward is arrested, cuffed and hauled off to the precinct, where Will is yelling at Gabe. Why tail Edward and bring him in on a one-punch assault when they want him for murder? Gabe promises to back off, then suggests Will might want to talk to Edward. After all, he's in the next room handcuffed to a table - and he waived Miranda... Will might not get this chance again.

Edward's no dummy. He quickly realizes Will's suit is way too nice for an NYPD salary, so he must be a fed. Throwing caution to the wind, Will presses forward, asking why a surveillance camera caught Edward on Berry Hill Road on the night Vivian died, when he told police he was home all night. Demanding to know whether Vivian's death has been ruled a homicide, Edward reminds Will that he can have a lawyer by his side in 10 minutes. Nevertheless, he explains that he travelled three blocks to the home he's no longer welcome in to watch his kids through the window, then got something to eat. Will refuses to answer when Edward asks why the feds are involved in his sister's case, and when Edward asks for his lawyer, Will leaves the room.

ia comes home to find Sofia loading Vivian's possessions into a Goodwill truck. Vivian said Sofia was awful, and she was right! Sofia flashes back to an argument with Vivian, who wants to tell Mia who her real mother is. Sofia's not having it. Back in the present, Hannah drives up to the house demanding an audience. Sofia fills a tumbler full of scotch and pretends to sob while Hannah confesses to her two-year affair with Robert - he even took her to Paris on his wedding anniversary! Sofia turns to face Hannah, coolly furious, her sobs an obvious ruse. Sofia knows exactly who husband is, and she was made for him. Hannah stalks off, in tears by the time she runs into Joanna in the driveway. She warns Joanna to quit her job now, then drives away. Joanna calls Will; Hannah is ready to talk.

Before Will can call Hannah, Chang summons him to his office. Chang just got off the phone with FBI Director Robert Mueller, who it just so happens, plays golf with Robert Bowers. Mueller wants to know why Will has been harassing Edward about Vivian's death! Chang wants evidence, and Will has none. Will's phone rings, sending him running to the morgue for more bad news. M.E. Doug Cressman is about to declare Vivian's death an accidental overdose. Luckily, Will manages to convince Cressman to wait to make his ruling until Vivian's blood gas test results come in, since she may have been chemically subdued or forcibly injected with drugs.

Back at the estate, Joanna finds Mia smoking in her bedroom and invites herself in for a chat. She's surprised to learn Mia is something of an amateur photographer and that Mia knew Vivian was pregnant and in love with her baby's father, a guy named Ben. That's why she can't believe Vivian overdosed. Moreover, someone was following her in the weeks before her death. Joanna moves on to the pool, where a drunken Julian is partying with a bunch of half-naked girls. Joanna can't help but register her disgust.

The next morning, Julian shows up at the breakfast table in sunglasses, and he isn't too excited about Robert's family clambake idea. It's time for a family get-together; they need each other. The family fractures when Mia shows up at the table in a homemade T-shirt featuring a photo of Vivian with the question, "Who Killed Vivian Bowers?" Later, Sofia lets Robert know she's not happy about Hannah's visit. Someday, Robert's going to sleep with a smart woman and then God help them all. Robert insists it's over, but Sofia's still not satisfied. She knows what people say about her, but the truth is, she's earned everything she has. Robert needs to pay her the respect she deserves. Robert promises, "It's taken care of."

Will knocks on Hannah's door, surprised when her brother Kevin appears, whom Will recognizes as a college basketball player. Kevin shuts the door, then turns to Hannah, who's been hiding in her apartment to ask, "What are you doing?" Joanna's driving up to the estate, just telling Will that Vivian's baby daddy's name is Ben, when she hears shots. She throws her car in park and takes off running, earning another scorching criticism from Edward. Why would Joanna just run onto a live rifle range? She accepts his invitation to do a little skeet shooting, then brings up Kimberly Yaeger, earning more of Edward's sarcasm. Why would she bring up the worst thing that ever happened to him? Maybe he should bring up her abusive husband? That's right, he did a background check on Joanna...

Edward admits he wished he were arrested for Kimberly Yaeger's murder. Everyone thought he did it anyway. He wanted to run for office, not work for his father, but that night changed everything. The whole world still thinks he's a murderer. Edward warns Joanna to go home - the Bowers estate isn't the safe place she thinks it is. That night, Hannah's brother Kevin is just getting into his car in a parking garage when an unseen man approaches him with a hammer - which he uses to take Kevin to the ground. Meanwhile, Joanna is back at the office, still trying to access Bowers' mainframe with no luck figuring out Robert's password. That's when the phone rings... Julian is up to no good.

Joanna proceeds to the rooftop of a swanky SoHo hotel, where a very drunk Julian is trying to convince a maid to travel with him to outer space. When someone nearly takes a header off the balcony, Joanna strong-arms Julian out the door and into her crappy compact car. Julian makes fun, but finally the truth comes out. He really misses Vivian; he failed her. Will Joanna have dinner with him? When Joanna claims she has to work, Julian hops out of the car, explaining it's time for him to make new friends.

Will calls Hannah on his way to her apartment for a meeting. One thing's clear: Hannah's no longer willing to talk about the Bowers. Her brother just had an accident, and now's not a good time. Joanna returns to the office to find Robert drinking scotch, not yet ready to go home where everyone's mad at each other. Ever since Vivian died, he can't shake the feeling he's going to lose his entire family. In a way, he lost Edward 16 years ago; now little Eddie Spaghetti is gone. Once Robert leaves, Joanna finds a variant on Eddie Spaghetti, and presto - she's into the company's mainframe and R&D files. It's not long before she brings up a photo of Ben Preswick, Vivian's contact and the father of her child.

Before the clambake, Robert sits down with Mia. She's the only family member who's been behaving with any maturity, the only one willing to talk about what's been happening. Robert promises they can talk about Vivian any time she wants. Julian meets Joanna at the foot of the stairs, asking if she'll be his date for the evening. And he's got a surprise in store: he got rid of her clunker and bought her a brand new Mercedes SLK. Joanna insists what Julian's done is disrespectful, but he thinks it's totally hot. Later, Robert approaches Rayburn, who promises he took care of it, "broke both his knees." It's late that night when Will presents Chang with a photo of Ben Preswick, who's currently nowhere to be found. Since whoever killed Vivian is probably looking for him too, they better get to him first...






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